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28 Dec

Have you ever just came across a word in an article and thought, that’s a funny sounding word? Well, I was reading an article today and read a word that just sounds fun to say aloud. So, I thought it might be fun to collect words that I just like to say. Make a list of sorts. Perhaps they will find their way into one of my story’s. The first word in my new word collection is SNOOTINESS.

Not that my fun word list itself will be filled with snootiness.


27 Dec

My 2012 art theme for the year will be birds. I love birds and it will be really fun for me to make art of birds in every possible way that I can imagine. So starting January 1, look for a new art posting each day, with my Bird-A-Day project.

New Year’s Resolution

22 Dec

Alright, so I came across this inspired website today from a book on illustrations, which lead me down a rabbits hole of web links until I discovered the skull-a-day project by Noah Scalin. Wow. That’s such a cool idea. Love it, love it, love it. I must do my own 365 day creative project. So here is my 2012 New Year’s resolution. I will make art every single day in 2012 and post that art on my new blog. My hope is that this 365 day project will get my illustration-hand and mind, unstuck! I am excited. Not sure yet on what my subject/theme will be yet. But I am leaning towards either a bird-a-day or a leaf-a-day. Because that would work nicely with a couple children’s picture books that I am writing. I will decide before January 1, 2012.

Sunday Post

11 Dec

Sunday may well be my favorite day of the week. It’s still the weekend. The day has a very open-ended structure for beginning, middle and end. And it’s perfectly alright to do a lot or nothing at all.

Welcome To My Blog

11 Dec

This blog is an exciting new adventure for me. It will be serving a number of purposes. But, primarily two important personal goals. First of which is to become more independent in creating my personal online world. And second is to establish a home base for my children’s books.

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