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Day 92. Banana Bird

31 Mar


Last night at the movies, my wife and I watched The Hunger Games. Each week, we take turns picking movies and last night was her turn to pick. No, I did not have the Hunger Games on my wish list. I was hoping for Battle of the Titans which ironically she did not pick. And I went expecting to NOT like it. For me, it was over-hyped and the characters didn’t appeal to me. But – at the end, when the win…..(I won’t say what happens)…. and my wife looked at me and asked, what did you think? I grinned a bit, and had to admit, it was pretty good. And – I MIGHT, POSSIBLY, COULD, even consider putting the next Hunger series on my future movie wish list. But I’m not going to say. All that I will say is today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by The Hunger Games. Enjoy.

Day 91. Mondrian Bird

30 Mar


Yes I like Mondrian. But then who doesn’t like his grid of bold colors against white. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t like what I have done with today’s Bird-A-Day art. But, I just couldn’t help myself. Enjoy.

Day 90. Rubber Band Bird

29 Mar


I love rubber bands. Especially colorful rubber bands. I have been known to shoot one or two across the office from time to time. But today I decided to use these hard-working, playful rings to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. And now, let the office games begin. Enjoy.

Day 89. Metal Plate Bird

28 Mar


More fun on metal. I just love working with aluminum for a canvas. Expect more metal as the year goes on. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was created using acrylic paint and my trusty block printing birds on a thin sheet of metal. The birds on a wire is a theme that I could do all year-long. Enjoy.

Day 88. Stencil Bird

27 Mar


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired when I came across some shipping boxes with stencil type. It gave me the idea of cutting out a bird stencil. And then of course grabbing some spray paint and having fun. Which I did. There are plenty of things with stencil birds which will not be getting posted. Just kidding. Not! I spray painted this bird on the back of an unused piece of kitchen tile. Enjoy.

Day 87. Teriyaki Bird

26 Mar


Dining like a star in Hollywood. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired inside a Japanese restaurant in Hollywood California. While visiting family, we discovered this tasty popular place just a block off the main boulevard. After walking what seemed like a marathon, I ordered their largest lunch special, the Samuri Delux. This place is famous for their teriyaki sauce and afterwards I could understand why. This was one very yummy bird. Enjoy.

Day 86. Push Pin Bird

25 Mar


For everyone who has worked hard, we celebrate a tireless office worker. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by the humble push pin. Always ready to hold up anything we need for as long as we tell it. Now why I never thought of buying purple push pins until making today’s Hummingbird art, is beyond me. Enjoy.

Day 85. Sea Weed Bird

24 Mar

Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired on our walk in New Port Beach, California. I came across this little guy, just a broken off piece of sea weed that was ready to fly away. Our few days in California have been one of the most memorable trips ever. A big, big thank you – Michael and Deb for sharing your home and favorites spots with Allie and myself. You are the best! Enjoy.

Day 84. Beach Bird

23 Mar

Today’s Bird-A-Day art was found on a beautiful beach in Crystal Cove, California. My wife and I are in California visiting family and they took us to one of their favorite spots in Newport Beach. We all had fun finding and making birds on the beach. This big bird is my favorite one of the day. Made out of sea weeds washed up on the beach, I used a sea shell for his beak. I called this one a  Fla-weedgo. Enjoy.

Day 83. Marshmallow Bird

22 Mar


More leftovers from my camping adventures. When my wife and I traveled to a national state park we didn’t expect to come home with some much food and snacks. We barely touched this bag of marshmallows. Not sure if these treats have a “shelf-life” after being opened, since they’re not really food. But rather than risk it, I made the executive decision to make today’s Bird-A-Day art.

Day 82. Rain Debris Bird

21 Mar


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was discovered after the heavy rains we just had here in Texas. Almost 3 inches of standing water in the backyard. And all these leaves piled up against the fence. After adding a few other leaves to form tail feathers, I was looking at today’s bird art. Enjoy.

Day 81. Chalkboard Murmuration Bird

20 Mar

You might be asking, what’s a “murmuration?” I did. Well think of it as the original flash mob, dance-off, with thousands of birds. I came across a YouTube video on Starlings, and how these birds move in unison like one large organism in the sky. Science is calling these spectacular transforming patterns a murmuration. And today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by the Starling birds amazing aerial acrobatics. They are breath taking to watch. Do a quick YouTube video search if you haven’t already seen a Starling murmuration yourself. After making a chalkboard with my handy, hobby store liquid chalkboard, I slowly chipped away at forming my own murmuration. Enjoy.

Day 80. Concrete Bird

19 Mar


Today’s bird art will never be hung in a Gallery. Because today’s Bird-A-Day art was created by scrubbing hard enough to remove layers of old soil off the concrete wall of a warehouse. It took a lot of something my grandma used to call, “elbow grease” to scrub this bird out of the concrete. I love concrete! I love the way its ages. The unique patterns and tones from exposure to the elements. For me it can be more beautiful than a painting. And so today’s bird art is my way of getting into that “concrete canvas”. If you have a beautiful concrete wall, you want to offer as my next canvas, let me know. Enjoy.

Day 79. Fallen Leaf Bird

18 Mar


Today’s bird is a found bird. Looking down at the ground I saw this little guy and thought he needed to join my blog. My wife who is an incredible painter, thought this would make a great painting. I agree. It has the simple line quality of a Picasso drawing and elegant proportions of a Giacometti sculpture. Ironic that something so small grabbed my attention and made me smile. Enjoy.

Day 78. Saint Patricks Bird

17 Mar


Time to celebrate Ireland. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is a bit of a stretch mind you. Yes I know. It is inspired by one of the icons of Saint Patrick’s day. And so if you are having trouble finding a real shamrock to protect you from getting pinched. I offer you today’s cut paper bird as a last-minute rescue plan. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Day 76, Aluminum Light Wire Bird

16 Mar


Today’s bird art was a happy accident. I was testing out a fun idea of block printing on aluminum instead of paper and just stumbled into today’s Bird-A-Day art. My first surprise was how much I liked the look of printing on a sheet of aluminum. But then when I laid the plate down on the floor in my studio, the lights hit the metal surface and created these beautiful wires of light. I know a gift horse when he walks up and offers me a ride. So I immediately photographed my accidental art to capture my block printed birds, sitting on a wire of light. I only hope that I can keep stumbling into more fun like this. Enjoy.

Day 75. Bradford Pear Tree Bird

15 Mar


This is a magical time of year for me. One of my favorite ornamental trees is in full bloom now. Last night as my wife and I walked our dog Maddie, we stopped and picked off a handful of blooms from a row of Ornamental Bradford Pear Trees, lining the street. I just love how these small white flowers transform a tree into an enormous bouquet. But just like girl scout cookies, as soon as they make their annual appearance, they quickly vanish. This year, I determined these Pear Tree blooms will last longer. If only on my blog. Enjoy.

Day 74. Paint Chip Bird

14 Mar


First, I have to apologize to Home Depot for taking more than my fair share of paint chips. But you have to admit, staring at their vivid wall of paint chips really begs for some bird art. Today’s Bird-A-Day art could have been called the Glidden Paint bird. For obvious reasons. But it was really about the concept of paint chips as art. And for me the peacock seemed the ideal bird for such a beautiful range of hues. I might never paint my walls these colors but I do love this palette. Enjoy.

Day 73. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bird

13 Mar


If only you could smell this right “out-of-the-oven” goodness? Hmmm…yummy. Today’s Bird-A-Day art hit the spot after a great home cooked meal. I do have one little bitty sweet tooth. And this sweet chocolate chip bird took care of it. It tasted every bit a good as it looks. One can never get enough edible art in life. Enjoy.

Day 72. Drawer Bird

12 Mar


More inspiration from my garage. The idea for this bird art comes from finding an old drawer in my garage. It was one of the original drawers from our 1920’s Tudor home. Something left from our kitchen remodel several years ago. I had been working on an idea of cutting birds out of fall colored leaves and finding this old drawer brought it all together. I made color copies of the leaves so they would last longer and then pinned my leaf-birds inside – like a shadow box. A shadow box with some family history to it. Enjoy

Day 71. Pastel Stick Bird

11 Mar


Yesterday’s Bird was drawn from pastels, while today’s was created out of pastel sticks. Here in Texas, it has rained non-stop of late. And all this rain has inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. One of the only birds to have any fun under these conditions. Enjoy.

Day 70. Pastel Bird

10 Mar


Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by one of my favorite living contemporary artists, Harry Ally. His charcoal drawings of people are rich with many levels of depth and movement on flat surfaces. I can just sit and stare into the space inside his drawings all day long. His masterful line quality and edges mesmerize me. And so stumbling upon some of his recent work online, I got out my pastels to create today’s art. In the spirit of the great one, Harry Ally. Enjoy.

Day 69. Money Bird

9 Mar


Today is Friday and that means payday for some folks. And today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by cold, hard cash. Which is exactly what this Money Bird is made from. Yes, you are looking at real U.S. currency, shredded into little pieces. All for the sake of art. I’m so committed. Now before you jump to any conclusions, you should know that I came across this pile of shredded cash through honest means. I took a guided tour of the U.S. Bureau of Engraving in Fort Worth, Texas. Afterwards, in their presidential gift shop, I decided to give them my money for their old shredded money. Which now that I think about it – sounds really silly. But I got a good deal. I paid $20 dollars for $20,000 shredded dollars. I can’t explain it, but I just had to have a bag of shredded money? It just looked so cool. And it made a pretty cool bird. A cold, hard cash bird. Enjoy.

Day 68. Fork Rising Bird

8 Mar


Rummaging through my kitchen cabinet for inspiration today, I came across a box of plastic utensils. It was left over from a recent vacation trip to a Oklahoma state park. We had this great lake side cabin and planned to rough it and cook over an open fire, three times a day. And we, (as in – me) bought tons of camping, outdoors, “end of the world” canned goods and all sorts of snacks and packaged foods. But, then once we arrived at our pristine cabin site, we, (as in – me), noticed several charming, local diners. And only minutes from our doorstep? Yes! Who knew? And so – we still have this big box of unused plastic utensils. Plus a family size bag of marshmallows and a few more boxes of things. But hey whose counting? And, there could be more birds where this one came from??? Enjoy.

Day 67. Print Block Carvings Bird

7 Mar


Yesterday’s Newspaper Wire Bird was made from several different block print birds that I carved. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by what was left over – after my carving of the linoleum blocks. It was rather ironic that I sat looking at my bird carving and thought, hey those pieces of linoleum are begging to become a new bird. Enjoy.

Day 66. Newspaper Wire Bird

6 Mar


Newspapers really add to the art as a canvas. I learned that lesson a while back. And today I have combined painting with block printing on my news-canvas. I enjoyed the block printing a lot and thought about adding a little twist to it. So I created several block-cut birds and then printed them on top of my painted paper. It’s got a distinctive look to it that I like. This is something I will have to try again some day. And I am very grateful to my sweetheart for playing Vanna White with today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 65. Trash Bird

5 Mar


Trash. Beautiful trash. This weekend I cleared out some broken, worn-out or otherwise useless random stuff from our garage. The round things are from old weed-eaters that have bitten the dust. With this random stuff in hand, I decided to see what might happen – if I spray painted everything black and arranged the objects into a bird. The whole thing took hardly no time at all. There was no planning of any kind. Not the bird shape or the trash. It was just a case of an idea meeting up with a happy accident. What’s that old saying? One man’s trash is another mans’ art. Enjoy.

Day 64. Crow Bar Bird

4 Mar


Yes I went there. How did I get here? Well, someone following my blog had suggested carving a bird into soap. And I thought, well that sounds fun but there is already “Dove” soap. So what could I do that would be a twist to soap art? And then this idea of a crow carved into a bar of soap just struck me as funny. Here is my Crow Bar – for today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 63. Coffee Bird

3 Mar

Saturday morning is all about coffee. An extra-large cup for my sweetheart. I don’t drink coffee myself but I love making coffee for my wife every morning. Especially on the weekend. Today we are going with fresh ground Starbucks Pikes Place Roast. My perfect cup includes Starbucks vanilla syrup, a half packet of sweet-n-low and fat-free milk. I have this little ritual that I go through each day, trying to recreate the perfect cup of her favorite skinny, vanilla latte from Starbucks – right here at home. And to do that, I first warm the milk (30 seconds in the microwave) then add the vanilla syrup (just shy of a cap full) and the sweet-n-low. Whisk the warm milk to a thick froth with my battery-powered latte tool. Then pour in the fresh brewed hot coffee, but carefully so the cloud of milk floats to the top. The smile on my sweethearts’ face – makes my day. Especially on Saturday. Enjoy.

Day 62. Oil Spot Bird

2 Mar


When you have birds on the brain you tend to see birds where you might never have noticed them before. Such as when I was out jogging and saw today’s bird. Looking down at the road, I was aware of how the cracks and stains seemed to make shapes in my imagination. But then, this big bird shows up out of nowhere. My guess is someone’s car is running low on oil. The way that this oil dripped, splattered and then trailed slowly down the curb, made me stop in my tracks. Afraid the leaky car would return soon. I ran home a little faster than usual, grabbed my camera and took this picture of what I call a “Found Bird”. It has a beauty all its own, – in a strange, gooey, dirty, grungy sort of way. Enjoy.

Day 61. Block Print Bird

1 Mar

Block printing is something that I recently discovered. I had always wanted to try it but kept putting it off. Today’s bird is from a children’s book that I am writing and illustrating. His name is “Tippidy, Toppidy, Tippidy” and he is in my book called “Flippidy, Floppidy, Flippidy.” It’s a story of a little boy who has trouble falling asleep. And with other characters such as “Whippidy, Whoppidy, Whippidy” and “Klippidy, Kloppidy, Klippidy” you might begin to understand why going to sleep does not come easily. This boy is like me when it comes to sleeping. At bedtime, I hear every creak and pop in this old house. Is there such a thing as an extra, super-light sleeper? Enjoy.

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