Day 63. Coffee Bird

3 Mar

Saturday morning is all about coffee. An extra-large cup for my sweetheart. I don’t drink coffee myself but I love making coffee for my wife every morning. Especially on the weekend. Today we are going with fresh ground Starbucks Pikes Place Roast. My perfect cup includes Starbucks vanilla syrup, a half packet of sweet-n-low and fat-free milk. I have this little ritual that I go through each day, trying to recreate the perfect cup of her favorite skinny, vanilla latte from Starbucks – right here at home. And to do that, I first warm the milk (30 seconds in the microwave) then add the vanilla syrup (just shy of a cap full) and the sweet-n-low. Whisk the warm milk to a thick froth with my battery-powered latte tool. Then pour in the fresh brewed hot coffee, but carefully so the cloud of milk floats to the top. The smile on my sweethearts’ face – makes my day. Especially on Saturday. Enjoy.

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