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Day 122. Fire Bird

30 Apr


I have decided to start the week off with a hot idea. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by the lighter fluid for my grill. It suddenly occurred to me that I could draw a bird with the lighter fluid and create a “Fire Bird.” So last night after the sun went down, I did just that. Enjoy.

Day 121. Crayons Bird

29 Apr


It’s a good day to get out the crayons. And I have boxes and boxes of them. There are so many crayon colors these days it’s almost hard to decide where to start. As a matter of fact, I decided not to color at all. The rainbow of crayon sticks inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Does this qualify for coloring outside the lines? Enjoy.

Day 120. Lava Rock Bird

28 Apr


While sitting in my backyard, I noticed the tree shadows falling across the large flagstone blocks, which inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. I used some of the lava rocks that outline the flagstone on my back patio to create this moment of a rock bird sitting on a shadow branch. Enjoy.

Day 119. Art Class Bird

27 Apr


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired in my wife’s class studio, while I was waiting for her to get out of critique. I happened to find a charcoal stick left on one of the class studio tables and had a little fun to pass the time. And at the same time, it was my chance to leave a little memory as I head into the last weeks of the spring semester. Enjoy.

Day 118. Watercolor Paints Bird

26 Apr


Today’s Bird-A-Day art a good excuse to play with watercolor paints. A favorite children’s book illustrator of mine is Eric Carle. I love the way he cuts painted paper into animals shapes. His best-selling book, “Very Hungry Caterpillar” was created with his colorful cut papers. While this is certainly no Eric Carle, is was a lot fun to make. Enjoy.

Day 117. Hanger Bird

25 Apr


If you hang around long enough, it’s possible to find a bird in everything. And everywhere. Like the closet. Where I found inspiration for today’s Bird-A-Day art. The irony here is that today’s art, made of hangers, can never be hung. And yes, this bird is back in my closet now. Does that make my closet an art gallery or a bird-cage? Enjoy.

Day 116. Paint Lid Bird

24 Apr


On this past Saturday, I created the Paint Tube Bird. So you if you saw that bird, you might have guessed this guy would happen. My wife suggested the idea to me. Her old paint tubes had blown their tops and in the process, have given me two – fun, creative birds. Enjoy.

Day 115. Clyfford Still Bird

23 Apr


After visiting the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum recently, I was inspired by the abstract expressionist Clyfford Still. An interesting art fact, is Clyfford Still taught art at college and one of his famous pupils was Mark Rothko. Rothko is another favorite of mine. Clyfford Still’s colors, surface quality and edges inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. I used oil paints and several different palette knives instead of brushes to create the overall surface quality. Enjoy.

Day 114. Bird Bath Bird

22 Apr


It’s another lovely weekend here in Texas. All the plants are green, flowers are blooming, butterflies are fluttering. That sounds like something butterflies do. Flutter! I’m Just enjoying the backyard and about to refill the bird bath, when I look down at the decorative stones in the bowl…..and think to myself. What a perfect place for today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 113. Paint Tube Bird

21 Apr


After sleeping in on a beautiful Saturday morning, I was stumbling around my wife’s art studio when inspiration hit. There on top of her artist table of brushes, palettes, and mixing knives were these old, twisted tubes that had sadly, blown their tops. Something about the dried paint and the twisted tubes looked oddly beautiful to me in the morning light. Enjoy.

Day 112. Shrimp Bird

20 Apr


I am always hungry. And always playing with my food. What’s up with that? Today’s Bird-A-Day art is fresh – from the frozen food section. Just a little guy but tasty. Bon Appetit.

Day 111. Wood Stain Bird

19 Apr

Always experimenting with new art media and surfaces, today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by a cool new find. I found something called a Wood Stain Pen. And it’s basically a marker, filled with wood stains, in all the basic wood colors, used to touch-up of scratches in furniture. I like the way the pen bleeds into the grain of this Balsa wood. Afterwards, I placed this little guy on top of the water fountain in my backyard. The fountain attracts birds. The kind of birds with feathers. I thought my new bird needed company. Enjoy.

Day 110. Map Bird

18 Apr


I started a new job this week. Totally awesome! And so while I was rummaging through the boxes of old stuff from my old office, I came across an old map. And then I happened to notice that South America, has a shape that reminds me of “a bird”. Imagine me seeing that in there! So I’ve decided to pin this map to the world of art. Enjoy.

Day 109. Brick Bird

17 Apr


I was clearing away some old bricks from my back yard – when suddenly, I was struck with a bird idea. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was admiring the rough surface and subtle tones of this old brick. So, rather than toss it away, I grabbed my pastels and turned this brick into my canvas for today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 108. Peeling Bird

16 Apr


I could have titled this little guy Stew Bird. Sunday afternoon, my wife offered to make beef stew. I thought her idea was brilliant. My humble contribution was to peel potatoes. While peeling, I was inspired to play around on the cutting board and create today’s Bird-A-Day art. And yes, the stew was yummy!!!!

Day 107. Steel Swarm Bird

15 Apr


Today’s Bird-A-Day is inspired by a beautiful piece of steel found at my local Home Depot. I was picking up some things for the house, when I saw a display of random steel cuts at the end of an aisle. This particular piece caught my eye. I loved rough surface and little touch of rust. So inspired, I drew and cut new block print birds to create this moment of taking flight. Enjoy.

Day 106. Sweet-N Low Bird

14 Apr


I like ice tea. Unsweetened. But with two packets of Sweet-N Low. Last night, my wife and I were visiting a friend in Dallas and afterwards stopped off at the Belmont’s Smoke House for some dessert. Dessert was my brilliant idea. While sampling some of their finest plates of pure calories, I decided to make the moment more memorable with a little bird art. Cheers.

Day 105. Art Studio Bird

13 Apr


Last night around 9pm, after teaching my class at TCU, I went to visit my wife in her art studio. She was still in her MFA studio critique at the time. So I wandered about her painting classroom while I waited. I always love visiting her class and studio space. Every square foot is covered with great splatters of paints that never made it onto anyone’s canvas. The chairs, tables, cabinets, and floor are all one large mixed media piece, ready to be put on exhibit. And of course, since I suffer from the later stages of “Birds on the Brains”, I had a bird idea. So today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by my wife’s art studio at TCU. What a fun, creative, inspiring space. Enjoy.

Day 104. Pecan Tree Bird

12 Apr


When I arrived home yesterday I found a ton of these seed droppings all over the back yard and driveway. We have a gigantic, old pecan tree in the backyard. And it seems to have shaken loose every seed from its new head of leaves. I found this cluster of seeds sitting on one of the many flagstones in our backyard. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is an odd species, because it can fly, but only down. And only once. Enjoy.

Day 103. Garage Peg Board Bird

11 Apr


Today’s Bird-A-Day art might need a bit more visualization effort than usual. While moving tools in my garage, these “peg hooks” caught my eye. At some point, I realized that there was a bird wanting to be found. And so with the head strong determination of a handyman I kept shuffling these peg hooks around, until I found it. Can you? Enjoy.

Day 102. Spilt Milk Bird

10 Apr


Don’t cry. That’s what I’ve always been told. About spilling milk. But then why would I cry about that, it seems silly. So when I was enjoying a hot fresh cookie with cold milk and knocked over my cup, I realized why someone might cry – over spilt milk. You can’t dip cookies in spilt milk. Enjoy.

Day 101. Fridge Magnet Bird

9 Apr

This weekend, my wife and I visited the Amon Carter Museum to see a rare exhibition of Singer Sargent paintings. He is one of our favorite artist. Afterwards, we visited the museum store where I found a wonderful tin can of magnets. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by our museum visit. I used these colorful, magnet shapes to create a cool bird on my refrigerator.  Enjoy

Day 100. Easter Egg Bird

8 Apr


Wow. The first 100 birds have flown by. A mere 265 days left in my “News Year’s Resolution” to create a new work of art every day in 2012. Besides day 100, today is Easter Sunday. Growing up, this was a big day for Easter egg hunts in the yard. And always the perfect excuse to talk mom and dad into buying me some new Sunday clothes. I recall one Easter Sunday, when my new, brightly colored, orange and red PLAID suit, made me look more like the hunted than the hunter. Enjoy.

Day 99. Paper Pop-Up Bird

7 Apr


Gliding across a silvery lake of pulp, today’s little pop-up swan was inspired by my wife. She had suggested the idea of a pop-up bird. And so after a little experimentation with different bird shapes and papers, I was pretty happy with today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 98. Melted Crayon Bird

6 Apr


Crayons are not exactly the first art medium that comes to mind for most contemporary artist. But luckily, I’m not a contemporary artist. I’m just a guy having fun being creative. And my only rule is no rules. After coloring outside the lines for a while, today’s warm weather gave me an idea. So I did something that would have – without a doubt – got me sent home early from school, when I was a kid. I melted my crayons! Oh the humanity. Oh the smell. Oh the fun.

Day 97. Pillow Bird

5 Apr


Yes I did. I took the old pillow case from day 96 for today’s Bird-A-Day art. I’ve wanted to experiment with image transfers. And I used this organic natural cleaner called Citrasolv from my local Sprouts store as a chemical transfer agent and played with a photocopy of a monoprint. Talk about an odd couple. Mixing these different art mediums together  with an old pillow case is worth trying out sometime. If you are so inclined. You might want to sleep on it. Enjoy.

Day 96. Pillow Stuffing Bird

4 Apr


Pillow fight anyone? What to do with an old pillow found in the closet? Hmmmm. Bird! Anything that isn’t nailed down or being used – is officially fair game this year. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is made from the shredded stuffings of this old pillow. That was to fun. Now, what to do with the old pillow case? Hmmmmm.

Day 95. Twombly Bird

3 Apr


Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by one of my favorite artists, Cy Twombly. His work is a favorite of mine because he blurred the line between drawing and painting. Drawing for me has always come as natural as breathing, while painting – has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever attempted. So just to be clear, this is not a painting. Today’s Bird Art is just one of my latest drawings. Enjoy.

Day 94. Neck Tie Bird

2 Apr


A rare bird on the endangered species list. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by the idea of never wearing a neck tie again. This out-dated notion of business attire may in the not to distant future, disappear from the landscape of client presentations. Vanishing from our memory, right along side, white-out for the “type-writer.” While I have a nice collection of these rare species, I would willingly let them fly away into the great unknown.

Day 93. Tree Shadow Bird

1 Apr


What an incredibly bright, sunny day here in Texas. So bright it almost made my eyes hurt. And it gave us some very strong shadows. I love shadows. I love exploring the patterns and imaginary shapes within cast shadows, the way some people enjoy reading clouds. And these beautiful shadows inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. I cut out a simple bird shape from a sheet of paper, “duct” taped it to a twig and played shadow games. Enjoy.

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