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Day 154. Potato Bird

31 May


I am always ready to dice and slice for food. So today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by one of my favorite dinner entrees, starters and side dishes. Sometimes, when I’m lucky, I get to enjoy all three at the same time. Bring on the starches. Enjoy.

Day 153. Stray Sock Bird

30 May


Everyone who has ever washed clothes, knows first hand, the mystery of one sock vanishing into thin air. Almost like some Bermuda Triangle exist between the washing machine and the dryer. Maybe I can shed some light on this long-held mystery. Apparently – socks grow wings and fly away. That’s my story. My evidence speaks for itself. Enjoy.

Day 152. Peeling Paint Bird

29 May


When you have birds on the brain, you will see them everywhere, even beneath your feet. Today’s Bird-A-Day art peeled its way into my blog. Looking down at this weather-cracked surface, I found it oddly, ap-peeling. It reminded me of a paleolithic cave painting from Europe. But this is no prehistoric French bird, it’s just an original Texas, heat-induced, peeling paint bird. What a crack up. Enjoy.

Day 151. BBQ Bird

28 May


Let the grilling begin! Memorial Day is off to the races. I am ready to fire up the grill and throw some chicken and beef on the fire. I will be the first to admit, grilling is an art form that I have not mastered. It seems that every time comes with some degree of chance. But then I love chance. Chance is that magical, unknown ingredient that creates the masterpiece. I want to salute all our men and women whose sacrifice has allowed us to enjoy the simple freedom of grilling, burning and occasionally mastering the perfect steak.

Day 150. Wedding Cake Bird

27 May


Congratulations to my niece Meghan and my her new husband Joey Smith. What an  incredible wedding it was. Their family and friends from all over the country and beyond came together to celebrate these two amazing people. The wedding cake was so tasty, that it inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Cheers to our new expanded family.

Day 149. Polished Steel Bird

26 May

Still in love with steel. I found this nice sheet of polished steel and after the initial shock of seeing my own reflection, I was inspired to paint today’s Bird-A-Day art. The idea of seeing yourself in another’s reflection made me think about my niece, Meghan Dickerson who will be getting married later this evening. I want to wish Meghan and Joey Smith a strong and bright future together. Joey – welcome to the family.

Day 148. Foam Bird

25 May


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by my awesome, new office chair. I work at Imaginuity Interactive, a cool, fun digital design agency in Dallas. And this week they gave everyone sweet, styling new chairs. It was while I was unpacking my new chair, like a kid at Christmas, that I was inspired by this packing foam. Just having fun – creating. No instructions required. Enjoy.

Day 147. Fabric Bird

24 May


Recently, we decided to get better organized and did some thorough house cleaning. Along the way, we came across some fun fabric that was left over from the time my wife, made custom pillows for our sofa. The pillows are really cool. And I just love the colors and patterns of this fabric. I like it so much, that it inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 146. Tree Dandruff Bird

23 May


We have a large tree next to our driveway that is suffering from a bad case of dandruff. Our car windshields and driveway are dusted in this strange yellow stuff. And so today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by mother natures’ dry branch disorder. Enjoy.

Day 145. Dirty Socks Bird

22 May


Yes, I am dragging out my dirty laundry. Doh! Or should I say, Dodo! While preparing to wash my whites, I was carrying my socks to the washing machine and when I laid down the towel filled with my dirty socks, this Dodo bird, walked right out. Like the Dodo bird, this fella is now extinct. Meaning clean and white again. You can stop holding your nose now.

Day 144. Pizza Box Bird

21 May

Sunday night was Pizza night. After a great Arts Goggle weekend, my wife and I stayed home and enjoyed some pizza while watching the Billboard Music Awards. After devouring the last two slices of pizza, I found today’s Bird-A-Day art – waiting to fly out. Enjoy.

Day 143. Shoe Box Bird

20 May

Today’s Bird-A-Day was inspired by shopping for shoes. After buying a new pair of shoes on Saturday, I was about to throw away the box and that paper stuffing from the new shoes – when inspiration struck. I like how the shoe box is like a shadow box. And so I took the black stuffing from my new shoes and twisted it into a black crane. The whole experience makes me want to do some more shopping. Enjoy.

Day 142. Bathroom Tile Bird

19 May


Another great find in the garage. These are surplus bathroom tile stones from our home addition project several years ago. These little river stones now line the walls of the master shower and the surplus, kept for any repair work, has become today’s Bird-A-Day Art. Hope to see some of you at today’s Fort Worth Arts Goggle. Enjoy.

Day 141. Distressed Wood Bird

18 May


A lucky find in the garage. I found this old piece of distressed wood that inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. At first I wasn’t sure what kind of bird would be at home on this old piece of wood. But then it was obvious that it had to be a bird from the country. My salute to early wake up calls. Enjoy.

Day 140. Aluminum Bird

17 May


Just in time for this weekends Fort Worth Arts Goggle. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was created with a number of hand cut lino-blocks  and then printed onto aluminum. I just love aluminum for its ambient surface. The way that it reflects its environment with a soft, dream like effect. And the surface handles block printing beautifully. Enjoy.

Fort Worth Arts Goggle 2012

16 May

Saturday is the annual Fort Worth Arts Goggle. And I will have a selection of Bird-A-Day art from my blog, at one of the local Fort Worth South Side businesses. Everyone is invited to drop by and check out that art show at J.O. Creative, in Fort Worth.

Here is a link from J.O. Creative about this weekends art show:

Here is more about the Fort Worth Arts Goggle:

Day 139. Mulch Woodpecker Bird

16 May


Our backyard needed more mulch, so we decided to add a splash of color and go with the red mulch. We’re artists we can do such things. It’s almost expected. Afterwards, we’re not so sure about it. Especially, since our lab Maddie decided she really likes the new red mulch. Now why do dogs think they can eat anything? Who knew that red mulch looked like Purina or that it would end up as performance art on our studio floor. Thanks Maddie. But, hey at least the new mulch was perfect for creating today’s Bird-A-Day art.

Day 138. Office Wall Bird

15 May


While walking through the halls of a certain large building in Fort Worth, which will remain nameless. I happened to see a string with clips hanging on it, outside a person’s office door. Apparently, they were subconsciously wanting some bird art. And being a generous artist, I took them up on their invitation to create Today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 137. Recycled Art Bird

14 May


This is a case of recycling art, not recycled art. What I mean by that is, today’s Bird-A-Day art was formerly a lovely landscape painting. However, this old landscape never found a home and so it ended up in the “to-be-tossed” stack. These things happen. However, this old landscape painting has found a new life as part of my art blog project. As a bird. These things happen as well. And I have decided to make it my job to make these things happen – more often. Enjoy.

Day 135. Scratch Metal Bird

13 May


After accidentally scratching a sheet of metal, I was inspired to scratch it again, on purpose. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by the way that metal shines when it gets scratched. I just happen to have a stainless steel scourer pad, left over from another art experiment, which was a perfect tool for scratching in today’s bird. I loved the thin feather like line quality of the wire scratching. This was to fun for just one bird, I will have to revisit this again later. Enjoy.

Day 134. Dry Eraser Blue Bird

12 May


Sitting at my desk yesterday, I was inspired to add today’s Bird-A-Day art to my office whiteboard. I really enjoy my new whiteboard and I like the line quality of the markers. And besides – my whiteboard seemed to be asking for a little hand-made, creativity. So I drew this guy at the end of the day and another fun week at work. Enjoy.

Day 133. Mixed Media Bird

11 May


Here is a bird that I have worked at for a while actually. Under the painted surface are many layers of unusual mixed media, like joint compound from the hardware store. Layer upon layer, I kept experimenting with different types of paints, tools and products to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 132. Kisses Bird

10 May


Something sweet for my sweetheart! Today is my sweetheart’s birthday. Happy Birthday baby! Tonight, we have reservations at her very favorite restaurant in the whole, wide, world! She already knows. No big secret. I had to tell her, because at first she didn’t want to go out for dinner on her birthday. We eat out to much as it is. And this is true. But, a tiny slice of France, right here in Texas, was just too tempting to pass up. In the meanwhile, today’s Bird-A-Day art is a small token of my love for the most wonderful woman in my world. xxxxxxooooo

Day 131. Coaster Bird

9 May


This is one thirsty bird. While sitting at a local burger joint having my diet coke, the impulse struck me to make a bird. So while sitting there, watching some basketball playoffs on the flat screens, I slowly peeled away today’s Bird-A-Day art. You’ll never guess what sports grill that was. Cheers.

Day 130. Attic Bird

8 May


While storing some over-flow art in the attic, this guy flew past me. He clearly wanted to join the blog. There was no other explanation for this sort of attic activity. I just seem to attract the oddest collection of birds these days. Enjoy.

Day 129. Bubble Wrap Bird

7 May


Monday’s bird is bubbling over. My wife and I were cleaning out the house on Sunday and along the way, I found a few odds and ends that inspired new bird ideas. One of those odd finds being the bubble wrap from the time we had shipped some of her paintings to New York for an art show. So this humble little stuff that kept her art safe there and back, has found a new life as today’s Bird-A-Day art. Please don’t pop the art. Enjoy.

Day 128. Art Table Bird

6 May


Found art. That is the best way I can describe today’s Bird-A-Day art. I found this old table covered in years of painters drops and messes and used it as the soul of this bird art. Lately, I have been considering the idea of a series of artworks based purely on using left-over remnants from artists studios. The process of creating artwork leaves behind all sorts of wonderful, expressive, textural, mixed-media imagery. And it seems a shame not to do something to capture some of that creative, working experience as another form of art. If you would like to be part of it, let me know. It would be great fun to collaborate with others artists in this way.

Day 127. Student Chair Bird

5 May


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by TCU professor of art and Coordinator of MFA program, Jim Woodson. He has taught painting at TCU since 1974. Inspired generations of artists and made life-long friendships with everyone of them. Last night, my wife Allie and I were guest at his retirement party. It was a sweet and sad occasion. Seeing his home filled to over-flowing with friends and admirers from his iconic career at TCU. He is without a doubt, the kindest man I have ever met. He inspires everyone around him, without saying a word. He is irreplaceable. Jim Woodson is beyond a great, master painter, he is a man who forever changed the lives of thousands of artists. I know that he has changed the life of my wife, Allie Regan Dickerson, who as her mentor and teacher has elevated her art to new heights. And like many thousands of others whose life he has touched, I am forever thankful.

Day 126. Marbles Bird

4 May


Back to playing games. Here is one of my favorite games from childhood. Marbles. I loved getting my knees dirty and mixing it up with the other guys on the school yard. Back in grade school, I can remember thinking how beautiful marbles looked. And today, I still find them to be one of the most beautiful games in the world. Enjoy.

Day 125. Chalk Bird

3 May


This is a big bird. It’s about 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It is a large black illustration board that my wife had used as a backdrop when she would gesso her canvases. I just love the worn surface and it seemed to beg for a large crow drawing. I could have sworn it was telling me to draw on it. So I grabbed some chalk and pastel and created today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 124. Monopoly Bird

2 May


You never want to roll cat eyes when playing Monopoly. But ironically, cat eyes make for a perfect bird eye. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was created from Monopoly game parts. Creating this bird reminded me of when I played this game as a boy. I had pretty good luck winning the small green houses, but not so much with the large red hotels. And I remember having a favorite game piece. I loved the metal car, like the one forming the leg on today’s Bird Art. But then of course, having two older brothers, that car was at the center of more than a few fights – before we ever rolled the first dice. Enjoy.

Day 123. Scrabble Bird

1 May

Game on. I had this idea of making art birds from some of my favorite games, including board games. I will have to admit, I cheated on today’s Bird-A-Day art. I had never even heard of a Tui or Ashy bird. But, hey, what’s an iPhone with Siri for if you can’t use it? I discovered hundreds and hundreds of bird names, but very few that begin with the letter N. So if you ever want to win at bird scrabble, just put the letter N down. Enjoy.

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