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Day 184. Bell Pepper Bird

30 Jun


Ah, Saturday at last. And Saturday breakfast! After sleeping late, my sweetie volunteered to make one of my favorites, fried potatoes. Along with diced potatoes are onions, diced ham and green bell peppers. While the sizzling sound of popping ham was coming off the stove top, I stared into this bell pepper – thinking how cool looking were all those tiny seeds inside. And that inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Yummy.

Day 183. Galvanized Bird

29 Jun

Recently while removing storm debris from the roof of our home, I came across this random piece of galvanized metal. Where it blew in from I don’t have a clue. But it did inspire me to pick up my chalk and give it wings to fly again, with today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 182. Purina Bird

28 Jun


After making a quick trip to the store to restock up on dog food, this colorful bag caught my eye. Not long ago, we had changed Maddie’s food to one of the most expensive dog foods. Because we wanted to make sure our dog was getting all the proper nutrition. Two months later, her hair is turning brittle and she’s attacking birds for extra meals in the back yard. That got us worried. We visit the Vet, who advises us that expensive dog food is starving our dog. The vet recommends the cheaper brands. We go back to Purina and a month later, she has healthy, shiny hair back again. And no more dead birds. She’s a happy dog. And so this empty bag of Purina Dog Chow inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art.

Day 181. Baseball Game Bird

27 Jun


Rangers Win!!! Last night, my brother Gary and I took our older brother Phil, to a Texas Rangers baseball game, to celebrate his  birthday. We had a grand time. We ate all sorts of “healthy foods,” cheered our team and booed bad calls by the umpire. They didn’t call every strike for our pitchers. The nerve. And then with the last out in the ninth inning, we ran for our cars to escape the path of 39,500 fans on a Tuesday night. Today’s Bird-A-Day art came along by way of me devouring a bag of peanuts in section 31. Enjoy.

Day 180. South Side Bird

26 Jun


I work in a very cool, historic building in Dallas. And all the walls and floors are made of cement. Cement is one of my favorite surfaces because you can always find interesting, hidden images within the cracks and bumps. Maybe it was the time of day and the shadows, this historic square foot of cement inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 179. Pollock Bird

25 Jun


Sunday, my wife and I watched a movie on cable, about the life of abstract expressionist, Jackson Pollock. Another tortured artist story. Why does the media continue to perpetuate the misconception that ALL artists are troubled souls. Really! Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by the action painting of Pollock. It’s certainly no pollock, but it was fun squirting and dripping paints. Good luck finding the bird. Enjoy.

Day 178. Cadiz Bridge Bird

24 Jun


Today’s bird-A-Day art was inspired while painting a mural on the Dallas Cadiz Street Bridge. Saturday, the interactive agency I work at, Imaginuity Interactive, rallied all the employees together to complete phase two of a mural on the bridge at Cadiz Street and Lamar, just south of downtown Dallas. This landmark bridge entrance to South Side, is now much more colorful and exciting. A big shout-out to all my co-workers who gave up part of their weekend, pushed away from their computers and got more than a little messy for a good cause. Look for lots of fun photos to be posted soon at

Day 177. Chain Link Bird

23 Jun


Digging through my garage on a mission to find paint roller and brushes, I came across this bright-colored chain I had bought a while back. I can’t remember what odd job inspired me to buy it. But, its bright color inspired me to create today’s Bird-A-Day art with it. Enjoy.

Day 176. Loose Change Bird

22 Jun


I have a habit of dumping my pocket change each night. After a while – enough loose change builds up to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks. But today, after pouring my change out, I was inspired to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 175. Dog Leash Bird

21 Jun


Our sweet lab, Maddie loves to go for walks. And she has learned that “leash” equals walk. So when she sees us pick up her leash, she gets quite worked up. Needless to say, when I had this idea, she got very excited and thought it was my best bird idea ever. And long over due. So today’s Bird-A-Day art is dedicated to Maddie. Enjoy.

Day 174. Drawer Lining Bird

20 Jun


More cool stuff from the home improvement store and a DIY state of mind. This time, I was strolling down the cabinet aisle when I find something fun. This grid material is used to line and protect kitchen drawers. However, I like the way it turns my simple bird drawing into a mosaic. Enjoy.

Day 173. Carpet Pad Bird

19 Jun


Walking through the hardware store, I see this giant roll of “something” that catches my eye. I ask and find out that it’s the padding they place under new carpet. And I just love it. So I talk the clerk into unraveling this mammoth roll and slicing off a couple of feet. I’m sure he thought I was an odd bird. Well, hey, I had birds on the brain. And today’s Bird-A-Day art was created using that beautiful, carpet padding. Enjoy.

Day 172. Stock Market Bird

18 Jun


Every day, the latest headlines from Europe, wildly swings our U.S stock market. This weekend, the latest news from Greece is both good and not so good. Like every story, it’s all a matter of interpretation by the brilliant talking heads on TV. The same experts who have yet to get much of anything right. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by all the colorful drama played out – one stock symbol at a time. Buy DDD.That’s my latest pick.

Day 171. Tree Bark Bird

17 Jun


Two giant Crepe Myrtle trees along our driveway are in the process of shedding their bark. While admiring their new blooms, I couldn’t help but also notice the interesting strips of bark that had fallen on the ground. A few strips in particular which inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

The Versatile Blogger Award

16 Jun

My little blog has been called out for an award. I am very honored by this blog award nomination – generously given by Liv and her two dogs, Chloe and Connor. Chloe really likes my birds. Liv, lovingly chronicles her canine adventures at the personal expense of her two best friends at

Part of the Versatile Blogger Award rules is to nominate other deserving blogs, and to offer 7 facts about yourself. Drum roll! Here is my personal nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award:

1., They describe their blog as aesthetic investigation. And they have an incredible sense of aesthetics. I believe that art should and can have a sense of aesthetics and this blogs help prove my belief.

2., A blog that gathers some of the most creative images from around the globe. They have a great sense of aesthetics and passion for conceptual art.

3., A kindred spirit also on the daily creative journey. Every day this year they are taking a photograph to stretch their creativity and talent. This blog is just fun to look at.

4., David captures photography on the go with iPhoneography, which is shooting and editing your photos only with an iPhone, His creativity is always inspiring.

5. This living journal/diary by Gabriela Vainsencher has been kept up since 2008. She inspires me with her imagination and inventiveness.

6., Starla is another kindred spirit. Another artist who has birds on the brains as much as I do. Her original paintings of birds are full of energy and life.

7. A wonderful destination place for artist to hangout and share art from around the globe. Gabriel has an aesthetic eye and mind that inspires creativity.

8. While I don’t understand a word she is writing, since it’s all in French, I just love the drawings of this young artist.

9., Diedra writes stories, the way people talk which just makes her stories all the more engaging to read.

Now for those 7 “facts” about me, in no particular order:

1. I am not an early riser.

2. I use a mac to make my living and can be rather opinionated about my passion for mac versus non-mac.

3. Going to the movies is maybe my favorite treat.

4. My dog Maddie was rescued from the city shelter.

5. My iPhone is my favorite tech toy.

6. Green is my favorite color.

7. I held a one man art show at Maryvale High School  in Arizona, my Sophomore year.

Day 170. Qtips Bird

16 Jun


Today’s inspiration came in the bathroom medicine cabinet. After grabbing a couple of Qtips, the thought hit me. I like the feather like – soft, linear quality of the Qtip as an art medium. And after creating today’s Bird-A-Day art, I can hear better. Enjoy.

Day 169. Dirty Filter Bird

15 Jun

Inspiration can strike at the oddest times. Changing the AC filter in the house being one of those times. For whatever reason I felt challenged to try to make bird art from the dirty filter. And it wasn’t easy. But in the end, I found today’s Bird-A-Day art blew right through. Cool.

Day 168. Peanut Butter and Jelly Bird

14 Jun


Now this has to be the absolute all American bird art. What kid, including myself didn’t grow up on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I just saw a coworker yesterday, making one for her lunch. No, I didn’t take her sandwich, but I did get inspired to make myself one. Today’s Bird-A-Day art celebrates the little kid in all of us. Enjoy.

Day 167. Tree Trash Bird

13 Jun


Last week I cleared off a lot of broken tree branches from the roof of our home. Today, I was inspired to get creative with the large pile of tree branches, waiting for the monthly brush pickup. There was just something about the way the dried-up leaves and branches looked, that reminded me of feathers. It could just be – birds on the brain again. Either way, today’s Bird-A-Day art made me smile. Enjoy.

Day 166. Doodling Bird

12 Jun


I love to doodle. You could say that I am an habitual doodler. I doodle while talking on the phone, while sitting in meetings (pretending to listen) and when I am trying to relax. So after doodling today, from one of the above, I was inspired to use it – to make today’s Bird-A-Day art. Keep on doodling on my friends. Enjoy.

Day 165. Crayon Drip Bird

11 Jun


Coloring outside the lines doesn’t even begin to describe – melted crayons. Created with my hair dryer, switched to hot, today’s Bird-A-Day art is my excuse to make a mess. After coming across a melted crayon painting by a fellow blogger, I was inspired to put some of my boxes of crayons under the blow dryer. It was as much fun as I thought it would be. Enjoy.

Day 164. Goldfish Bird

10 Jun


This was a case of “attach of the munchies!” While snacking away on some tasty Goldfish crackers today, I had this idea. What kind of bird would also like to snack on some fish. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is salty with all natural ingredients, right from the laboratory oven. Enjoy.

Day 163. Indoor Outdoor Bird

9 Jun


When I was growing up in Arizona, it seemed like every home had indoor/outdoor carpet. Maybe that’s because every house came with a pool. Swimming pools were essential to surviving the scalding summer months without a heat stroke. But kids running in and out of the house with wet feet – that couldn’t be good for any house. Coming across this sample swatch of carpet at my local hardware store, triggered memories which inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Remember to wipe your feet.

Day 162. Storms Bird

8 Jun


Storms have blown through the past couple days and left some inspiration. The winds left their mark. One of our trees in the backyard was shaken pretty hard and what blew down, helped create today’s Bird-A-Day art. Right time, right place and just a little wet. Enjoy.

Day 161. Sponge Bird

7 Jun


The Texas weather took a wicked turn late yesterday. And what could best be described as a “gullywasher.” That’s a Texas term that translates, “I won’t have to water my lawn for a week.” The DFW area was hit with rain so heavy, even the fish were scared. So today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by all that rain in such a short amount of time. Enjoy.

Day 160. Tinfoil Bird

6 Jun


A better name for today’s Bird-A-Day Art would have been “left-overs” bird. Because it was while I was unwrapping this tin-foil protected, tasty left-over that today’s bird idea popped into my bird brain. It didn’t take long for me to wrap it up. The bird art, not the left-over. Enjoy.

Day 159. Hallway Wall Bird

5 Jun


Somewhere, let’s just say in Fort Worth, some one left a lot of push pins in a long hallway. How those push pins ended up as today’s Bird-A-Day art is a real mystery. That’s my story and I’m sticking…(doh) – to it. Enjoy.

Day 158. Seed Bird

4 Jun


This weekend, while working in the backyard, I noticed that one of our small ornamental trees has suddenly become flush with seeds. Dozens if not hundreds of these curvy, green, bean-like seeds are dangling off its’ delicate, thin branches. For such a small tree, it’s an unusual sight. And so this big crop of seeds inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Something a bit whimsical to chew on. Enjoy.

Day 157. Rooftop Bird

3 Jun


We have a gigantic pecan tree that towers over our house. After several recent storms, it was time to climb on top of the house and remove fallen tree branches and leafs. After spending time clearing away a lot of fallen debris, I was inspired to create today’s Bird-A-Day art with a few last twigs and branches. Today’s Bird Art has reached new heights. Enjoy.

Day 156. Pancake Bird

2 Jun

Blueberry pancakes are a favorite weekend breakfast of mine. And this being Saturday, after sleeping in a bit late I was fortunate enough to have one of the best pancake chefs in the Southwest, to collaborate with for today’s bird idea. My wife went above and beyond in making today’s Bird-A-Day art come alive. The recipe for this rare species of flap jacks are now a proud family secret. And by the way, it tasted even better than it looks. Enjoy.

Day 155. Mixed Media Canvas Bird

1 Jun


Mixing it up again. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is a small, 8 x 10 size canvas caked in plaster and tons of paint. So much stuff on this canvas that the only kind of bird capable of breaking through it would be a woodpecker. Ironically, the surface ended up looking as though a woodpecker has taken his time searching for snacks. That is a happy accident that makes me smile. Enjoy.

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