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Day 242. Stone Tile Bird

31 Aug

Always in search for a new canvas, today I have found a beautiful, stone tile. It was a sample tile left over from a home project. This particular tile was never used in the house, but it made a really wonderful surface for today’s Bird-A-Day art. I painted with watercolors, building a glaze, while leaving the natural stone to form the bird. This could become a fun series of stone birds sitting next to each other on the wall. Enjoy.

Day 241. Paper Clips Bird

30 Aug


One of my favorite office tools inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. I use these little guys every week to keep myself organized. Without them, my office desk would easily look even more cluttered than it already does. I like the simple lines of this micro sculpture. Enjoy.

Day 240. Particle Wood Bird

29 Aug



The inspiration for today’s Bird-A-Day art hit me during a meeting at work yesterday. Looking for a piece of wood, I came across this stained particle wood. It was just perfect for a bird conference. And so taking some black acrylic paint, I added this small flock of birds meeting along one wood wire. Enjoy.

Day 239. Sketch Board Bird

28 Aug


A large, well-used, artist sketch board, inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. You might guess where I found this goody, based on the last couple days. I just loved the years of remnant sketches and paintings on this Masonite board, forming an abstract environment for today’s bird. Enjoy.

Day 238. Class Table Bird

27 Aug


Today’s inspiration was found in the classroom outside my sweetie’s art studio at TCU. There is a large table that art students place all sorts of materials. And over the course of many years, these tables have gained a lot of collegiate character. I rather like these art tables a lot. Today’s Bird-A-Day art took just a couple of dashes of white chalk to let him stand up on a students’ ruler. As you can see, this bird is less than two inches in size. So I have a hunch he will go unnoticed all semester long. Enjoy.

Day 237. Wall Splatter Bird

26 Aug



This weekend, my wife Allie, started moving back into her art studio at TCU for her MFA program for the fall semester. I do love that art building. So while helping her to get situated, I couldn’t help but stumble upon inspiration. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was found on the back wall. Paint splatter has created an opportunity that I could not pass up. Enjoy.


Day 236. Kitchen Counter Bird

25 Aug


Still celebrating our beautiful new kitchen counter top, I thought it would make a perfect setting for a fly over. After the installation, it was obvious to me that this new counter will become a favorite backdrop. And so today’s Bird-A-Day art, created from playing with watercolors, enjoys a smooth glide across this glistening new surface. Enjoy.

Day 239. Candy Bird

24 Aug


This could have been called Sweetie Bird, or afternoon Sugar Shot Bird. Today’s Bird-A-Day art inspiration came yesterday afternoon at work. I work with incredibly generous, thoughtful co-workers. They are always sharing. One developer named John, regularly buys boxes of donuts on Friday mornings for everyone. Well, yesterday Naomi, who sits across from me, asked if I would like one of these soft, yummy candies. I said yes of course. And then asked for two more, minutes later. The third one, however, was so good, I had to share. Enjoy.

Day 238. Match Book Smoke Bird

23 Aug


Do not try this at home. I had a hot idea that I couldn’t wait to explore. What would happen if I lit a match and blew the flame to create a bird. What happened – was a few minor flesh wounds, some singed eyebrows and a smoking hot Bird-A-Day art. Could there be a bigger smoke bird in the future? Enjoy.

Day 237. Rust Bird

22 Aug



After finding a bird inside a wood knot, I started looking around other random objects in my garage. I found some rusty metal and took my china marker to give this spot of rust some wings. I believe this is the Australian Southern Steel Cassowary. But I could be mistaken. If any of our friends from Australia could confirm this rare species, it would be much appreciated. Enjoy.


Day 236. Wood Knot Bird

21 Aug



Finding birds hidden within patterns and objects has become a personal past-time of mine this year. This piece of lumber was sitting in our garage, until I decided to make a really big knot on the side, into today’s Bird-A-Day art. With my handy wood stain marker, it didn’t take much at all to set this little guy free. Is it just me, or does he appear to be floating around in a wood pond. Enjoy.


Day 235. Foil Bird

20 Aug


Our local art supply store sells this product called Speedball Metal Leaf. It is essentially a thin metallic foil that can be applied to almost any surface with a little adhesive. I decided to make a bird with it. What a surprise. After masking off my bird on this wood board, I sprayed an adhesive and then rubbed down the Metal Leaf. Once the masking tape was removed, I had today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 234. Rain Puddle Bird

19 Aug


A sudden Saturday afternoon thunderstorm has turned into a very wet weekend, here in Fort Worth, Texas. Along the side of our house, the ground is covered with several inches of rainwater. And just off the side of the back porch, under our big Pecan tree, I found today’s Bird-A-Day art. All this rain makes me want to take a nice weekend nap. Enjoy.

Day 233. Tile Stamp Bird

18 Aug



Alright, this giant ink stamp pad is just too much fun. We just added tile in our kitchen, and I had bought some tile spacers for the project. However, it turned out we didn’t need them after all. Doh! But of course I kept them anyway. And I rather like how these little tile spacers look like plus signs. So I grabbed my sketch pad and started stamping away. And yes, I did get quite a bit of ink on my fingers again. But it’s just so much fun stamping that I don’t care. Enjoy.


Day 232. String Bird

17 Aug


Today’s Bird-A-Day art comes with strings attached. I found this spool of string in my art cabinet and was inspired to send birds soaring across. It reminds me of the shadows cast by birds flying above the ocean. A fond memory from a trip to California this year. I recall looking down from a high peer, watching sea gulls and pelicans skim across the ocean surface while surfers braved the cold Pacific waters. Enjoy.

Day 231. Shoe Box Chalk Bird

16 Aug


I tend to keep things instead of throwing them away of late. (Not always a good idea.) Mostly hoping that inspiration will strike later when I need to make my demanding Bird-A-Day art schedule. This is an example of what can happen when I hang on to an empty shoe box, after buying some new shoes, a couple of weeks back. This black box was just screaming for some white chalk. And today’s Bird-A-Day art found a home in a fashionable shadow box. Size 11.5. Enjoy.

Day 230. Eraser Stamp Bird

15 Aug

One pencil eraser. One Giant Ink Pad with permanent dye. And a little bit of time – tapping and dapping with the inked-up tip of my pencil eraser. That is pretty much how today’s Bird-A-Day art was created. I had this idea of ink stamping a bird, using some ordinary objects for the stamp. I soon discovered using pennies got more ink on me than the coins. By trial and error, I decided an object that kept my fingers away from the ink pad was a smart direction. It’s rather ironic, using an eraser, to create art with permanent ink. And trust me, this stuff is permanent. It does not want to come off your fingers. Yipes.

Day 229. Mortar Bird

14 Aug



From yesterday’s 5 foot high art, down to just a few inches. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was cut out of the mortar used to mount the new back splash in our kitchen. I like how this bird appears to be flying across a rugged landscape. Enjoy.


Day 228. Broom Brush Bird

13 Aug


This big bird looks the way it does, because I didn’t have a paint brushes large enough for this size wood. This great piece of scrap board is roughly 5 feet high, and I wanted to paint a large bird on it. I really didn’t have any paint brushes in my art supplies to achieve the large brush strokes that I envisioned. That’s when I found a really old trash broom that I had once used to clean out the trunk of my car. This broom turned out to be the perfect tool for creating the loose, gestural, abstract line quality of today’s Bird-A-Day art.

Day 227. Back Splash Bird

12 Aug


Today is the day we are putting in our new kitchen back splash. After the demo of a couple weeks ago, the installation is finally underway. We have decided to take the DIY approach on this back splash. You might expect to see a grout bird soon. Enjoy.

Day 226. DSW Shoe Bag Bird

11 Aug


After drawing on the inside of my shopping bag for day 221, earlier in the week, I still had one half a bag left over. And its a really cool bag. So I took part of the front side of the DSW warehouse shoe bag with the black stripes and cut out today’s Bird-A-Day art. The bird itself was based on a favorite painting from my sweetie. She painted a group of crows several years ago that is still one of my favorite pieces. I like it so much that her painting is the screen saver on my iPhone. I never get tired of seeing it all day, every time I turn on my phone. Today’s bird is just another way to say how much I love my sweethearts’ painting. Allie is my biggest inspiration.

Day 225. Vacation Memory Bird

10 Aug


Today, I had a flashback to one of the best vacations ever. Back in the spring of this year, my sweetie and I traveled to California to visit her brother Michael and his wife, Deb. We had the time of our lives and fell in love with the California beaches. While clicking through some of our vacation photos, I came across this big bird that was created on the beach during that vacation. I remember the bird art became a group affair as the day went along. Michael and Deb were finding bird inspiration around every turn. It was all that I could do to keep up taking photographs. Like the ocean waves, all the memories of that amazing vacation came rushing back when I saw today’s Bird-A-Day art. Now all I can think about is how soon until the next trip back.

Day 224. Collage Bird

9 Aug



This idea started out with me collecting random things from around the house. All that I knew was it would be fun cutting up things to make a collage bird. There was really no planning, just following my impulse and intuition. The beak of this hummingbird is a postcard of Amalfi, Italy. One of the highlights of our trip to Italy several years ago. A photo of a European brick road forms the lower part of the body, while a fan of Pantone swatches creates the tail feathers. Eventually I hit upon just the right balance of items from my personal life to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.


Day 223. Hole Punch Bird

8 Aug



Yesterday, I came across this really cool office tool at the front desk. As I am staring at all these wonderful little paper dots from this paper hole-puncher with “horsepower,” it becomes obvious to me there is a bird here. So while our office manager Liz is taking calls and our intern Chelsey is looking on with a “what’s going on here” look on her face. I made today’s Bird-A-Day art. And then promptly cleaned up my mess. After all, Liz runs a tight ship. Enjoy.


Day 222. Scrap Wood Bird

7 Aug


After ripping out our kitchen counter recently, there was some scrap wood lying around. This scrap wood hung around long enough to get my attention. Something about the colors and texture of this wood reminded me of how the earth looks from high above, while looking outside the window of an airplane. This wood was just begging for some birds to fly across. Enjoy.

Day 221. Shopping Bag Bird

6 Aug


We did some shopping this weekend and came home with a couple of shopping bags of birthday gifts. These days, before I throw anything into the trash, I first ask myself, could this be used for something creative? Well, I really liked the Kraft color of one particular shopping bag. It reminded me of the color of a certain water fowl. And so I cut the bag open, and used my Peel-off China Marker to sketch today’s Bird-A-Day art on the inside of the bag. The handy thing about the shopping bag as canvas – is it comes ready to hang. Enjoy.

Day 220. Asphalt Grass Bird

5 Aug


It has always amazed me how weeds and grass can be found growing in extreme harsh and stark environments. And whenever I see this happening it makes me wonder – why is it so hard to keep the yard at my home growing green and thick. What do these patches of weeds and grass have in their DNA that my yard doesn’t? And why hasn’t someone figured out how to clone their unique strength to grow against all odds. But today the odds became even more staggering, when not only did I find a patch of green sprouting inside asphalt and concrete, but also growing into the shape of a bird. Enjoy.

Day 219. Pasta Lid Bird

4 Aug

Something odd happened while making pasta last night. Most likely, this happens every time, but I had just never noticed before. but because I have a case of birds on the brain, right after pouring the sauce into the skillet, I look down and notice the lid on the counter. And to my surprise, there is a bird stuck to the lid of this jar. Who knows how many birds are trying to escape from pasta jars all over the world. I feel we should start a global outcry to free the pasta birds. Better check your lids next time. Ciao!

Day 218. Packing Paper Bird

3 Aug



Yesterday, I was at a photoshoot for a cabinet making company. The truck load of cabinets for the shoot, left large boxes and crates scattered across the large warehouse studio. In between setups for different product shots I walked past this particular empty box and noticed the torn packing paper. So thanks to photographer Margot Landen and her assistant Rob for adding a little something extra in the photoshoot. Enjoy.


Day 217. Olympic Rings Bird

2 Aug

Watching the Summer Olympics from London last night, I found myself jumping and shouting when the U.S. women’s swim team won the gold in the 200 meter relay. Wow! The way the anchor swimmer scorched that last 200 meters was so exciting. Immediately afterwards, I felt compelled to create an Olympic inspired bird. Grabbing a bottle cap and my watercolor paints, I had fun painting this little guy. Enjoy.

Day 216. Wire Hanger Bird

1 Aug


My closet has been invaded and nearly over-taken with wire hangers from trips to the dry cleaners. But just as I was about to toss em, the wrinkled, torn paper surface caught my bird brain eye. Why not! It seems like a perfectly ironic use of a rather mundane object. And so today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by that closet-clogging gift from the dry cleaners. Enjoy.

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