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Day 335. Taco Bird

30 Nov

This is one spicy bird. Last night I was craving Mexican food. Tacos in particular, and decided to make a little home-style tacos with the help of packaged spices from Old El Paso. It certainly wasn’t an Uncle Julio’s experience, but today’s Bird-A-Day art hit the spot. Enjoy.

Day 334. Sketch Bird

29 Nov

The inspiration was to sketch a bird with the fewest number of lines and marks. I wanted to create a sense of mass, volume and shape without any shading. Which is a rather sketchy idea, to be honest. Enjoy.

Day 333. Litter Bird

28 Nov

Day 333. A perfect day for controversy. My jog along a major street here in Fort Worth, inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Along my jog I couldn’t help but notice – butts scattered along the street for nearly a mile. How these butts ended up, lining the street sidewalks is a big mystery. Now I’ve given this some thought. Maybe, its wild foxes. Stay with me. Fact is, I have seen several wild foxes, crossing this road after dark. Foxes are smart, which means they would know the chicken had crossed the road. And perhaps, they wanted to have a smoked chicken. It’s a mystery alright.

Day 332. Stand Bird

27 Nov

I found a metal stand, that once held up a piece of art. Now it just sits empty, with no higher cause or purpose. So today’s Bird-A-Day art, gave this metal stand another chance to be part of something bigger. Something artistic with a purpose. A higher calling. Today, this metal stand made me smile. Is there any higher calling. Enjoy.

Day 331. Bucket Bird

26 Nov

This is not a bucket list bird. This is not a kick the bucket bird. This guy was inspired by a bucket – turned upside down on the floor. My odd sensibilities, liked the way the bottom of this plastic bucket was colored and scuffed up. Perhaps it has been kicked around some. Or may be just a very hard-working bucket. Either way, I like it. And when I like something, I usually paint or draw a bird on it. Enjoy.

Day 330. Twombly Bird

25 Nov

Cy Twombly is one of my favorite artists. His work from the late 50’s until his death in 2011, was innovative, fresh and inspired. I love his colors and textures, but without question the one aspect of his art that I love the most is his unique mark-making. It’s almost like a form of writing that mysteriously appears on his colorful canvases. I asked myself, how would Twombly paint a bird if this were his blog. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is my best attempt at channeling Twombly. Enjoy.

Day 329. Onion Bird

24 Nov

Today’s Bird-A-Day art brought tears to my eyes. After slicing and dicing four cups of onions for an onion soup recipe yesterday, I had one large slice of onion left. Staring at this one slice of onion was like fate. There was no question what needed to be done. Only if it could be. Enjoy.

Day 328. Leftover Stuffings Bird

23 Nov

I am sooo stuffed. Thanksgiving day was just wonderful. A great time with family, watching the Cowboys snooze while feasting on classic family favorites. The sweet potato casserole is always a big hit. Almost as popular as my sweeties’ home made peach cobbler. Mmmmm. But it wouldn’t be a Thanksgiving dinner without the stuffing. Today’s Bird-A-Day art, inspired by the leftovers in my brother Gary’s kitchen. Yum.

Day 327. Thanksgiving Bird

22 Nov

Today is Thanksgiving day. As an artist I am thankful to have this blog, so I can paint my hand and draw like a four year old. Again. Thankful that I have had so much fun creating a Bird-A-Day all year-long. Thankful for so much, but especially – my sweetheart and best friend, Allie. Happy Gobble Gobble day. What are you thankful for today?

Day 326. On The Fence Bird

21 Nov

Inspired by our mighty leaders in congress who thankfully – are off on Thanksgiving holiday until whenever. Today’s bird was found sitting on the fence. It can not make a decision and so it just – sits there, with the very strong possibility of our neighbors big, hungry, gray cat coming around. Don’t tempt big, hungry gray cats. Get off the fence. I approve this posting.


Day 325. Paint Drops Bird

20 Nov

A paint covered table is merely some bird art – waiting to happen. This table top in my sweetie’s art studio became the perfect bird landing for today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 324. Cardboard Owl Bird

19 Nov

It has been a while since I did an owl. Which is odd, since the owl is one of my favorite birds. And of all the many varieties of the owl family, I  especially like the Cardboard Owl. When they land on a stack of cardboard boxes, they are practically invisible. There’s just no telling how many times one of these rare owls watched as you unpacked after a move. Ask yourself how many times did you spot a cardboard owl? That’s my proof, right there. Enjoy.

Day 323. Pencil Shavings Bird

18 Nov

I’ve been working fast and furious on birds and found myself with a dull pencil. After sharpening my pencil, I was inspired by the shavings to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. As with all of my birds, I learn something new that I can take with me. With today’s bird, I have learned to never assume there is only way to express your creativity with a pencil. “Getting the lead-out,” might mean – not using the lead at all. Enjoy.

Day 322. Gesso Plate Bird

17 Nov

How about a big serving of Gesso. My sweetie just finished preparing a couple new birch panels for her MFA show and she had tossed out the plate she used for the primer. I actually pulled this plate out of the trash bin, because I saw a bird hidden in the Gesso. It just took a little nudge to set it free. Enjoy.

Day 321. Crayon Loop Bird

16 Nov

Always ready to bring my inner child out to play, today I grabbed my box of crayons. With my sketch book in hand, I played the game of loop the loop with every color in my box. What better way to bring in the weekend than coloring outside the bird. Enjoy.

Day 320. Chalk Print Bird

15 Nov

This was unexpected. Back on Day 302, my granite bird was a chalk drawing on the back of a big slab of granite. Well, yesterday, I laid that granite bird down on the black sofa in our garage “upside down”, by mistake. Then realizing what I had done, I quickly picked it up off the sofa, only to discover the chalk had imprinted the sofa. And I actually liked it more than the granite bird. As I like to say, a little bit of chaos – encourages creativity. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Day 319. Wood Pastel Bird

14 Nov

Here is a piece of scrap wood from the art studio that had been used as a tool or support for a number of random art projects. As a result it ended up having what I like to describe as textural character. And that inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. So I took out my box of pastels and quickly dashed away here and there until I had a bird. Enjoy.

Day 318. Stacked Books Bird

13 Nov

After having fun with yesterday’s book spine bird, I found inspiration on my book shelves. Three books which have absolutely nothing in common, became a challenging surface for my paints. These books can now be found in the nature section, under the heading “Bird-A-Day art”. Enjoy.


Day 317. Book Spine Bird

12 Nov

Now less than 50 days left in my 2012 new years resolution. With less than two months on the calendar, I am feeling pretty confident about making my personal pledge of creating a Bird-A-Day in 2012. Today’s bird was inspired by a library book my sweetie was reading yesterday. I picked a book from my personal collection as the canvas for today’s Bird-A-Day art. The spine makes a nice landing spot for this cactus bird. Enjoy.

Day 316. Rock Chalk Bird

11 Nov

Sometimes you have to improvise. You never know when inspiration will strike. It might happen when you find yourself with no art materials to express yourself. When I came across this handsome, rugged rock, it inspired me to draw, but I didn’t have any chalk or paints on me. So I went MacGyver and used a soft white rock laying on the ground as my medium to draw today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 315. Broken Glass Bird

10 Nov

Last night, my sweetie and I watched the latest Denzel Washington movie, FLIGHT. Denzel is remarkable in his role as pilot of the doomed airplane in a movie that is not easy to watch. The over-riding theme of the film is the pilot’s addiction. And the ending comes with a rather ironic twist. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was created from found broken glass. A symbol of the broken life of pilot Whip Whitaker. Overall, I give FLIGHT, three tail feathers out of six.


Day 314. Pencil Scratch Bird

9 Nov

This was a complete accident. I dumped out shavings from a pencil sharpener and a bit of broken lead landed here and there. When I used my hand to clear away the shavings, bits of lead started making scratch like marks on the paper. Those slight scratches inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.


Day 313. Wire Brush Bird

8 Nov

I really like a wire brush that I bought at the hardware store. This brush can scrub away the dirt from nearly any surface, including concrete. Not that you would ever want to scrub-clean old concrete. But I could – if I wanted too – and that’s pretty cool. Enjoy.

Day 312. BEHR Bird

7 Nov

Back by popular demand, (by my sweetie,) I have revisited a favorite small alternative canvas. This BEHR paint chip from Home Depot made for an interesting sketch pad. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was happy to find some strong lines to land on. Enjoy.

Day 311. Red Leaf Bird

6 Nov

Today’s Bird-A-Day art represents a fond memory of mine. I remember so clearly, sitting across the kitchen table from my mom at her house in Sun Valley, Arizona. Even in her mid-seventies, she was excited as a kid, staring out the large bay window, to catch a glimpse of her backyard guests. In the heat of the Arizona sun, we watched as dozens of baby Quail shuffled across her gravel yard, from one shady spot to another. Appearing suddenly out of the blue, like a flash mob. Performing for a free meal and disappearing just as quickly into the shady line of Oleanders.

Day 310. Shimmy Bird

5 Nov

Yesterday I stopped by the hardware store for some Drano, yuk, and found a bag of wood shims. I never knew they sold shims in bulk. This is one of those little secrets of the handy man, to get that door jam, appliance or cabinet perfectly level. And it comes in handy for creating today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 309. Dot Dot Dot Bird

4 Nov

Saturday, I took my Mazda in for its regular maintenance. Knowing that I would be sitting in a lovely customer lounge next to truck tires, floor mats and car fresheners (piña colada fragrance) I decided to take along my sketch pad. Today’s Bird-A-Day art helped me pass the time, one dot at a time. Enjoy.

Day 308. Paper Monoprint Bird

3 Nov

This is a big guy. Most of the time, I work small because it’s faster and I don’t have much time to create something every day. But, already having my plexiglass and tools out from my earlier Metal Monoprint Bird, I wanted to try something large. The thing that I find so fascinating about monoprint, is this unique fingerprint quality. The sense of surprise as I peel back that sheet from the painted plexiglass. For me it’s a celebration of imperfection. And that is something I know a lot about. Enjoy.

Day 307. Blown Leaves Bird

2 Nov

Last night after getting home, I was walking to our garage when I looked down and found a surprise. The wind had blown leaves into one corner of our driveway. There at my feet, nestled in the corner was a familiar shape. I could not have planned it any better. I guess this means the season for leaf raking has officially begun. Enjoy.

Day 306. Metal Monoprint Bird

1 Nov

Today’s Bird-A-Day art is an experiment on just a whim. I love monoprints, and I also love metal. So I wanted to see if I could combine two of my favorite things. Like peanut butter and jelly, this worked better than I had hoped. I took my painted plexiglass and rubbed, pressed and pounded the paint directly onto this large metal plate, creating a one-of-a-kind impression. Fun. Enjoy.


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