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Leaf Mulching Bird

5 Jan


A beautiful January day here in Texas. Too lovely to pass up on doing a little work outdoors so I attached the last batch of leaves on the front yard. This time, instead of bagging the piles of leaves, I just mulched them with my lawn mower. While sweeping up some of the leaf mulching that blew on the driveway, I was inspired to create this hungry guy. It only took a few minutes to sweep him into shape. You might say I was really humming. Enjoy.

Stormy Bird

4 Jan


So, this may be hard to believe, but – after a year of making bird art every single day, I still see birds everywhere. Doh. Yesterday while taking out the trash, I saw a cluster of walnuts shells, nuts, and various tree twigs on the driveway. It might seem like a nutty idea, but this storm trash makes a pretty good rooster. Enjoy.

2012 Year in Review Bird Art Video

1 Jan


I have whipped together a new YouTube video that contains a fast-paced review of all my Birds from 2012. Please share this link with your friends. Have some popcorn and enjoy the show.

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