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11. Newspaper Bird

11 Jan


Today’s bird reminds me of how rarely I pick up an actual newspaper anymore. With all the latest news online and on my iPhone, what’s the local rag good for? I say, cheap canvas. That’s what! Just a buck. So I broke out the old pastels and had a blast just drawing for a change. There’s hardly anything I enjoy more than drawing, so why is it, I rarely draw? Beats me. This year, things are going to change. Starting with today’s bird-a-day art. Enjoy.

5. Chip off the old block bird

5 Jan


Today is day 5 of my 365 day art project. That’s 360 more days ahead for my fellow artist who also find themselves math challenged like myself. I created today’s art using trimmings off a small tree in my backyard. So now my tree is looking better and I have this fun bird art to show for my yard work. This was a lot of fun and sort of like working a puzzle.

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