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Day 104. Pecan Tree Bird

12 Apr


When I arrived home yesterday I found a ton of these seed droppings all over the back yard and driveway. We have a gigantic, old pecan tree in the backyard. And it seems to have shaken loose every seed from its new head of leaves. I found this cluster of seeds sitting on one of the many flagstones in our backyard. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is an odd species, because it can fly, but only down. And only once. Enjoy.

Day 65. Trash Bird

5 Mar


Trash. Beautiful trash. This weekend I cleared out some broken, worn-out or otherwise useless random stuff from our garage. The round things are from old weed-eaters that have bitten the dust. With this random stuff in hand, I decided to see what might happen – if I spray painted everything black and arranged the objects into a bird. The whole thing took hardly no time at all. There was no planning of any kind. Not the bird shape or the trash. It was just a case of an idea meeting up with a happy accident. What’s that old saying? One man’s trash is another mans’ art. Enjoy.

Day 64. Crow Bar Bird

4 Mar


Yes I went there. How did I get here? Well, someone following my blog had suggested carving a bird into soap. And I thought, well that sounds fun but there is already “Dove” soap. So what could I do that would be a twist to soap art? And then this idea of a crow carved into a bar of soap just struck me as funny. Here is my Crow Bar – for today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 41. Sweetheart Valentine Bird

10 Feb


Today starts the official Valentine’s weekend. Yes, I realize it’s next Tuesday on the 14th, but Valentine’s is a big holiday around our home. So I am starting early with Valentine bird number 1. I was surprised how easy it was to find these candy hearts in stores today. I remember them quite fondly from my childhood. When I was in 4th grade it was understood that you would give out one of these hearts with the proper message to all your class mates. Saving the special messages for the special Valentine hopefuls. Today’s hearts have changed a bit in that area. You might not be able to read the words on these hearts, but one of them actually says “Text Me.” When I was in 4th grade, my candy hearts’ message – was as close as it ever got to “Texting” anyone.” Yes it was a long time ago. So today’s Bird-A-Day is for my Valentine. “Follow Me.”

Day 39. Watercolor Bird

8 Feb


Today I dipped my sable brush into yesterday’s tray of watercolors and started splattering around. Yes, it’s true, yesterday’s tiny watercolor tray bird is a victim of conceptual art. He is but a memory. A moment of silence please. Ok. So I think watercolor painting is more fun when you have no clue what you are doing with it. That’s my story any way. When you just splatter alot! That’s when I know that I’m making something. Which is usually a mess. And if you’re like me, you have to clean up a bit. With today’s Bird-A-Day art, that meant taking some scissors and cutting this bird out of my splattered playground. And it was fun. Not quite as fun as edible art, but then honestly what is? But very close.

Day 38. Watercolor Palette Bird

7 Feb


Finally got back to my paints again, after a long weekend of sports and snacking. Or more like professional “sport-snacking”in my case. Yum. But before I could even put my brush and water color paints on paper I just stopped to admire the old paints in the tray. I think the water color tray is beautiful just as it is. A work of art. All this palette needed was a tiny bird to be hidden within the old paints. Enjoy.

Day 36. Super Bowl Birds

5 Feb


The big game is finally here. And this day is just too big for one bird. It is after all Super Bowl Sunday! I have gone the extra yard and posted three NFL ready birds. First, I used a football as an art canvas, it’s called Game Ball Bird. Then I deconstructed a football and rearranged the parts for a second bird, named Football Pieces Bird. The third bird used one of the sliced football pieces. I painted acrylic everywhere except the area that revealed my bird, named Football Slice Bird. And yes it was a lot of fun. Now – we are ready for some footballllll. Let’s play ball – before I deconstruct it into art.

Day 30. Paint Spill Bird

30 Jan


Doh! I meant well. Have you ever started to get things organized and clean up after yourself – only to make a bigger mess? No? Alright well, I guess that’s just me. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by my sincere efforts to get my garage organized after all the bird art projects of the first 30 days. Instead I wound up knocking over a few cans of paint and well… No use crying over spilled latex paint.

IT’S MONDAY. SO REMEMBER TO VOTE. I want to know which bird of the past week is your favorite. Thanks so much.

Day 28. Toast Bird

28 Jan

Alright, it’s Saturday and I’m about to bite into one of my favorite breakfast of champions – toast, when suddenly, today’s Bird-A-Day art, pops in my head. That bird on the brain head of mine. And so I stopped eating and starting cutting to let this little birdie out. Then only after creating this bird does it occur to me that I just snacked away on popcorn the day before. So I’ve realized something. It would have been very easy for me to do an entire year of “food art”. I just seem to love eating art. Or to be more honest, “snacking” (as my mom used to say) while making art. And I realized something else almost as important. Everything is better with butter.

Day 27. Movie Popcorn Bird

27 Jan


It’s Friday. And for my sweetie and me, that nearly always means – movie night! It’s an nice reward after a long week, or a short week, or pretty much any week. Hey, we love movies. Fact is that we see enough movies to get a second job as movie critics. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by the pure joy and fun we have of watching great films on the big screen. (Please be considerate of others and silence your phone at this time) unless you plan to email a friend about today’s bird. Enjoy.

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