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Day 34. Sticky Note Bird

3 Feb


Today ends another fine work week. What a perfect day to salute one of my favorite, hard workers. The grand daddy of office tools, the Yellow Sticky Note. Personally, there is no way that I can make it through a day, much less a week without my sticky notes. These little guys keep my tiny brain organized. They save me from forgetting the milk and cereal. They remind me where to find the cool gadget I stumbled across online today. They are my first line of defense against my limited RAM memory. And yes, I do have the latest amazing iPhone. And it has SIRI, which I use. But SIRI is no match for my stacks of sticky notes. Seriously. Enjoy.

Day 23. Tree Branch Bird

23 Jan


Today’s bird-a-day art was inspired by the rows of bare trees along the winter horizon. I find the winter treescapes beautiful. This was a really fun one to make. For starters I got to stroll around my local park and collect fallen tree branches as parents looked on as if I was going to start a bone fire in the park. I got to use some power tools to trim, cut branches and then drill holes in a 4×4 base. I even had the opportunity to paint! Today’s bird has a lot going on, so it was good that I had most of Sunday to work on it. Because of all the stages and pieces it took me a lot more time than any art that I have made so far. And if you are wondering, yes I did paint both sides of each branch.

TODAY IS MONDAY, so please vote for your favorite bird art of the past week. Thanks.

Day 21. Dog Food Bird

21 Jan


Today is Saturday and I enjoy sleeping in past the alarm clock. It’s a treat. And its one of the reasons my weekend birds are always posted later than the work day birds. It’s the truth. But, one fact remains every day of the week, which always makes me get up earlier than I care to on Saturday and Sunday, and that’s our two dogs. They haven’t learned how to get breakfast for themselves, or let themselves outside for business. So this morning I decided to make the most of having to drag myself out of bed early on a Saturday and be more creative with their breakfast. And luckily today, Rascal volunteered to let me make his breakfast into our bird-a-day art. That’s Rascal racing in from the top of the photograph to devour today’s bird art. He has a great appreciation for the arts this dog. A real canine art connoisseur.

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