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Day 254. Screws Bird

12 Sep

Such an easy joke is waiting for this one. But I am going to be strong and leave it alone. Today I just wanted to react to whatever I found. And what I found was a jar of screws and a plastic lid sitting loose in the art studio. Nobody was injured during the making of today’s Bird-A-Day art. Which is rare for me. Enjoy.

Day 109. Brick Bird

17 Apr


I was clearing away some old bricks from my back yard – when suddenly, I was struck with a bird idea. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was admiring the rough surface and subtle tones of this old brick. So, rather than toss it away, I grabbed my pastels and turned this brick into my canvas for today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 107. Steel Swarm Bird

15 Apr


Today’s Bird-A-Day is inspired by a beautiful piece of steel found at my local Home Depot. I was picking up some things for the house, when I saw a display of random steel cuts at the end of an aisle. This particular piece caught my eye. I loved rough surface and little touch of rust. So inspired, I drew and cut new block print birds to create this moment of taking flight. Enjoy.

Day 93. Tree Shadow Bird

1 Apr


What an incredibly bright, sunny day here in Texas. So bright it almost made my eyes hurt. And it gave us some very strong shadows. I love shadows. I love exploring the patterns and imaginary shapes within cast shadows, the way some people enjoy reading clouds. And these beautiful shadows inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. I cut out a simple bird shape from a sheet of paper, “duct” taped it to a twig and played shadow games. Enjoy.

Day 89. Metal Plate Bird

28 Mar


More fun on metal. I just love working with aluminum for a canvas. Expect more metal as the year goes on. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was created using acrylic paint and my trusty block printing birds on a thin sheet of metal. The birds on a wire is a theme that I could do all year-long. Enjoy.

Day 88. Stencil Bird

27 Mar


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired when I came across some shipping boxes with stencil type. It gave me the idea of cutting out a bird stencil. And then of course grabbing some spray paint and having fun. Which I did. There are plenty of things with stencil birds which will not be getting posted. Just kidding. Not! I spray painted this bird on the back of an unused piece of kitchen tile. Enjoy.

Day 87. Teriyaki Bird

26 Mar


Dining like a star in Hollywood. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired inside a Japanese restaurant in Hollywood California. While visiting family, we discovered this tasty popular place just a block off the main boulevard. After walking what seemed like a marathon, I ordered their largest lunch special, the Samuri Delux. This place is famous for their teriyaki sauce and afterwards I could understand why. This was one very yummy bird. Enjoy.

Day 84. Beach Bird

23 Mar

Today’s Bird-A-Day art was found on a beautiful beach in Crystal Cove, California. My wife and I are in California visiting family and they took us to one of their favorite spots in Newport Beach. We all had fun finding and making birds on the beach. This big bird is my favorite one of the day. Made out of sea weeds washed up on the beach, I used a sea shell for his beak. I called this one a  Fla-weedgo. Enjoy.

Day 46. Monoprint Bird

15 Feb


This is my first venture into monoprinting. I have always loved the unique look of monoprints and my art blog has given me the motivation to try it out. This is essentially a painting, created through a printing process. How cool is that. This print only came after many, many bird prints that never left the nest. Each time I would pull my paper away from the painted plexiglass it was a moment of discovery. Ahhha or Ugh. This one of a kind print was one of just 2 ahhha birds. Enjoy.

Day 43. Twiggy Bird

12 Feb


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by a small pile of twigs on my driveway. As I had bird on the brains at the time, finding a bird among the twigs just had to happen. Enjoy.

Day 29. Music Recital Bird

29 Jan


Last night at TCU, my wife and I enjoyed a piano recital featuring the music of Franz Liszt. And while I was captivated by pianist, Balazs Reti, I couldn’t help but see musical birds in my mind. Imagine that? Feeling inspired by the piano performance I got up this morning and went for my block printing tools. Cut out a musical note and printed today’s Bird on a sheet of drawing paper. And so today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by Liszt and the gifted performer from the Liszt Academy of Budapest. Bravo!

12. Duct Tape Bird

12 Jan


This bird celebrates my go-to-tool. The true all-in-one, multi-task tool on a roll. Duct tape! This mighty bird will never spring a leak, experience a broken wing or freeze in sub zero weather. That’s my kind of bird sculpture. Enjoy.

10. Rainy Day Bird

9 Jan


For my fellow bloggers across the pond in London, this may not be so relevant, but here in Texas, in my neck of the woods it’s wet. It has been raining non-stop since Sunday night. And since 2011 was the driest year in history for Texas, we need the rain here. And by some fortuitous splatter, today’s bird – flew right off my umbrella as I jumped onto my back porch! That’s right, that is exactly how it happened. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Any doubters?

9. Sidewalk Bird

8 Jan


It’s funny how much I think of birds since beginning this blog. You might even say that I have turned into a bird brain. I see birds in everything around me. Even when I am out on my jog, looking down at the road I have birds on my brain. The cracks in the road and sidewalk inspired today’s bird(‘s). I grabbed my pastels and had some fun, taking my blog to the streets. What is that old saying, “birds of a feather flock on sidewalk cracks together.” Thanks for viewing my blog. Since week one is in the bag, I would love to hear which of the birds from week one was your favorite. Just click on comment and post your vote.

7. Dirty Laundry Bird

7 Jan


While I am certainly not one to air his dirty laundry in public, today I will make an exception. Because it’s Saturday and that means laundry day here at the Dickerson household, my bird-a-day art is also my dirty laundry. But I seem to be forgetting something. Should I separate complimentary colors from Tertiary colors before washing? Something like that. Let me know your thoughts. Enjoy.

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