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Day 319. Wood Pastel Bird

14 Nov

Here is a piece of scrap wood from the art studio that had been used as a tool or support for a number of random art projects. As a result it ended up having what I like to describe as textural character. And that inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. So I took out my box of pastels and quickly dashed away here and there until I had a bird. Enjoy.

Day 291. Continuous Line Bird

17 Oct

This was a fun exercise. The idea was to put my pen down to start a line and then draw with a single, continuous line – without ever lifting my pen. If you look close you’ll see my pen started at the bird’s-eye and ended at the top of the leg. Not as easy as it looks. This took me a number of failed attempts of twisted, lifeless illustrations before I landed on today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 271. Aspen Bird

29 Sep


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by a gorgeous Aspen tree. Looking at the dark markings on the bright white bark, it appeared to have a bird’s eye looking back at me. I took out my pastel stick and gave it some legs to stand on. I think it’s much happier now. Enjoy.


Day 266. Journal Bird

24 Sep


With todays’ posting, I am looking at a mere 100 days left in my new years resolution to create a Bird-A-Day for the entire year. With such an important landmark day, I wanted to use my pocket journal for today’s art canvas. My favorite UniBall pen and a touch of watercolor paints, were used to create Bird 266. Enjoy.

Day 260. Blade Bird

18 Sep

Yesterday’s bird was small. But today, I have gone super small. This could be the smallest Bird-A-Day art ever. This little blue bird was sculpted out of a drop of paint, using the well-worn cutting knife it’s perched on. I saw this random drop of dried acrylic paint near the table saw and was inspired to find the bird in it. Enjoy.

Day 239. Sketch Board Bird

28 Aug


A large, well-used, artist sketch board, inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. You might guess where I found this goody, based on the last couple days. I just loved the years of remnant sketches and paintings on this Masonite board, forming an abstract environment for today’s bird. Enjoy.

Day 236. Kitchen Counter Bird

25 Aug


Still celebrating our beautiful new kitchen counter top, I thought it would make a perfect setting for a fly over. After the installation, it was obvious to me that this new counter will become a favorite backdrop. And so today’s Bird-A-Day art, created from playing with watercolors, enjoys a smooth glide across this glistening new surface. Enjoy.

Day 239. Candy Bird

24 Aug


This could have been called Sweetie Bird, or afternoon Sugar Shot Bird. Today’s Bird-A-Day art inspiration came yesterday afternoon at work. I work with incredibly generous, thoughtful co-workers. They are always sharing. One developer named John, regularly buys boxes of donuts on Friday mornings for everyone. Well, yesterday Naomi, who sits across from me, asked if I would like one of these soft, yummy candies. I said yes of course. And then asked for two more, minutes later. The third one, however, was so good, I had to share. Enjoy.

Day 236. Wood Knot Bird

21 Aug



Finding birds hidden within patterns and objects has become a personal past-time of mine this year. This piece of lumber was sitting in our garage, until I decided to make a really big knot on the side, into today’s Bird-A-Day art. With my handy wood stain marker, it didn’t take much at all to set this little guy free. Is it just me, or does he appear to be floating around in a wood pond. Enjoy.


Day 227. Back Splash Bird

12 Aug


Today is the day we are putting in our new kitchen back splash. After the demo of a couple weeks ago, the installation is finally underway. We have decided to take the DIY approach on this back splash. You might expect to see a grout bird soon. Enjoy.

Day 29. Music Recital Bird

29 Jan


Last night at TCU, my wife and I enjoyed a piano recital featuring the music of Franz Liszt. And while I was captivated by pianist, Balazs Reti, I couldn’t help but see musical birds in my mind. Imagine that? Feeling inspired by the piano performance I got up this morning and went for my block printing tools. Cut out a musical note and printed today’s Bird on a sheet of drawing paper. And so today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by Liszt and the gifted performer from the Liszt Academy of Budapest. Bravo!

6. Paper Clip Bird

6 Jan


Today is Friday, end of the work week for many and end of our first week of our bird-a-day art project. So the hardest working office tool inspires today’s art bird. This little guy doesn’t get nearly the credit it deserves. Which makes we wonder – where do paper clips go when they retire? Tell me what you think. About any of this.

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