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Leaf Mulching Bird

5 Jan


A beautiful January day here in Texas. Too lovely to pass up on doing a little work outdoors so I attached the last batch of leaves on the front yard. This time, instead of bagging the piles of leaves, I just mulched them with my lawn mower. While sweeping up some of the leaf mulching that blew on the driveway, I was inspired to create this hungry guy. It only took a few minutes to sweep him into shape. You might say I was really humming. Enjoy.

New Years Eve. Wine Cork Bird

31 Dec


At long last, I sit here on New Years eve, looking back over a year of art work. One year ago I made the biggest New Years resolution – of my life. A resolution to create a piece of art, each day for one year. Something many other artists have done before me, and who inspired me to make this ambition commitment to myself. As a result, this has been one of the most rewarding years of my life. Now what?

My next goal is to keep making art, but focus more of my energy on publishing several books for children that I have already written. An equally challenging and ambitious goal. Wish me luck.

I will be creating new art, but without the one day, time constraints. And I will be creating art beyond the singular theme of birds, but still creating much more bird art. So keep an eye on your email inbox for my latest works.

I also plan to sell many of my Bird-A-Day artworks. So if you have wanted to own one of them, stay posted.

Also, look for a coffee table book, of all the art from my 365 day art blog project. Most likely it will be a Blurb book, so look for news about my Bird-A-Day art book very soon.

And with today’s Wine Cork Bird, I want to wish every one my new friends, and all my family who have supported me and followed me through out this crazy year, a happy New Year!

If you have enjoyed my art blog this year, do me a favor and tell a friend.

Day 360. Snow Bird

25 Dec



Yes, Virginia, even Texas can have a white Christmas. This morning at the breakfast table, I said – I wish it would snow so that I could have a snow bird for my blog. And then just like magic, the temperature outside dropped dramatically, and the light rain showers turned to snow. Not a heavy east coast kind of snow. More of a light flurries, Texas kind of snow. Watching the snow fall in our back yard, I noticed the lid to our grill was one of the few spots the snow paint was sticking. And just as magically, the snow sprinkled a snow bird for today’s Bird-A-Day art. Merry Christmas.

A few hours later, the snow flurries continued and finally started sticking to the ground. So am adding a second snow bird gift. Happy holidays.

Day 359. Sparkling Garland Bird

24 Dec


Today is Christmas Eve. And just 7 days left in my Bird-A-Day art project. It is our family tradition to open one gift on Christmas eve and then open all the remaining gifts on Christmas day. And even though my childhood days are far behind me, Christmas eve has a magical way of bringing out my inner child. And my inner child wants to get its’ hands on some sparkling gifts. Enjoy.

Day 358. Cherry Chocolates Bird

23 Dec


Queen Anne, Cordial Cheeries, milk chocolates have been a part of my Christmas since before the time of Aluminum Christmas trees with color wheels. And that’s a long time. My mother would always top off an evening of gift giving for all us kids, with a box of these decadent, mounds of pounds for each and every one of us. We felt like kings and queens. I grew up thinking all Kings had upset stomachs from eating their cheery chocolates too fast. My sister, Jane has for many years now, kept this mouth-watering tradition alive. And last night after our Dickerson family Christmas, Jane made certain that Allie and I didn’t leave the party without our little red boxes. Thank you Jane for being so faithful to this family tradition. While we might pretend it’s not something grown-ups care for anymore – truth is, one bite of those cherry chocolates takes us right back to the best childhood memories any child or adult could wish for. Merry Christmas.

Day 356. Pine Cone Bird

21 Dec


On this last weekend before Christmas, some decorations around the house, inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. I am always thinking birds, when I come across unique objects. And these sparkly, metallic painted pine cones made a festive bird. Happy shopping.


Day 351. Tree Trimmings Bird

16 Dec


We bought a real Christmas tree this year. Now, less than two weeks since coming home with us, it’s as brittle as a cactus. Yes, our beautiful tree is dried out, even with plenty of water and my soothing, bedtime stories. Yesterday, my sweetie did some tree trimming to spruce up the pine. As I carried the trimmings out, a branch fell on the ground. This single branch, had a most distinctive shape. That bird-head twig inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Cheers.

Day 350. Holiday Berry Bird

15 Dec


For me, it feels like the Holiday spirit is building momentum, as we get another day closer to Christmas. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by some decorative berries that we had taken out of storage. These colorful jewels of the season will be making their way on top of the fire place. Enjoy.


Day 335. Taco Bird

30 Nov

This is one spicy bird. Last night I was craving Mexican food. Tacos in particular, and decided to make a little home-style tacos with the help of packaged spices from Old El Paso. It certainly wasn’t an Uncle Julio’s experience, but today’s Bird-A-Day art hit the spot. Enjoy.

Day 333. Litter Bird

28 Nov

Day 333. A perfect day for controversy. My jog along a major street here in Fort Worth, inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Along my jog I couldn’t help but notice – butts scattered along the street for nearly a mile. How these butts ended up, lining the street sidewalks is a big mystery. Now I’ve given this some thought. Maybe, its wild foxes. Stay with me. Fact is, I have seen several wild foxes, crossing this road after dark. Foxes are smart, which means they would know the chicken had crossed the road. And perhaps, they wanted to have a smoked chicken. It’s a mystery alright.

Day 311. Red Leaf Bird

6 Nov

Today’s Bird-A-Day art represents a fond memory of mine. I remember so clearly, sitting across the kitchen table from my mom at her house in Sun Valley, Arizona. Even in her mid-seventies, she was excited as a kid, staring out the large bay window, to catch a glimpse of her backyard guests. In the heat of the Arizona sun, we watched as dozens of baby Quail shuffled across her gravel yard, from one shady spot to another. Appearing suddenly out of the blue, like a flash mob. Performing for a free meal and disappearing just as quickly into the shady line of Oleanders.

Day 307. Blown Leaves Bird

2 Nov

Last night after getting home, I was walking to our garage when I looked down and found a surprise. The wind had blown leaves into one corner of our driveway. There at my feet, nestled in the corner was a familiar shape. I could not have planned it any better. I guess this means the season for leaf raking has officially begun. Enjoy.

Day 305. Halloween Bird

31 Oct

Let the trick or treating begin! One of the first traditions my sweetie and I made together as a couple, was handing out candy to kids on Halloween. Every year, we sit on our front porch and greet throngs of kids, dressed in the most adorable and creative costumes. I remember one very young super hero, with padded muscles around his chest and arms. I told him he looked really strong. He turned around, looked sadly at me and said, “there not my muscles. It’s just a costume”. Kids. They are so wonderful. Enjoy.

Day 304. Spider Bird

30 Oct

Another scary day closer to Halloween on this eve of trick or treating. And what can be more eerie than spiders. One should never trust anyone who says they are not scared of spiders. Those little crawlers give me the creeps. Luckily for me, I was able to trick all these spiders into creating today’s Bird-A-Day art without getting bit. Hmm, strange, there’s something moving in … in my hair….. Oh nooo…

Day 294. Monopoly House Bird

20 Oct

You could say I was playing around – with today’s Bird-A-Day art. My inspiration came from one of my favorite games, Monopoly. On second thought, it’s not really one of my favorites, since I have yet to win a single game of Monopoly – ever! And that’s a long time. But like a glass-half fool optimist, I just keep thinking – this time. This time I will win. Not. Why do I suddenly feel like Charlie Brown. Enjoy.

Day 283. Flea Market Bird

9 Oct

Last week on our vacation, we visited an interesting arts flea market. My sweetie found some beautiful stones she used to make a one of a kind necklace. And just before leaving the market, I came across this bright assortment of colorful small stones that inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 281. Domino Bird

7 Oct

Here is a game that has gone the way of the Dodo bird. As a kid, I remember my parents playing the game of dominoes. They tried to teach me once but it never stuck. Gaming in general, has never been one of my favorite past times. Today there is an APP – for playing dominoes. What’s that all about? If my dad was still alive today, I could imagine him staring at the phone – shaking his head. Enjoy.

Day 274. Tumbleweed Bird

2 Oct

When I was just a kid, grandma Edna, would often refer to me as a tumbleweed. Almost like a nickname. Mostly because I would roll through the kitchen leaving a mess behind. I’ve never heard anyone else use the word tumbleweed since childhood. So when I saw this broken off remnant from a tumbleweed, rolling across the highway it felt nostalgic. Right after I took this photo, a gust of wind came and it flew away. Enjoy.

Day 273. White Rock Bird

1 Oct

On a scenic drive into the mountains yesterday, we came upon a spot called White Rock. While strolling along the top of these white rocks my sweetie spotted this little guy running out from under a boulder. Enjoy.

Day 257. Pencil Sharpener Bird

15 Sep

Friday, I was actually doodling at work for a job. Imagine how fun that is for me. I love doodling. After a while I needed to sharpen my pencil and not having a pencil sharpener at my desk, I went on a search for one. Then finding a glorious, electric-powered pencil sharpener at the front desk, today’s Bird-A-Day art was born. One peek into the sharpener’s tray – filled with shavings and it was obvious this was one popular office tool. Enjoy.

Day 254. Screws Bird

12 Sep

Such an easy joke is waiting for this one. But I am going to be strong and leave it alone. Today I just wanted to react to whatever I found. And what I found was a jar of screws and a plastic lid sitting loose in the art studio. Nobody was injured during the making of today’s Bird-A-Day art. Which is rare for me. Enjoy.

Day 245. Table Saw Bird

3 Sep


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by a table saw. This hard-working saw has left a lot of saw dust in its’ wake. Proof that it has been busy getting things done. How cool would it be if we all had as much evidence of our hard work. Well since today happens to be Labor day, I dedicate today’s bird art to every one working hard, with or without any evidence of it. Enjoy your day off. You earned it.


Day 225. Vacation Memory Bird

10 Aug


Today, I had a flashback to one of the best vacations ever. Back in the spring of this year, my sweetie and I traveled to California to visit her brother Michael and his wife, Deb. We had the time of our lives and fell in love with the California beaches. While clicking through some of our vacation photos, I came across this big bird that was created on the beach during that vacation. I remember the bird art became a group affair as the day went along. Michael and Deb were finding bird inspiration around every turn. It was all that I could do to keep up taking photographs. Like the ocean waves, all the memories of that amazing vacation came rushing back when I saw today’s Bird-A-Day art. Now all I can think about is how soon until the next trip back.

Day 224. Collage Bird

9 Aug



This idea started out with me collecting random things from around the house. All that I knew was it would be fun cutting up things to make a collage bird. There was really no planning, just following my impulse and intuition. The beak of this hummingbird is a postcard of Amalfi, Italy. One of the highlights of our trip to Italy several years ago. A photo of a European brick road forms the lower part of the body, while a fan of Pantone swatches creates the tail feathers. Eventually I hit upon just the right balance of items from my personal life to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.


Day 223. Hole Punch Bird

8 Aug



Yesterday, I came across this really cool office tool at the front desk. As I am staring at all these wonderful little paper dots from this paper hole-puncher with “horsepower,” it becomes obvious to me there is a bird here. So while our office manager Liz is taking calls and our intern Chelsey is looking on with a “what’s going on here” look on her face. I made today’s Bird-A-Day art. And then promptly cleaned up my mess. After all, Liz runs a tight ship. Enjoy.


Day 218. Packing Paper Bird

3 Aug



Yesterday, I was at a photoshoot for a cabinet making company. The truck load of cabinets for the shoot, left large boxes and crates scattered across the large warehouse studio. In between setups for different product shots I walked past this particular empty box and noticed the torn packing paper. So thanks to photographer Margot Landen and her assistant Rob for adding a little something extra in the photoshoot. Enjoy.


Day 215. Street Curb Bird

31 Jul


While out walking our dog Maddie, I stumbled upon this freshly wind-swept pile of Crepe Myrtle blooms. I do love these found birds. It was ironic that the bird of blossoms was resting on this red street line. Enjoy.

Day 213. Domolition Bird

29 Jul


Today I had revenge on our dangerous kitchen counter top. After we talked with a local handy man about the project, it became obvious to me that this was a DIY project. So I visited my Home Depot and found this awesome DESTRUCTO-TOOL like nothing I had ever seen before. Part sledge-hammer, part crowbar and part get-it-done now! You can see this incredible tool as part of today’s Bird-a-Day art. With my new Stanley tool buddy, I tore into our kitchen demo project and had the entire demolition completed right under three hours. Setting a new Olympic record in kitchen demolition. And today’s Bird represents a savings of $700 dollars. We love DIY. Enjoy.

Day 212. Counter Demo Bird

28 Jul

It’s time to put on the DEMO hat. We want to change out the counter top in our kitchen with something more modern. So my sweetheart grabbed a hammer and a screwdriver and attacked the corner of the counter top to “test” how difficult this project might be. I got home just in time to drive her to an emergency medical center for a few stitches in her non-drawing hand. Now we’re trying to find a handy man. Meanwhile, I thought marking the start of the project with a bird was a good idea. Enjoy.

Day 203. Weed Bird

19 Jul


It’s ironic how in Texas, the heat and dry weather will kill off the grass, shrubs and plants, with zero effect on anything you did not plant or spend hours nurturing. After spending good money on healthy plants, the volunteer weeds just keep on laughing at the Texas heat. So today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by weeds. Enjoy.

Day 199. Bad Ideas Bird

15 Jul


The Napkin Bird from yesterday is an example of an idea that worked out just fine. But there are a lot more ideas of mine, that end up being tossed away. For whatever reason, I just don’t love them enough to turn the ideas into art. As a matter of fact, when I went through my old sketch pads, I found enough bad ideas to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. Why do I have a sudden urge to drink a glass of fresh lemonade. Enjoy.

Day 194. Pastel Post Bird

10 Jul


It was time to get out my sketch book again. This time I had discovered this exotic bird unlike anything I had seen before. It was such a unique species that it inspired me to get out my sketch book and colored pencils. After I was finished drawing today’s Bird-A-Day art, it felt like it needed something. That’s when I had the idea to add the pastel post for it to sit on. Enjoy.

Day 193. Sushi Bird

9 Jul

My sweetheart is coming home today, after visiting family in Maryland the past week. It feels like she’s been gone a year. I can’t wait to pick her up at the airport today. When she get’s home, I have one of her favorite meals waiting. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by my sweetie. Who is sweet on sushi. Enjoy.

Day 190. Lays Chips Bird

6 Jul



I recently starting buying the family pack of small individual bags of chips as part of my daily lunch. It had been many years since I had chips with lunch. And that just made eating a bag of Lays original chips all the more special. Special enough to inspire today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 187. Well-Read Bird

3 Jul


Yesterday’s Novel Bird, got me thinking about all the books in our home library. Most of them, read by my sweetheart. She is an avid reader. I am more of the non-fiction reader. My books usually cover two subjects, graphic design or investing in the stock market. The exception being a great mystery novel, like the “Pelican” Brief. And so our hallway library inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Which in today’s e-book world, places this fella clearly on the endangered species list.

Day 181. Baseball Game Bird

27 Jun


Rangers Win!!! Last night, my brother Gary and I took our older brother Phil, to a Texas Rangers baseball game, to celebrate his  birthday. We had a grand time. We ate all sorts of “healthy foods,” cheered our team and booed bad calls by the umpire. They didn’t call every strike for our pitchers. The nerve. And then with the last out in the ninth inning, we ran for our cars to escape the path of 39,500 fans on a Tuesday night. Today’s Bird-A-Day art came along by way of me devouring a bag of peanuts in section 31. Enjoy.

Day 177. Chain Link Bird

23 Jun


Digging through my garage on a mission to find paint roller and brushes, I came across this bright-colored chain I had bought a while back. I can’t remember what odd job inspired me to buy it. But, its bright color inspired me to create today’s Bird-A-Day art with it. Enjoy.

Day 176. Loose Change Bird

22 Jun


I have a habit of dumping my pocket change each night. After a while – enough loose change builds up to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks. But today, after pouring my change out, I was inspired to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 171. Tree Bark Bird

17 Jun


Two giant Crepe Myrtle trees along our driveway are in the process of shedding their bark. While admiring their new blooms, I couldn’t help but also notice the interesting strips of bark that had fallen on the ground. A few strips in particular which inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 170. Qtips Bird

16 Jun


Today’s inspiration came in the bathroom medicine cabinet. After grabbing a couple of Qtips, the thought hit me. I like the feather like – soft, linear quality of the Qtip as an art medium. And after creating today’s Bird-A-Day art, I can hear better. Enjoy.

Day 168. Peanut Butter and Jelly Bird

14 Jun


Now this has to be the absolute all American bird art. What kid, including myself didn’t grow up on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I just saw a coworker yesterday, making one for her lunch. No, I didn’t take her sandwich, but I did get inspired to make myself one. Today’s Bird-A-Day art celebrates the little kid in all of us. Enjoy.

Day 167. Tree Trash Bird

13 Jun


Last week I cleared off a lot of broken tree branches from the roof of our home. Today, I was inspired to get creative with the large pile of tree branches, waiting for the monthly brush pickup. There was just something about the way the dried-up leaves and branches looked, that reminded me of feathers. It could just be – birds on the brain again. Either way, today’s Bird-A-Day art made me smile. Enjoy.

Day 165. Crayon Drip Bird

11 Jun


Coloring outside the lines doesn’t even begin to describe – melted crayons. Created with my hair dryer, switched to hot, today’s Bird-A-Day art is my excuse to make a mess. After coming across a melted crayon painting by a fellow blogger, I was inspired to put some of my boxes of crayons under the blow dryer. It was as much fun as I thought it would be. Enjoy.

Day 164. Goldfish Bird

10 Jun


This was a case of “attach of the munchies!” While snacking away on some tasty Goldfish crackers today, I had this idea. What kind of bird would also like to snack on some fish. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is salty with all natural ingredients, right from the laboratory oven. Enjoy.

Day 162. Storms Bird

8 Jun


Storms have blown through the past couple days and left some inspiration. The winds left their mark. One of our trees in the backyard was shaken pretty hard and what blew down, helped create today’s Bird-A-Day art. Right time, right place and just a little wet. Enjoy.

Day 159. Hallway Wall Bird

5 Jun


Somewhere, let’s just say in Fort Worth, some one left a lot of push pins in a long hallway. How those push pins ended up as today’s Bird-A-Day art is a real mystery. That’s my story and I’m sticking…(doh) – to it. Enjoy.

Day 158. Seed Bird

4 Jun


This weekend, while working in the backyard, I noticed that one of our small ornamental trees has suddenly become flush with seeds. Dozens if not hundreds of these curvy, green, bean-like seeds are dangling off its’ delicate, thin branches. For such a small tree, it’s an unusual sight. And so this big crop of seeds inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Something a bit whimsical to chew on. Enjoy.

Day 157. Rooftop Bird

3 Jun


We have a gigantic pecan tree that towers over our house. After several recent storms, it was time to climb on top of the house and remove fallen tree branches and leafs. After spending time clearing away a lot of fallen debris, I was inspired to create today’s Bird-A-Day art with a few last twigs and branches. Today’s Bird Art has reached new heights. Enjoy.

Day 154. Potato Bird

31 May


I am always ready to dice and slice for food. So today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by one of my favorite dinner entrees, starters and side dishes. Sometimes, when I’m lucky, I get to enjoy all three at the same time. Bring on the starches. Enjoy.

Day 150. Wedding Cake Bird

27 May


Congratulations to my niece Meghan and my her new husband Joey Smith. What an  incredible wedding it was. Their family and friends from all over the country and beyond came together to celebrate these two amazing people. The wedding cake was so tasty, that it inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Cheers to our new expanded family.

Day 146. Tree Dandruff Bird

23 May


We have a large tree next to our driveway that is suffering from a bad case of dandruff. Our car windshields and driveway are dusted in this strange yellow stuff. And so today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by mother natures’ dry branch disorder. Enjoy.

Day 145. Dirty Socks Bird

22 May


Yes, I am dragging out my dirty laundry. Doh! Or should I say, Dodo! While preparing to wash my whites, I was carrying my socks to the washing machine and when I laid down the towel filled with my dirty socks, this Dodo bird, walked right out. Like the Dodo bird, this fella is now extinct. Meaning clean and white again. You can stop holding your nose now.

Day 142. Bathroom Tile Bird

19 May


Another great find in the garage. These are surplus bathroom tile stones from our home addition project several years ago. These little river stones now line the walls of the master shower and the surplus, kept for any repair work, has become today’s Bird-A-Day Art. Hope to see some of you at today’s Fort Worth Arts Goggle. Enjoy.

Day 139. Mulch Woodpecker Bird

16 May


Our backyard needed more mulch, so we decided to add a splash of color and go with the red mulch. We’re artists we can do such things. It’s almost expected. Afterwards, we’re not so sure about it. Especially, since our lab Maddie decided she really likes the new red mulch. Now why do dogs think they can eat anything? Who knew that red mulch looked like Purina or that it would end up as performance art on our studio floor. Thanks Maddie. But, hey at least the new mulch was perfect for creating today’s Bird-A-Day art.

Day 138. Office Wall Bird

15 May


While walking through the halls of a certain large building in Fort Worth, which will remain nameless. I happened to see a string with clips hanging on it, outside a person’s office door. Apparently, they were subconsciously wanting some bird art. And being a generous artist, I took them up on their invitation to create Today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 132. Kisses Bird

10 May


Something sweet for my sweetheart! Today is my sweetheart’s birthday. Happy Birthday baby! Tonight, we have reservations at her very favorite restaurant in the whole, wide, world! She already knows. No big secret. I had to tell her, because at first she didn’t want to go out for dinner on her birthday. We eat out to much as it is. And this is true. But, a tiny slice of France, right here in Texas, was just too tempting to pass up. In the meanwhile, today’s Bird-A-Day art is a small token of my love for the most wonderful woman in my world. xxxxxxooooo

Day 130. Attic Bird

8 May


While storing some over-flow art in the attic, this guy flew past me. He clearly wanted to join the blog. There was no other explanation for this sort of attic activity. I just seem to attract the oddest collection of birds these days. Enjoy.

Day 126. Marbles Bird

4 May


Back to playing games. Here is one of my favorite games from childhood. Marbles. I loved getting my knees dirty and mixing it up with the other guys on the school yard. Back in grade school, I can remember thinking how beautiful marbles looked. And today, I still find them to be one of the most beautiful games in the world. Enjoy.

Day 124. Monopoly Bird

2 May


You never want to roll cat eyes when playing Monopoly. But ironically, cat eyes make for a perfect bird eye. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was created from Monopoly game parts. Creating this bird reminded me of when I played this game as a boy. I had pretty good luck winning the small green houses, but not so much with the large red hotels. And I remember having a favorite game piece. I loved the metal car, like the one forming the leg on today’s Bird Art. But then of course, having two older brothers, that car was at the center of more than a few fights – before we ever rolled the first dice. Enjoy.

Day 123. Scrabble Bird

1 May

Game on. I had this idea of making art birds from some of my favorite games, including board games. I will have to admit, I cheated on today’s Bird-A-Day art. I had never even heard of a Tui or Ashy bird. But, hey, what’s an iPhone with Siri for if you can’t use it? I discovered hundreds and hundreds of bird names, but very few that begin with the letter N. So if you ever want to win at bird scrabble, just put the letter N down. Enjoy.

Day 121. Crayons Bird

29 Apr


It’s a good day to get out the crayons. And I have boxes and boxes of them. There are so many crayon colors these days it’s almost hard to decide where to start. As a matter of fact, I decided not to color at all. The rainbow of crayon sticks inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Does this qualify for coloring outside the lines? Enjoy.

Day 120. Lava Rock Bird

28 Apr


While sitting in my backyard, I noticed the tree shadows falling across the large flagstone blocks, which inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. I used some of the lava rocks that outline the flagstone on my back patio to create this moment of a rock bird sitting on a shadow branch. Enjoy.

Day 117. Hanger Bird

25 Apr


If you hang around long enough, it’s possible to find a bird in everything. And everywhere. Like the closet. Where I found inspiration for today’s Bird-A-Day art. The irony here is that today’s art, made of hangers, can never be hung. And yes, this bird is back in my closet now. Does that make my closet an art gallery or a bird-cage? Enjoy.

Day 116. Paint Lid Bird

24 Apr


On this past Saturday, I created the Paint Tube Bird. So you if you saw that bird, you might have guessed this guy would happen. My wife suggested the idea to me. Her old paint tubes had blown their tops and in the process, have given me two – fun, creative birds. Enjoy.

Day 114. Bird Bath Bird

22 Apr


It’s another lovely weekend here in Texas. All the plants are green, flowers are blooming, butterflies are fluttering. That sounds like something butterflies do. Flutter! I’m Just enjoying the backyard and about to refill the bird bath, when I look down at the decorative stones in the bowl…..and think to myself. What a perfect place for today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 113. Paint Tube Bird

21 Apr


After sleeping in on a beautiful Saturday morning, I was stumbling around my wife’s art studio when inspiration hit. There on top of her artist table of brushes, palettes, and mixing knives were these old, twisted tubes that had sadly, blown their tops. Something about the dried paint and the twisted tubes looked oddly beautiful to me in the morning light. Enjoy.

Day 112. Shrimp Bird

20 Apr


I am always hungry. And always playing with my food. What’s up with that? Today’s Bird-A-Day art is fresh – from the frozen food section. Just a little guy but tasty. Bon Appetit.

Day 108. Peeling Bird

16 Apr


I could have titled this little guy Stew Bird. Sunday afternoon, my wife offered to make beef stew. I thought her idea was brilliant. My humble contribution was to peel potatoes. While peeling, I was inspired to play around on the cutting board and create today’s Bird-A-Day art. And yes, the stew was yummy!!!!

Day 106. Sweet-N Low Bird

14 Apr


I like ice tea. Unsweetened. But with two packets of Sweet-N Low. Last night, my wife and I were visiting a friend in Dallas and afterwards stopped off at the Belmont’s Smoke House for some dessert. Dessert was my brilliant idea. While sampling some of their finest plates of pure calories, I decided to make the moment more memorable with a little bird art. Cheers.

Day 103. Garage Peg Board Bird

11 Apr


Today’s Bird-A-Day art might need a bit more visualization effort than usual. While moving tools in my garage, these “peg hooks” caught my eye. At some point, I realized that there was a bird wanting to be found. And so with the head strong determination of a handyman I kept shuffling these peg hooks around, until I found it. Can you? Enjoy.

Day 101. Fridge Magnet Bird

9 Apr

This weekend, my wife and I visited the Amon Carter Museum to see a rare exhibition of Singer Sargent paintings. He is one of our favorite artist. Afterwards, we visited the museum store where I found a wonderful tin can of magnets. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by our museum visit. I used these colorful, magnet shapes to create a cool bird on my refrigerator.  Enjoy

Day 100. Easter Egg Bird

8 Apr


Wow. The first 100 birds have flown by. A mere 265 days left in my “News Year’s Resolution” to create a new work of art every day in 2012. Besides day 100, today is Easter Sunday. Growing up, this was a big day for Easter egg hunts in the yard. And always the perfect excuse to talk mom and dad into buying me some new Sunday clothes. I recall one Easter Sunday, when my new, brightly colored, orange and red PLAID suit, made me look more like the hunted than the hunter. Enjoy.

Day 94. Neck Tie Bird

2 Apr


A rare bird on the endangered species list. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by the idea of never wearing a neck tie again. This out-dated notion of business attire may in the not to distant future, disappear from the landscape of client presentations. Vanishing from our memory, right along side, white-out for the “type-writer.” While I have a nice collection of these rare species, I would willingly let them fly away into the great unknown.

Day 92. Banana Bird

31 Mar


Last night at the movies, my wife and I watched The Hunger Games. Each week, we take turns picking movies and last night was her turn to pick. No, I did not have the Hunger Games on my wish list. I was hoping for Battle of the Titans which ironically she did not pick. And I went expecting to NOT like it. For me, it was over-hyped and the characters didn’t appeal to me. But – at the end, when the win…..(I won’t say what happens)…. and my wife looked at me and asked, what did you think? I grinned a bit, and had to admit, it was pretty good. And – I MIGHT, POSSIBLY, COULD, even consider putting the next Hunger series on my future movie wish list. But I’m not going to say. All that I will say is today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by The Hunger Games. Enjoy.

Day 90. Rubber Band Bird

29 Mar


I love rubber bands. Especially colorful rubber bands. I have been known to shoot one or two across the office from time to time. But today I decided to use these hard-working, playful rings to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. And now, let the office games begin. Enjoy.

Day 86. Push Pin Bird

25 Mar


For everyone who has worked hard, we celebrate a tireless office worker. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by the humble push pin. Always ready to hold up anything we need for as long as we tell it. Now why I never thought of buying purple push pins until making today’s Hummingbird art, is beyond me. Enjoy.

Day 85. Sea Weed Bird

24 Mar

Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired on our walk in New Port Beach, California. I came across this little guy, just a broken off piece of sea weed that was ready to fly away. Our few days in California have been one of the most memorable trips ever. A big, big thank you – Michael and Deb for sharing your home and favorites spots with Allie and myself. You are the best! Enjoy.

Day 84. Beach Bird

23 Mar

Today’s Bird-A-Day art was found on a beautiful beach in Crystal Cove, California. My wife and I are in California visiting family and they took us to one of their favorite spots in Newport Beach. We all had fun finding and making birds on the beach. This big bird is my favorite one of the day. Made out of sea weeds washed up on the beach, I used a sea shell for his beak. I called this one a  Fla-weedgo. Enjoy.

Day 83. Marshmallow Bird

22 Mar


More leftovers from my camping adventures. When my wife and I traveled to a national state park we didn’t expect to come home with some much food and snacks. We barely touched this bag of marshmallows. Not sure if these treats have a “shelf-life” after being opened, since they’re not really food. But rather than risk it, I made the executive decision to make today’s Bird-A-Day art.

Day 82. Rain Debris Bird

21 Mar


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was discovered after the heavy rains we just had here in Texas. Almost 3 inches of standing water in the backyard. And all these leaves piled up against the fence. After adding a few other leaves to form tail feathers, I was looking at today’s bird art. Enjoy.

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