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Day 333. Litter Bird

28 Nov

Day 333. A perfect day for controversy. My jog along a major street here in Fort Worth, inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Along my jog I couldn’t help but notice – butts scattered along the street for nearly a mile. How these butts ended up, lining the street sidewalks is a big mystery. Now I’ve given this some thought. Maybe, its wild foxes. Stay with me. Fact is, I have seen several wild foxes, crossing this road after dark. Foxes are smart, which means they would know the chicken had crossed the road. And perhaps, they wanted to have a smoked chicken. It’s a mystery alright.

Day 102. Spilt Milk Bird

10 Apr


Don’t cry. That’s what I’ve always been told. About spilling milk. But then why would I cry about that, it seems silly. So when I was enjoying a hot fresh cookie with cold milk and knocked over my cup, I realized why someone might cry – over spilt milk. You can’t dip cookies in spilt milk. Enjoy.

Day 101. Fridge Magnet Bird

9 Apr

This weekend, my wife and I visited the Amon Carter Museum to see a rare exhibition of Singer Sargent paintings. He is one of our favorite artist. Afterwards, we visited the museum store where I found a wonderful tin can of magnets. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by our museum visit. I used these colorful, magnet shapes to create a cool bird on my refrigerator.  Enjoy

Day 98. Melted Crayon Bird

6 Apr


Crayons are not exactly the first art medium that comes to mind for most contemporary artist. But luckily, I’m not a contemporary artist. I’m just a guy having fun being creative. And my only rule is no rules. After coloring outside the lines for a while, today’s warm weather gave me an idea. So I did something that would have – without a doubt – got me sent home early from school, when I was a kid. I melted my crayons! Oh the humanity. Oh the smell. Oh the fun.

Day 93. Tree Shadow Bird

1 Apr


What an incredibly bright, sunny day here in Texas. So bright it almost made my eyes hurt. And it gave us some very strong shadows. I love shadows. I love exploring the patterns and imaginary shapes within cast shadows, the way some people enjoy reading clouds. And these beautiful shadows inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. I cut out a simple bird shape from a sheet of paper, “duct” taped it to a twig and played shadow games. Enjoy.

Day 81. Chalkboard Murmuration Bird

20 Mar

You might be asking, what’s a “murmuration?” I did. Well think of it as the original flash mob, dance-off, with thousands of birds. I came across a YouTube video on Starlings, and how these birds move in unison like one large organism in the sky. Science is calling these spectacular transforming patterns a murmuration. And today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by the Starling birds amazing aerial acrobatics. They are breath taking to watch. Do a quick YouTube video search if you haven’t already seen a Starling murmuration yourself. After making a chalkboard with my handy, hobby store liquid chalkboard, I slowly chipped away at forming my own murmuration. Enjoy.

Day 80. Concrete Bird

19 Mar


Today’s bird art will never be hung in a Gallery. Because today’s Bird-A-Day art was created by scrubbing hard enough to remove layers of old soil off the concrete wall of a warehouse. It took a lot of something my grandma used to call, “elbow grease” to scrub this bird out of the concrete. I love concrete! I love the way its ages. The unique patterns and tones from exposure to the elements. For me it can be more beautiful than a painting. And so today’s bird art is my way of getting into that “concrete canvas”. If you have a beautiful concrete wall, you want to offer as my next canvas, let me know. Enjoy.

Day 79. Fallen Leaf Bird

18 Mar


Today’s bird is a found bird. Looking down at the ground I saw this little guy and thought he needed to join my blog. My wife who is an incredible painter, thought this would make a great painting. I agree. It has the simple line quality of a Picasso drawing and elegant proportions of a Giacometti sculpture. Ironic that something so small grabbed my attention and made me smile. Enjoy.

Day 78. Saint Patricks Bird

17 Mar


Time to celebrate Ireland. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is a bit of a stretch mind you. Yes I know. It is inspired by one of the icons of Saint Patrick’s day. And so if you are having trouble finding a real shamrock to protect you from getting pinched. I offer you today’s cut paper bird as a last-minute rescue plan. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Day 76, Aluminum Light Wire Bird

16 Mar


Today’s bird art was a happy accident. I was testing out a fun idea of block printing on aluminum instead of paper and just stumbled into today’s Bird-A-Day art. My first surprise was how much I liked the look of printing on a sheet of aluminum. But then when I laid the plate down on the floor in my studio, the lights hit the metal surface and created these beautiful wires of light. I know a gift horse when he walks up and offers me a ride. So I immediately photographed my accidental art to capture my block printed birds, sitting on a wire of light. I only hope that I can keep stumbling into more fun like this. Enjoy.

Day 74. Paint Chip Bird

14 Mar


First, I have to apologize to Home Depot for taking more than my fair share of paint chips. But you have to admit, staring at their vivid wall of paint chips really begs for some bird art. Today’s Bird-A-Day art could have been called the Glidden Paint bird. For obvious reasons. But it was really about the concept of paint chips as art. And for me the peacock seemed the ideal bird for such a beautiful range of hues. I might never paint my walls these colors but I do love this palette. Enjoy.

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