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Rock Sketch Bird

13 Feb


It has been several weeks since I have posted anything. Too long.  And I have been feeling the need to sketch. But not on paper. And not with pen or pencil.

Last night while taking out the trash, I stumbled upon this white rock on our driveway. A decorative rock that apparently ran away from home. Well, it inspired me to try something that I used to do when I was just a kid. Use a rock as chalk. Rock chalk. And now this is when you might expect a sob story about growing up poor. Something like – We were so poor – that when I was growing up, we couldn’t even afford chalk to graffiti the streets like other kids. We were so poor we had to use rocks. That would be a funny story, but not at all true. While we were poorish, my mom always made sure that I had plenty of paper and something to draw with. Drawing was a trick my mother used to keep me quite and out of trouble. I guess that I am lucky there weren’t iPads or video games when I was a growing up.

Leaf Mulching Bird

5 Jan


A beautiful January day here in Texas. Too lovely to pass up on doing a little work outdoors so I attached the last batch of leaves on the front yard. This time, instead of bagging the piles of leaves, I just mulched them with my lawn mower. While sweeping up some of the leaf mulching that blew on the driveway, I was inspired to create this hungry guy. It only took a few minutes to sweep him into shape. You might say I was really humming. Enjoy.

2012 Year in Review Bird Art Video

1 Jan


I have whipped together a new YouTube video that contains a fast-paced review of all my Birds from 2012. Please share this link with your friends. Have some popcorn and enjoy the show.

New Years Eve. Wine Cork Bird

31 Dec


At long last, I sit here on New Years eve, looking back over a year of art work. One year ago I made the biggest New Years resolution – of my life. A resolution to create a piece of art, each day for one year. Something many other artists have done before me, and who inspired me to make this ambition commitment to myself. As a result, this has been one of the most rewarding years of my life. Now what?

My next goal is to keep making art, but focus more of my energy on publishing several books for children that I have already written. An equally challenging and ambitious goal. Wish me luck.

I will be creating new art, but without the one day, time constraints. And I will be creating art beyond the singular theme of birds, but still creating much more bird art. So keep an eye on your email inbox for my latest works.

I also plan to sell many of my Bird-A-Day artworks. So if you have wanted to own one of them, stay posted.

Also, look for a coffee table book, of all the art from my 365 day art blog project. Most likely it will be a Blurb book, so look for news about my Bird-A-Day art book very soon.

And with today’s Wine Cork Bird, I want to wish every one my new friends, and all my family who have supported me and followed me through out this crazy year, a happy New Year!

If you have enjoyed my art blog this year, do me a favor and tell a friend.

Day 364. Wall Shadow Bird

29 Dec


Here at the end of the year, my sweetie and I have started a refresh project of our home. We have been rearranging furniture, simplifying, and changing up things from room to room. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by the shadow being cast by an antique figure on our fireplace mantle. We’re repainting the walls in our living room and so I wanted to indulge this fortuitous moment. This guy only lasted long enough to photograph, but it was fun. Enjoy.


Day 363. Black And White Bird

28 Dec



A fallen leaf inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. The shape of the leaf on the ground inspired me to get out my acrylic paints. But I also wanted to keep it as graphic as possible, so I decided to use only black and white paints. This guy would work well as a pattern on a pillow or comforter. Enjoy.

Day 361. Windshield Bird

26 Dec


The big surprise snow fall on Christmas day, transformed my black Mazda into a giant snowball. The temperature is a mere 23 degrees as I freeze my finger to draw today’s Bird-A-Day art. Like a white swan, the snow has transformed everything around into something beautiful. Something magical. Enjoy.

Day 360. Snow Bird

25 Dec



Yes, Virginia, even Texas can have a white Christmas. This morning at the breakfast table, I said – I wish it would snow so that I could have a snow bird for my blog. And then just like magic, the temperature outside dropped dramatically, and the light rain showers turned to snow. Not a heavy east coast kind of snow. More of a light flurries, Texas kind of snow. Watching the snow fall in our back yard, I noticed the lid to our grill was one of the few spots the snow paint was sticking. And just as magically, the snow sprinkled a snow bird for today’s Bird-A-Day art. Merry Christmas.

A few hours later, the snow flurries continued and finally started sticking to the ground. So am adding a second snow bird gift. Happy holidays.

Day 359. Sparkling Garland Bird

24 Dec


Today is Christmas Eve. And just 7 days left in my Bird-A-Day art project. It is our family tradition to open one gift on Christmas eve and then open all the remaining gifts on Christmas day. And even though my childhood days are far behind me, Christmas eve has a magical way of bringing out my inner child. And my inner child wants to get its’ hands on some sparkling gifts. Enjoy.

Day 358. Cherry Chocolates Bird

23 Dec


Queen Anne, Cordial Cheeries, milk chocolates have been a part of my Christmas since before the time of Aluminum Christmas trees with color wheels. And that’s a long time. My mother would always top off an evening of gift giving for all us kids, with a box of these decadent, mounds of pounds for each and every one of us. We felt like kings and queens. I grew up thinking all Kings had upset stomachs from eating their cheery chocolates too fast. My sister, Jane has for many years now, kept this mouth-watering tradition alive. And last night after our Dickerson family Christmas, Jane made certain that Allie and I didn’t leave the party without our little red boxes. Thank you Jane for being so faithful to this family tradition. While we might pretend it’s not something grown-ups care for anymore – truth is, one bite of those cherry chocolates takes us right back to the best childhood memories any child or adult could wish for. Merry Christmas.

Day 357. Painted Wrapping Bird

22 Dec


It was inevitable. Sooner or later I had to use Christmas wrapping paper for my canvas. I think it would work better after being mounted on another surface. But, that’s why I like to experiment on this blog. I learn new things every day. Next year, I might just put some of the things I’ve learned into practice. Happy holidays.

10 days and counting!

Day 356. Pine Cone Bird

21 Dec


On this last weekend before Christmas, some decorations around the house, inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. I am always thinking birds, when I come across unique objects. And these sparkly, metallic painted pine cones made a festive bird. Happy shopping.


Day 353. Down Under Bird

18 Dec


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by a friend at work who lived a while in Australia. Laura had asked if I had ever done a Kiwi bird. Sadly, the Kiwi had never crossed my mind, until she brought it up. But it didn’t take any time at all for me to warm up to the idea of the bird from down under. I like how the shape of the Kiwi, mirrors the shape of this chopped piece of  wood. Enjoy.

Make A Bird Wish

16 Dec

Do you have a favorite bird you wish would become a Bird-A-Day art.

In the spirit of the Holidays, I want to do something extra special for following my art blog this year. If you have followed my blog this year and always wished to see a favorite bird, or a special, unique material, just let me know. I will work to make as many Bird-A-Day art wishes come true in these last 15 days of the year.

Thank you all for following my art blog this year and let the bird wishes begin.

Merry Christmas
M. K. Dickerson

Day 348. Cabinet Paint Bird

13 Dec


The paint drips, runs and accidents on the back of a cabinet in my sweetie’s studio, inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. With it’s back to the wall, this bird will never be seen by anyone. It will be our secret. Don’t tell anyone. Enjoy.

Day 347. Holiday Card Bird

12 Dec


We decided to create our own, one-of-a-kind, Christmas card, instead of buying one this year. And I had a perfect idea – just waiting to happen. Imagine that. So with my linocut tools and some metallic silver printing ink, I got into the spirit of things to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. Peace, Love and Art.


Day 346. Oil Bird

11 Dec


Yesterday, after driving all over East Texas and then back to Fort Worth, I found a drop of oil on the driveway. And it inspired me to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. This could have been called 10w-40 Bird. Or Synthetic Bird. But here in Texas, it makes sense to just call it the Oil Bird. Enjoy.

Day 345. Rusting Scratch Bird

10 Dec


This square sheet of steel has sat outside in my yard for several months. I wanted to let mother nature create the foundation for my bird painting. It was a nice surprise to find rusty leaf shapes on my metal canvas. This time, I wanted to experiment with scratching into the metal to form my bird. After painting my burnished bird shape I found the solid white was too sterile.  So I decided to scratch into my painted bird with different materials. It was a real treat collaborating with nature on this one. Enjoy.

Day 343. Trash Paper Bird

8 Dec


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by a floor vent in the corner of my sweetie’s art studio. I wanted to create a one-frame movie. A dramatic story of artistic angst. A story of a tortured soul and his idea that got away.  Lost in a twist of fate, the loss weighs forever on the heart of this unknown artist. But, it’s really just a piece of trash in the corner which I think is kind of funny.

Day 340. Pastel Board Bird

5 Dec


While in the garage, I came across a 2 foot square illustration board from a project gone bad, last year. I flipped the board over and these horizontal lines inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. For me those two mysterious, stained bands made a perfect water line for a long-legged bird. And I always enjoy getting out my pastel pencils and just sketching. Enjoy.

Day 339. Clay Bird

4 Dec


My sweetie inspired this little guy. She has tried her hand at sculpting in clay recently. Watching her have so much fun, made me want to get my hands dirty. I had bought a box of modeling clay earlier in the year, but never touched it until now. It was every bit as fun as I had guessed. Enjoy.

Day 338. Attic Insulation Bird

3 Dec


This weekend, I found myself in our attic, digging around for Christmas lights and ornaments to decorate our tree. While moving things around, I stumbled upon this broken piece of insulation. The look of it sparked my imagination. It reminded me of a shoreline, wishing for a bird to wade around for a quick snack. Enjoy.

Day 337. Sandpaper2 Bird

2 Dec


After sanding away to create a bird yesterday, I decided to take the sandpaper itself as my canvas today. After realizing chalk and pastel will not stay on sandpaper, no matter how hard you draw into it, I decided to use paint. Does that make this a sand painting? Enjoy.

Day 334. Sketch Bird

29 Nov

The inspiration was to sketch a bird with the fewest number of lines and marks. I wanted to create a sense of mass, volume and shape without any shading. Which is a rather sketchy idea, to be honest. Enjoy.

Day 332. Stand Bird

27 Nov

I found a metal stand, that once held up a piece of art. Now it just sits empty, with no higher cause or purpose. So today’s Bird-A-Day art, gave this metal stand another chance to be part of something bigger. Something artistic with a purpose. A higher calling. Today, this metal stand made me smile. Is there any higher calling. Enjoy.

Day 331. Bucket Bird

26 Nov

This is not a bucket list bird. This is not a kick the bucket bird. This guy was inspired by a bucket – turned upside down on the floor. My odd sensibilities, liked the way the bottom of this plastic bucket was colored and scuffed up. Perhaps it has been kicked around some. Or may be just a very hard-working bucket. Either way, I like it. And when I like something, I usually paint or draw a bird on it. Enjoy.

Day 329. Onion Bird

24 Nov

Today’s Bird-A-Day art brought tears to my eyes. After slicing and dicing four cups of onions for an onion soup recipe yesterday, I had one large slice of onion left. Staring at this one slice of onion was like fate. There was no question what needed to be done. Only if it could be. Enjoy.

Day 327. Thanksgiving Bird

22 Nov

Today is Thanksgiving day. As an artist I am thankful to have this blog, so I can paint my hand and draw like a four year old. Again. Thankful that I have had so much fun creating a Bird-A-Day all year-long. Thankful for so much, but especially – my sweetheart and best friend, Allie. Happy Gobble Gobble day. What are you thankful for today?

Day 325. Paint Drops Bird

20 Nov

A paint covered table is merely some bird art – waiting to happen. This table top in my sweetie’s art studio became the perfect bird landing for today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 324. Cardboard Owl Bird

19 Nov

It has been a while since I did an owl. Which is odd, since the owl is one of my favorite birds. And of all the many varieties of the owl family, I  especially like the Cardboard Owl. When they land on a stack of cardboard boxes, they are practically invisible. There’s just no telling how many times one of these rare owls watched as you unpacked after a move. Ask yourself how many times did you spot a cardboard owl? That’s my proof, right there. Enjoy.

Day 323. Pencil Shavings Bird

18 Nov

I’ve been working fast and furious on birds and found myself with a dull pencil. After sharpening my pencil, I was inspired by the shavings to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. As with all of my birds, I learn something new that I can take with me. With today’s bird, I have learned to never assume there is only way to express your creativity with a pencil. “Getting the lead-out,” might mean – not using the lead at all. Enjoy.

Day 322. Gesso Plate Bird

17 Nov

How about a big serving of Gesso. My sweetie just finished preparing a couple new birch panels for her MFA show and she had tossed out the plate she used for the primer. I actually pulled this plate out of the trash bin, because I saw a bird hidden in the Gesso. It just took a little nudge to set it free. Enjoy.

Day 317. Book Spine Bird

12 Nov

Now less than 50 days left in my 2012 new years resolution. With less than two months on the calendar, I am feeling pretty confident about making my personal pledge of creating a Bird-A-Day in 2012. Today’s bird was inspired by a library book my sweetie was reading yesterday. I picked a book from my personal collection as the canvas for today’s Bird-A-Day art. The spine makes a nice landing spot for this cactus bird. Enjoy.

Day 316. Rock Chalk Bird

11 Nov

Sometimes you have to improvise. You never know when inspiration will strike. It might happen when you find yourself with no art materials to express yourself. When I came across this handsome, rugged rock, it inspired me to draw, but I didn’t have any chalk or paints on me. So I went MacGyver and used a soft white rock laying on the ground as my medium to draw today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 312. BEHR Bird

7 Nov

Back by popular demand, (by my sweetie,) I have revisited a favorite small alternative canvas. This BEHR paint chip from Home Depot made for an interesting sketch pad. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was happy to find some strong lines to land on. Enjoy.

Day 311. Red Leaf Bird

6 Nov

Today’s Bird-A-Day art represents a fond memory of mine. I remember so clearly, sitting across the kitchen table from my mom at her house in Sun Valley, Arizona. Even in her mid-seventies, she was excited as a kid, staring out the large bay window, to catch a glimpse of her backyard guests. In the heat of the Arizona sun, we watched as dozens of baby Quail shuffled across her gravel yard, from one shady spot to another. Appearing suddenly out of the blue, like a flash mob. Performing for a free meal and disappearing just as quickly into the shady line of Oleanders.

Day 308. Paper Monoprint Bird

3 Nov

This is a big guy. Most of the time, I work small because it’s faster and I don’t have much time to create something every day. But, already having my plexiglass and tools out from my earlier Metal Monoprint Bird, I wanted to try something large. The thing that I find so fascinating about monoprint, is this unique fingerprint quality. The sense of surprise as I peel back that sheet from the painted plexiglass. For me it’s a celebration of imperfection. And that is something I know a lot about. Enjoy.

Day 307. Blown Leaves Bird

2 Nov

Last night after getting home, I was walking to our garage when I looked down and found a surprise. The wind had blown leaves into one corner of our driveway. There at my feet, nestled in the corner was a familiar shape. I could not have planned it any better. I guess this means the season for leaf raking has officially begun. Enjoy.

Day 306. Metal Monoprint Bird

1 Nov

Today’s Bird-A-Day art is an experiment on just a whim. I love monoprints, and I also love metal. So I wanted to see if I could combine two of my favorite things. Like peanut butter and jelly, this worked better than I had hoped. I took my painted plexiglass and rubbed, pressed and pounded the paint directly onto this large metal plate, creating a one-of-a-kind impression. Fun. Enjoy.


Day 305. Halloween Bird

31 Oct

Let the trick or treating begin! One of the first traditions my sweetie and I made together as a couple, was handing out candy to kids on Halloween. Every year, we sit on our front porch and greet throngs of kids, dressed in the most adorable and creative costumes. I remember one very young super hero, with padded muscles around his chest and arms. I told him he looked really strong. He turned around, looked sadly at me and said, “there not my muscles. It’s just a costume”. Kids. They are so wonderful. Enjoy.

Day 303. Pumpkin Bird

29 Oct

It is Halloween week, a time for many long-held traditions. Great traditions like pumpkin carving and debating whether pumpkins are fruits or vegetables. That time of the year to let your skeletons out of the closet. Leave the cobwebs up in the corners. And start to stock pile miniature sized versions of your favorite candies like they were survival food before the fiscal cliff brings our economy to a screeching, scary halt. Truth be told, it’s one of my favorite holidays. Mostly because it lets me stock up on sweets. For the kids. Enjoy.

Day 301. Pirate Bird

27 Oct

Arrrrrrrrg. We had a fun time last night at our first Halloween Costume Party of the year. Our friend Jennifer Henderson (J.O.) knows how to throw a party. They transformed their offices into a hall of tricks and treats. My sweetie would have turned Captain Jack Sparrow, (hmmm Sparrow) into a fan with her pirates costume. Afterwards, I was inspired to use her Pirate bandanna for today’s Bird-A-Day Arrrrrrrrrrt. Enjoy.

Day 300. Putter Bird

26 Oct

Today marks a milestone for my blog. This is now day 300 of my 365 day art blog project. It feels like I have finally made it onto the green of my personal challenge. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired after a meeting yesterday in the room we call “Under Pressure.” There were two golf putters leaning against the wall, just begging to become the legs of some exotic, rare white board bird. Enjoy.

Day 299. Ajax Clean Bird

25 Oct

I felt rather guilty about yesterday’s Dust Bird, and felt compelled to do some cleaning. So it was quite by accident that when I sprinkled some Ajax Cleaner on this cabinet top to scrub it clean, that I found today’s Bird-A-Day art. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Enjoy.


Day 298. Dust Bird

24 Oct

It’s down right startling how much dust can collect on something over time. The lesson here kids – always keep moving. This piece of furniture is stored in our garage, waiting for our next big garage sale. As the afternoon light came streaming into the garage, I saw the dust and thought, “wow, I need to clean that sofa”. No, actually I didn’t think that at all. And I know that’s wrong. Instead I thought, hey there’s a good spot for today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 296. Inner Tube Bird

22 Oct

Closing in on the big 300 this week. Today is day 296 of my year-long art project. I made a new years resolution in January of 2012 to create a new piece of art every single day this year. A one-of-a-kind personal challenge, every artist should try once. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by an inner tube we had bought as an art prop for my sweetheart. It has been in the art studio for a while now and it just hit me, what if I create birds circling the inner tube. And what would happen if I were to spin that tire? Would it look like my bird was flying? Check out my new video on my YouTube channel to find out.

DOh! Appears it was user error. I have changed the video settings to public.




Day 295. Football Field Bird

21 Oct

After watching some great college football on Saturday, I am looking forward to watching some NFL football today. Our TCU Hornfrogs almost pulled off a miracle win yesterday, but lost in a third overtime. Today’s Bird-A-Day art marks the drama and joy of football season. Amazing how they will sell field spray to anyone. Enjoy.

Day 294. Monopoly House Bird

20 Oct

You could say I was playing around – with today’s Bird-A-Day art. My inspiration came from one of my favorite games, Monopoly. On second thought, it’s not really one of my favorites, since I have yet to win a single game of Monopoly – ever! And that’s a long time. But like a glass-half fool optimist, I just keep thinking – this time. This time I will win. Not. Why do I suddenly feel like Charlie Brown. Enjoy.

Day 293. Pen Looping Bird

19 Oct

As a professional graphic designer, I know that coated papers are not very friendly to write on with a pen. That’s why stationery is always printed on uncoated paper. But what I liked in this exploration was the very effect that I try so hard to avoid – as a graphic designer. This blue paint chip is coated, and so while I was drawing, my pen lines slowly dissolved right before my eyes. Even though I just finished the drawing, the paper gives my Bird-A-Day art a unique aged quality. Fun. Enjoy.

Day 292. Paint Daubs Bird

18 Oct

Last night after work, I visited my sweetie’s MFA studio at TCU. Her latest series, easily the best work she has ever done. Which is saying a lot. Before leaving, I was inspired by the colorful top of one metal cabinet, covered by many years of random paint daubs by art students. A sort of collective performance art piece. Well, I just couldn’t resist. Enjoy.

Day 290. Blue Sky Chip Bird

16 Oct

Glidden has hundreds of paint colors to personalize your nest. Ironically, it turns out they offer a paint color called “Clear Blue Sky”. And we know what really likes clear blue skies. I couldn’t let this chip slip by me. So I – painted the paint chip. Enjoy.

Day 289. River Rocks Bird

15 Oct

This weekend I wanted to get some fresh air and exercise so I went down to the Trinity River. Inspiration for today’s Bird-A-Day art came from seeing some rocks in the shallow areas of the river, near the shoreline. And I certainly got some exercise. It took me a while to move these large white rocks into the river to create today’s waterfowl. If you don’t see it at first, look near the shoreline at the lower part of the photograph. I took this picture at the top of the hill, about 25 yards away. This bird will be perched along the shoreline for a long time. Enjoy.

Day 288. Pecans Bird

14 Oct

Inspiration for today’s Bird-A-Day art came right out of the blue. More specifically, it hit me on top of my head in our backyard. Pecans were raining down on me, thanks to strong winds shaking our Pecan tree like a rag doll. Until today, I had not noticed that our backyard was literally blanketed with pecans. Our dog Maddie had given me little hints but I had failed to notice. The last couple weeks, she had turned into a Nutcracker, leaving pecan shells scattered on the back porch. It’s only now, I realize she has been living it up, walking around in her own All-You-Can-Eat pecan buffet. Enjoy.

Day 287. Egg Bird

13 Oct

Saturday breakfast is served. Today I scrambled two eggs – or should I say, sculptured with scramble eggs. No doubt there is an artist somewhere in the world, this very weekend, preparing for an art show with original egg art, but for me this was new. And more importantly, it was very tasty. Especially with a side of Joe T. Garcia Salsa. Enjoy.

Day 286. Padding Bird

12 Oct

I had some left over carpet padding from an earlier experiment and wanted to try something else. I love the colors and subtle pattern of what is the backing of carpet padding from my local Home Depot. I guess that makes this a DIY Bird-A-Day art. enjoy.

Day 285. Cotton Ball Bird

11 Oct

From hard, cold steel to soft cotton balls. That’s just how I like to roll. On a trip to the medicine cabinet I came across a big bag of cotton balls. It’s amazing how many years a bag of cotton balls can last. Almost as long as a big box of Q-tips. Enjoy.

Day 284. Rust Enamel Bird

10 Oct

Revisiting rusting steel but with a new twist. This time around I just left the steel out in the rain and weather long enough to get a good coating of mother nature. Then, taking very shiny, enamel paint I brushed over the steel allowing only my Bird-A-Day art – to hum. Enjoy.

Day 283. Flea Market Bird

9 Oct

Last week on our vacation, we visited an interesting arts flea market. My sweetie found some beautiful stones she used to make a one of a kind necklace. And just before leaving the market, I came across this bright assortment of colorful small stones that inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 282. Sink Soap Bird

8 Oct

Always cleaning, that’s me. Not. Yesterday, I went with my sweetheart to pick up some new panels from her MFA studio. And while wandering around the classroom, I accidentally got some paint on me. Paint is attracted to me like metal to a magnet. Paint can find my clothes from 100 yards away. It’s a gift really. So while washing my hands in the class room sink I noticed the liquid soap spilled out into a favorite shape. Just having some clean fun. Enjoy.

Day 281. Domino Bird

7 Oct

Here is a game that has gone the way of the Dodo bird. As a kid, I remember my parents playing the game of dominoes. They tried to teach me once but it never stuck. Gaming in general, has never been one of my favorite past times. Today there is an APP – for playing dominoes. What’s that all about? If my dad was still alive today, I could imagine him staring at the phone – shaking his head. Enjoy.

Day 280. Color Theory Bird

6 Oct

Today was an experiment with a color theory. This particular theory says that saturated colors are brighter and more vivid, when next to muted, neutral colors. So I used my watercolors and painted with warm, pure hues next to a dark gray background. The theory works. As today’s Bird-A-Day art is brighter because of the surrounding neutral color background. Enjoy.

Day 279. Word Bird

5 Oct

My first day back from vacation and inspiration strikes at work. Looking across the office, an explosion of magnetic words on this metal cabinet was calling out to me – spell bird! Thanks for indulging me Mr. Zumwalt. Enjoy.

Day 278. Backboard Bird

4 Oct

Using left over things for art is a favorite habit of mine. Today, when I was about to trash a scratch board that was used as an experiment, the backside of it looked appealing to me. Funny, but the backside of the scratch board was a wonderful drawing surface. Enjoy.

Day 275. Studio Cabinet Bird

3 Oct

Years of paint drips off the side of this metal cabinet in the art studio, inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. The background for my chalk drawing created the look of a freeze-frame out of a video. And the soft edge of the chalk drawing after rubbing it with my fingers, added even more motion to this very still image. Enjoy.

Day 274. Tumbleweed Bird

2 Oct

When I was just a kid, grandma Edna, would often refer to me as a tumbleweed. Almost like a nickname. Mostly because I would roll through the kitchen leaving a mess behind. I’ve never heard anyone else use the word tumbleweed since childhood. So when I saw this broken off remnant from a tumbleweed, rolling across the highway it felt nostalgic. Right after I took this photo, a gust of wind came and it flew away. Enjoy.

Day 273. White Rock Bird

1 Oct

On a scenic drive into the mountains yesterday, we came upon a spot called White Rock. While strolling along the top of these white rocks my sweetie spotted this little guy running out from under a boulder. Enjoy.

Day 272. Fall Leaves Bird

30 Sep

This is without question my favorite season. I love everything about Fall. The change of temperatures, the freshness of the air, that crispness of the breeze. Today while on a long walk, I came across this wonderful fall sight. Vivid yellow leaves collected among some flagstone rocks, creating today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 270. Leaf Print Bird

28 Sep

Whenever I walk anywhere, I am always searching the ground for birds. Which is ironic since birds tend to live high above the ground. But today’s Bird-A-Day art is a perfect example. I saw how a leaf had fallen and left its imprint on this driveway. Right away, it reminded me of an exotic bird. It just needed wings to get up off that ground. Enjoy.

Day 269. Garage Speckled Bird

27 Sep


A trip to the Home Depot for AC filters inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. On aisle 12B I accidentally stumbled upon a bag of speckles that you can sprinkle on your garage floor to give it a new clean look. Looking at this bag of beautiful gray and black speckles, I thought – bird! So today, I painted a bird on this small canvas and while the paint was still wet, I shook the bag of speckled flakes, so they only stuck to the wet paint. Ironically, this painting will now be going into storage – in the garage. Enjoy.


Day 268. Inkblot Canvas Bird

26 Sep

Relax. Take a deep breath and tell me the first thing that comes to mind. I enjoyed making an inkblot bird on paper some time back, but have always wanted to try it on canvas. Finally, today, I felt a strong urge to do just that. Wonder what that means?

Day 267. Rust Painting Bird

25 Sep

Finding birds hidden within the patterns of nature, whether it be wood, concrete or steel, is a favorite game of mine. A few days ago with Bird 258, I took a china marker to convert a small bit of rust into an owl. Well, today’s Bird-A-Day art was not completed in just a day. While I started the process in just one day, this one-of-a-kind bird required some time to mature. So I let the elements take over to finish it for me. My idea was to use nature to create today’s bird. After all, I could never paint anything as rich, subtle and beautiful as the elements of nature. The “how” – will have to be my secret for now. Enjoy.

Day 266. Journal Bird

24 Sep


With todays’ posting, I am looking at a mere 100 days left in my new years resolution to create a Bird-A-Day for the entire year. With such an important landmark day, I wanted to use my pocket journal for today’s art canvas. My favorite UniBall pen and a touch of watercolor paints, were used to create Bird 266. Enjoy.

Day 265. Bleach Bird

23 Sep

Today I traded in my oil paints for bleach. Taking a paint brush and a small cup of bleach from the laundry room, I started painting on this scrap wood. As I slowly applied the paint with my small brush, the color of the wood shifted whiter and whiter. It gave me a nice subtle glaze look while keeping the watery like grain of the wood. Enjoy.

Day 264. Latte Bird

22 Sep

Saturday morning is when I prepare an extra-large cup of coffee for my sweetie. Recently, she has added Cinnamon to her latte. And so this morning I was inspired to give a little extra twist to her favorite topping. Enjoy.

Day 263. Splatter Bird

21 Sep

This awesome paint splatter from a big blob of black paint, inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. The blob of paint was dry and I just wanted to see what if? What would happen if I drew on it with some pastel. I like it. The surface of the paint splatter makes me wonder what else could be done. Enjoy.

Day 262. Play-Doh Bird

20 Sep

When work is play, it’s not work any more. Yesterday at the agency, we had a fun creative branding exercise with a new client. As part of our process, we encouraged a room full of attorney’s to tap into their inner child and play with some Play-Doh. They liked it. One of them asked to take two cans of Play-Doh back to their office. And ironically, I wound up making today’s Bird-A-Day art with my bright pink Play-Doh. That distinctive smell of Play-Doh triggered fond memories from childhood. Enjoy.

Day 261. Windy Bird

19 Sep

The weather is really changing here in Fort Worth, Texas. We are enjoying some cool and breezy days of late. It has felt a bit more like California the past week or so. Sans the ocean breeze. Some showers and recent winds have just finished off the last of the dry blooms from our Ornamental trees. The trusty driveway keeps collecting birds for me. Enjoy.

Day 260. Blade Bird

18 Sep

Yesterday’s bird was small. But today, I have gone super small. This could be the smallest Bird-A-Day art ever. This little blue bird was sculpted out of a drop of paint, using the well-worn cutting knife it’s perched on. I saw this random drop of dried acrylic paint near the table saw and was inspired to find the bird in it. Enjoy.

Day 259. Scratchy Bird

17 Sep


Yesterday’s bird inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. After finding the rusty owl, I was inspired to create a scratch board illustration of an owl. As you can see in this photograph, it’s a very small bird. I rather enjoy working very large or very small. After 259 days of making a bird every single day, I am starting to get a good feel for what I like to do. Imagine that. Enjoy,


Day 258. Rust Found Bird

16 Sep

I am calling today’s Bird-A-Day art, Rust Found bird, because of how it came about. Moving through some scraps pieces of metal, I came across this one with a touch of rust along the bottom. What struck me was the rust seemed to make the shape of an owl. So I just added a couple marks with my China Marker and there was this very tiny, owl. Watching the entire time. Enjoy.

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