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Day 320. Chalk Print Bird

15 Nov

This was unexpected. Back on Day 302, my granite bird was a chalk drawing on the back of a big slab of granite. Well, yesterday, I laid that granite bird down on the black sofa in our garage “upside down”, by mistake. Then realizing what I had done, I quickly picked it up off the sofa, only to discover the chalk had imprinted the sofa. And I actually liked it more than the granite bird. As I like to say, a little bit of chaos – encourages creativity. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Day 291. Continuous Line Bird

17 Oct

This was a fun exercise. The idea was to put my pen down to start a line and then draw with a single, continuous line – without ever lifting my pen. If you look close you’ll see my pen started at the bird’s-eye and ended at the top of the leg. Not as easy as it looks. This took me a number of failed attempts of twisted, lifeless illustrations before I landed on today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 271. Aspen Bird

29 Sep


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by a gorgeous Aspen tree. Looking at the dark markings on the bright white bark, it appeared to have a bird’s eye looking back at me. I took out my pastel stick and gave it some legs to stand on. I think it’s much happier now. Enjoy.


Day 236. Kitchen Counter Bird

25 Aug


Still celebrating our beautiful new kitchen counter top, I thought it would make a perfect setting for a fly over. After the installation, it was obvious to me that this new counter will become a favorite backdrop. And so today’s Bird-A-Day art, created from playing with watercolors, enjoys a smooth glide across this glistening new surface. Enjoy.

Day 239. Candy Bird

24 Aug


This could have been called Sweetie Bird, or afternoon Sugar Shot Bird. Today’s Bird-A-Day art inspiration came yesterday afternoon at work. I work with incredibly generous, thoughtful co-workers. They are always sharing. One developer named John, regularly buys boxes of donuts on Friday mornings for everyone. Well, yesterday Naomi, who sits across from me, asked if I would like one of these soft, yummy candies. I said yes of course. And then asked for two more, minutes later. The third one, however, was so good, I had to share. Enjoy.

Day 229. Mortar Bird

14 Aug



From yesterday’s 5 foot high art, down to just a few inches. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was cut out of the mortar used to mount the new back splash in our kitchen. I like how this bird appears to be flying across a rugged landscape. Enjoy.


Day 189. Sketch Pad Bird

5 Jul


Yesterday was a nice break in the middle of the week. I had a little time to sit down with my sketch pad and play. After piddling with watercolor a while, I went to the back yard and found this small broken tree branch. And that branch inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 89. Metal Plate Bird

28 Mar


More fun on metal. I just love working with aluminum for a canvas. Expect more metal as the year goes on. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was created using acrylic paint and my trusty block printing birds on a thin sheet of metal. The birds on a wire is a theme that I could do all year-long. Enjoy.

Day 54. Prickly Seedpod Bird

23 Feb


Part of me wants to believe these little seedpods are alien spacecrafts. Maybe it’s because I love the movie “Men In Black”. Perhaps it’s my childhood imagination back at play. But anyone who has ever seen these cool artifacts below a tree has to agree they look like something from another planet. So today as we were walking the dog and I came across an entire galaxy of them – one thought took over my being. “ALIEN Bird.” My dog Maddie watched as I scooped up a T-shirt full to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. They may not be alien or spacecrafts but they did get me humming. Enjoy.

Day 51. Wood and Steel Bird

20 Feb


Its Monday. My little blog project past the big 50 mark over the weekend. And today, our inspiration for our 51st Bird-A-Day art is one on the endangered Species list. This guy is one of the largest species of Woodpecker. And I discovered they are known to mate for life. The Ivory Billed Woodpecker, is not only on that list but many scientist believe may already be extinct – due to loss of habitat.

Day 45. Red Roses Valentine Bird

14 Feb


Is there anything that says “I love you” as quickly as red roses? Today’s Valentine Bird number 3 is inspired by that ultimate symbol of love. Now, some people, might disagree with me here. They might suggest some other “shiny” symbol. Something with clarity, color and cut. But I would argue these red roses also have clarity, color and cut and they have one more thing – they smell better. Try smelling that other shiny object of affection and you will have to agree. Roses are the ultimate symbol of love. Not to mention that you can buy these by the dozen. Happy Valentines.

Day 41. Sweetheart Valentine Bird

10 Feb


Today starts the official Valentine’s weekend. Yes, I realize it’s next Tuesday on the 14th, but Valentine’s is a big holiday around our home. So I am starting early with Valentine bird number 1. I was surprised how easy it was to find these candy hearts in stores today. I remember them quite fondly from my childhood. When I was in 4th grade it was understood that you would give out one of these hearts with the proper message to all your class mates. Saving the special messages for the special Valentine hopefuls. Today’s hearts have changed a bit in that area. You might not be able to read the words on these hearts, but one of them actually says “Text Me.” When I was in 4th grade, my candy hearts’ message – was as close as it ever got to “Texting” anyone.” Yes it was a long time ago. So today’s Bird-A-Day is for my Valentine. “Follow Me.”

Day 39. Watercolor Bird

8 Feb


Today I dipped my sable brush into yesterday’s tray of watercolors and started splattering around. Yes, it’s true, yesterday’s tiny watercolor tray bird is a victim of conceptual art. He is but a memory. A moment of silence please. Ok. So I think watercolor painting is more fun when you have no clue what you are doing with it. That’s my story any way. When you just splatter alot! That’s when I know that I’m making something. Which is usually a mess. And if you’re like me, you have to clean up a bit. With today’s Bird-A-Day art, that meant taking some scissors and cutting this bird out of my splattered playground. And it was fun. Not quite as fun as edible art, but then honestly what is? But very close.

Day 38. Watercolor Palette Bird

7 Feb


Finally got back to my paints again, after a long weekend of sports and snacking. Or more like professional “sport-snacking”in my case. Yum. But before I could even put my brush and water color paints on paper I just stopped to admire the old paints in the tray. I think the water color tray is beautiful just as it is. A work of art. All this palette needed was a tiny bird to be hidden within the old paints. Enjoy.

Day 36. Super Bowl Birds

5 Feb


The big game is finally here. And this day is just too big for one bird. It is after all Super Bowl Sunday! I have gone the extra yard and posted three NFL ready birds. First, I used a football as an art canvas, it’s called Game Ball Bird. Then I deconstructed a football and rearranged the parts for a second bird, named Football Pieces Bird. The third bird used one of the sliced football pieces. I painted acrylic everywhere except the area that revealed my bird, named Football Slice Bird. And yes it was a lot of fun. Now – we are ready for some footballllll. Let’s play ball – before I deconstruct it into art.

Day 35. Chalkboard Big Play Bird

4 Feb


Time to get rowdy. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by this special time of the year. That great American annual event that brings everyone together. On two sides of the field. And we all have the perfect excuse to eat lots of pizza and buffalo wings. What could be more fun than that. Keep an eye out for this play tomorrow. A little bird told me it was going to be a big one. Good luck to the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. May the best play caller win. Enjoy.

Day 34. Sticky Note Bird

3 Feb


Today ends another fine work week. What a perfect day to salute one of my favorite, hard workers. The grand daddy of office tools, the Yellow Sticky Note. Personally, there is no way that I can make it through a day, much less a week without my sticky notes. These little guys keep my tiny brain organized. They save me from forgetting the milk and cereal. They remind me where to find the cool gadget I stumbled across online today. They are my first line of defense against my limited RAM memory. And yes, I do have the latest amazing iPhone. And it has SIRI, which I use. But SIRI is no match for my stacks of sticky notes. Seriously. Enjoy.

Day 33. On The Fence Bird

2 Feb


With politics in the air a bird “on the fence” just had to happen. See I couldn’t decide what bird to make today. I had one art idea that I might call more liberal and then another rather conservative art idea and well, I just could not make up my mind. So instead, I took some bleach and created today’s Bird-A-Day art. Now, what you can’t see in this photograph is that my fence is actually leaning a little. But I’m not going to say which direction. That’s better left to other blogs. Did I just say left? Keep this bird in mind when its time to vote – for your favorite bird of the week on Monday.

Day 31. Hardware Bird

31 Jan


Today I was just screwing around with a fun art idea. What if I took some screws out of my handymans’ bag and made a bird? Ok, I tossed that title “handyman” around pretty loosely just now. I have to come clean and say there is a reason these screw are so new looking. I am not very handy. Creative, yes! Handy – not so much. But hey look how shiny these upside down screws are in today’s Bird-A-Day Art.

AND NOW for some YouTube fun.

Please take a peek at my new YouTube video. I just uploaded it last night to celebrate the first 30 days of my year long art project. My YouTube channel is 365BirdArtProject or use this link:

Day 30. Paint Spill Bird

30 Jan


Doh! I meant well. Have you ever started to get things organized and clean up after yourself – only to make a bigger mess? No? Alright well, I guess that’s just me. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by my sincere efforts to get my garage organized after all the bird art projects of the first 30 days. Instead I wound up knocking over a few cans of paint and well… No use crying over spilled latex paint.

IT’S MONDAY. SO REMEMBER TO VOTE. I want to know which bird of the past week is your favorite. Thanks so much.

Day 28. Toast Bird

28 Jan

Alright, it’s Saturday and I’m about to bite into one of my favorite breakfast of champions – toast, when suddenly, today’s Bird-A-Day art, pops in my head. That bird on the brain head of mine. And so I stopped eating and starting cutting to let this little birdie out. Then only after creating this bird does it occur to me that I just snacked away on popcorn the day before. So I’ve realized something. It would have been very easy for me to do an entire year of “food art”. I just seem to love eating art. Or to be more honest, “snacking” (as my mom used to say) while making art. And I realized something else almost as important. Everything is better with butter.

Day 23. Tree Branch Bird

23 Jan


Today’s bird-a-day art was inspired by the rows of bare trees along the winter horizon. I find the winter treescapes beautiful. This was a really fun one to make. For starters I got to stroll around my local park and collect fallen tree branches as parents looked on as if I was going to start a bone fire in the park. I got to use some power tools to trim, cut branches and then drill holes in a 4×4 base. I even had the opportunity to paint! Today’s bird has a lot going on, so it was good that I had most of Sunday to work on it. Because of all the stages and pieces it took me a lot more time than any art that I have made so far. And if you are wondering, yes I did paint both sides of each branch.

TODAY IS MONDAY, so please vote for your favorite bird art of the past week. Thanks.

16. Large Mouth Fish Bird

16 Jan


Today’s bird is made from my bass fishing tackle. One of my favorite gifts of this past Christmas is a new fishing tackle box. Since I needed to organize my fishing gear into my new box I thought I could tackle the bird-a-day art at the same time with this catch – a “Large Mouth Fish Bird.” A rather rare species only found hiding around art blogs. Enjoy.

15. Birdseed Bird

15 Jan


With today’s bird-a-day art marking day 15 of my new years resolution, I have 350 birds ahead. What fun. Today turned out to be a lovely, sunny day here in Texas, so I decided to go outdoors, soak up the sun and feed the birds.

14. Chopstick bird

14 Jan


Chop chop. Friday night is date night for my wife and I. We  like to go out for dinner and a movie. Today’s bird-a-day is inspired by our dinner. Enjoy.

12. Duct Tape Bird

12 Jan


This bird celebrates my go-to-tool. The true all-in-one, multi-task tool on a roll. Duct tape! This mighty bird will never spring a leak, experience a broken wing or freeze in sub zero weather. That’s my kind of bird sculpture. Enjoy.

10. Rainy Day Bird

9 Jan


For my fellow bloggers across the pond in London, this may not be so relevant, but here in Texas, in my neck of the woods it’s wet. It has been raining non-stop since Sunday night. And since 2011 was the driest year in history for Texas, we need the rain here. And by some fortuitous splatter, today’s bird – flew right off my umbrella as I jumped onto my back porch! That’s right, that is exactly how it happened. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Any doubters?

8. Breakfast bird

8 Jan

Tasty art

Sunday. Easily my favorite day of the week. And its always a great day for scrambled eggs, bacon and hash brown potatoes. Some how breakfast just tastes better on Sunday morning. Today I celebrate my favorite day for breakfast by making my wife a special serving. And yes, she actually said, my art was quite tasty. Bon Appetit.

7. Dirty Laundry Bird

7 Jan


While I am certainly not one to air his dirty laundry in public, today I will make an exception. Because it’s Saturday and that means laundry day here at the Dickerson household, my bird-a-day art is also my dirty laundry. But I seem to be forgetting something. Should I separate complimentary colors from Tertiary colors before washing? Something like that. Let me know your thoughts. Enjoy.

6. Paper Clip Bird

6 Jan


Today is Friday, end of the work week for many and end of our first week of our bird-a-day art project. So the hardest working office tool inspires today’s art bird. This little guy doesn’t get nearly the credit it deserves. Which makes we wonder – where do paper clips go when they retire? Tell me what you think. About any of this.

5. Chip off the old block bird

5 Jan


Today is day 5 of my 365 day art project. That’s 360 more days ahead for my fellow artist who also find themselves math challenged like myself. I created today’s art using trimmings off a small tree in my backyard. So now my tree is looking better and I have this fun bird art to show for my yard work. This was a lot of fun and sort of like working a puzzle.

4. Yard Bird

4 Jan



Today’s bird combines a little yard work around the house with artwork. It seems like I just raked all the leafs up three days ago and already the yard is covered again. This was the first time I really had fun raking the leaves. Enjoy.

3. Berry Cardinal

3 Jan


Today is day 3 of my 365 day, Bird-a-day art project. And this is easily, the most fun start of a new year, in years. Todays’ Art bird was inspired in the produce section of the neighborhood grocery store last night. I had gone to pick up a box of cheerios and milk, and came away with five bags of groceries. Yep, that’s how I roll. Anyway, while looking over the seasonal fruit I saw these great raspberries and black berries and the red cardinal art bird – just had to be created. Besides, I love edible art.

2. Woody Woodpecker

2 Jan


Today was a holiday break, so I had some time to pull out the power tools and mess around. Today’s bird is inspired by a regular visitor to our pecan tree in the back yard.

Number 1 Bird-a-day

1 Jan



Today is January 1, 2012 and day one of my 365 day, bird-a-day art project. Starting today with this bird art, I will be posting a new art piece every day for this year. Today’s bird was inspired by the New Year’s Eve party that my wife and I attended. The party theme was SPARKLE. So we both dressed up in the most sparkly, fun clothes we could buy, borrow or rent in my case. Some of the jewelry used to create this bird was part of my sweeties sparkly outfit from the party. Yes I got permission before I grabbed her bling, bling. And ladies, no jewelry was harmed in the project.

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