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Day 347. Holiday Card Bird

12 Dec


We decided to create our own, one-of-a-kind, Christmas card, instead of buying one this year. And I had a perfect idea – just waiting to happen. Imagine that. So with my linocut tools and some metallic silver printing ink, I got into the spirit of things to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. Peace, Love and Art.


Day 140. Aluminum Bird

17 May


Just in time for this weekends Fort Worth Arts Goggle. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was created with a number of hand cut lino-blocks  and then printed onto aluminum. I just love aluminum for its ambient surface. The way that it reflects its environment with a soft, dream like effect. And the surface handles block printing beautifully. Enjoy.

Day 107. Steel Swarm Bird

15 Apr


Today’s Bird-A-Day is inspired by a beautiful piece of steel found at my local Home Depot. I was picking up some things for the house, when I saw a display of random steel cuts at the end of an aisle. This particular piece caught my eye. I loved rough surface and little touch of rust. So inspired, I drew and cut new block print birds to create this moment of taking flight. Enjoy.

Day 89. Metal Plate Bird

28 Mar


More fun on metal. I just love working with aluminum for a canvas. Expect more metal as the year goes on. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was created using acrylic paint and my trusty block printing birds on a thin sheet of metal. The birds on a wire is a theme that I could do all year-long. Enjoy.

Day 76, Aluminum Light Wire Bird

16 Mar


Today’s bird art was a happy accident. I was testing out a fun idea of block printing on aluminum instead of paper and just stumbled into today’s Bird-A-Day art. My first surprise was how much I liked the look of printing on a sheet of aluminum. But then when I laid the plate down on the floor in my studio, the lights hit the metal surface and created these beautiful wires of light. I know a gift horse when he walks up and offers me a ride. So I immediately photographed my accidental art to capture my block printed birds, sitting on a wire of light. I only hope that I can keep stumbling into more fun like this. Enjoy.

Day 67. Print Block Carvings Bird

7 Mar


Yesterday’s Newspaper Wire Bird was made from several different block print birds that I carved. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by what was left over – after my carving of the linoleum blocks. It was rather ironic that I sat looking at my bird carving and thought, hey those pieces of linoleum are begging to become a new bird. Enjoy.

Day 66. Newspaper Wire Bird

6 Mar


Newspapers really add to the art as a canvas. I learned that lesson a while back. And today I have combined painting with block printing on my news-canvas. I enjoyed the block printing a lot and thought about adding a little twist to it. So I created several block-cut birds and then printed them on top of my painted paper. It’s got a distinctive look to it that I like. This is something I will have to try again some day. And I am very grateful to my sweetheart for playing Vanna White with today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 61. Block Print Bird

1 Mar

Block printing is something that I recently discovered. I had always wanted to try it but kept putting it off. Today’s bird is from a children’s book that I am writing and illustrating. His name is “Tippidy, Toppidy, Tippidy” and he is in my book called “Flippidy, Floppidy, Flippidy.” It’s a story of a little boy who has trouble falling asleep. And with other characters such as “Whippidy, Whoppidy, Whippidy” and “Klippidy, Kloppidy, Klippidy” you might begin to understand why going to sleep does not come easily. This boy is like me when it comes to sleeping. At bedtime, I hear every creak and pop in this old house. Is there such a thing as an extra, super-light sleeper? Enjoy.

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