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Day 232. String Bird

17 Aug


Today’s Bird-A-Day art comes with strings attached. I found this spool of string in my art cabinet and was inspired to send birds soaring across. It reminds me of the shadows cast by birds flying above the ocean. A fond memory from a trip to California this year. I recall looking down from a high peer, watching sea gulls and pelicans skim across the ocean surface while surfers braved the cold Pacific waters. Enjoy.

Day 225. Vacation Memory Bird

10 Aug


Today, I had a flashback to one of the best vacations ever. Back in the spring of this year, my sweetie and I traveled to California to visit her brother Michael and his wife, Deb. We had the time of our lives and fell in love with the California beaches. While clicking through some of our vacation photos, I came across this big bird that was created on the beach during that vacation. I remember the bird art became a group affair as the day went along. Michael and Deb were finding bird inspiration around every turn. It was all that I could do to keep up taking photographs. Like the ocean waves, all the memories of that amazing vacation came rushing back when I saw today’s Bird-A-Day art. Now all I can think about is how soon until the next trip back.

Day 85. Sea Weed Bird

24 Mar

Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired on our walk in New Port Beach, California. I came across this little guy, just a broken off piece of sea weed that was ready to fly away. Our few days in California have been one of the most memorable trips ever. A big, big thank you – Michael and Deb for sharing your home and favorites spots with Allie and myself. You are the best! Enjoy.

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