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Day 151. BBQ Bird

28 May


Let the grilling begin! Memorial Day is off to the races. I am ready to fire up the grill and throw some chicken and beef on the fire. I will be the first to admit, grilling is an art form that I have not mastered. It seems that every time comes with some degree of chance. But then I love chance. Chance is that magical, unknown ingredient that creates the masterpiece. I want to salute all our men and women whose sacrifice has allowed us to enjoy the simple freedom of grilling, burning and occasionally mastering the perfect steak.

Day 141. Distressed Wood Bird

18 May


A lucky find in the garage. I found this old piece of distressed wood that inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. At first I wasn’t sure what kind of bird would be at home on this old piece of wood. But then it was obvious that it had to be a bird from the country. My salute to early wake up calls. Enjoy.

Day 100. Easter Egg Bird

8 Apr


Wow. The first 100 birds have flown by. A mere 265 days left in my “News Year’s Resolution” to create a new work of art every day in 2012. Besides day 100, today is Easter Sunday. Growing up, this was a big day for Easter egg hunts in the yard. And always the perfect excuse to talk mom and dad into buying me some new Sunday clothes. I recall one Easter Sunday, when my new, brightly colored, orange and red PLAID suit, made me look more like the hunted than the hunter. Enjoy.

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