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Day 246. Steel Marker Bird

4 Sep

Drawing on the steel surface as my inspiration, I took my China Marker to draw today’s Bird-A-Day art. The surface of the metal is remarkable as a sketch pad. The China Marker just glides across it. And the reflective surface adds all the ambient depth that I find so intriguing about steel.  Enjoy.

Day 221. Shopping Bag Bird

6 Aug


We did some shopping this weekend and came home with a couple of shopping bags of birthday gifts. These days, before I throw anything into the trash, I first ask myself, could this be used for something creative? Well, I really liked the Kraft color of one particular shopping bag. It reminded me of the color of a certain water fowl. And so I cut the bag open, and used my Peel-off China Marker to sketch today’s Bird-A-Day art on the inside of the bag. The handy thing about the shopping bag as canvas – is it comes ready to hang. Enjoy.

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