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Day 216. Wire Hanger Bird

1 Aug


My closet has been invaded and nearly over-taken with wire hangers from trips to the dry cleaners. But just as I was about to toss em, the wrinkled, torn paper surface caught my bird brain eye. Why not! It seems like a perfectly ironic use of a rather mundane object. And so today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by that closet-clogging gift from the dry cleaners. Enjoy.

Day 117. Hanger Bird

25 Apr


If you hang around long enough, it’s possible to find a bird in everything. And everywhere. Like the closet. Where I found inspiration for today’s Bird-A-Day art. The irony here is that today’s art, made of hangers, can never be hung. And yes, this bird is back in my closet now. Does that make my closet an art gallery or a bird-cage? Enjoy.

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