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Rock Sketch Bird

13 Feb


It has been several weeks since I have posted anything. Too long.  And I have been feeling the need to sketch. But not on paper. And not with pen or pencil.

Last night while taking out the trash, I stumbled upon this white rock on our driveway. A decorative rock that apparently ran away from home. Well, it inspired me to try something that I used to do when I was just a kid. Use a rock as chalk. Rock chalk. And now this is when you might expect a sob story about growing up poor. Something like – We were so poor – that when I was growing up, we couldn’t even afford chalk to graffiti the streets like other kids. We were so poor we had to use rocks. That would be a funny story, but not at all true. While we were poorish, my mom always made sure that I had plenty of paper and something to draw with. Drawing was a trick my mother used to keep me quite and out of trouble. I guess that I am lucky there weren’t iPads or video games when I was a growing up.

Day 364. Wall Shadow Bird

29 Dec


Here at the end of the year, my sweetie and I have started a refresh project of our home. We have been rearranging furniture, simplifying, and changing up things from room to room. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by the shadow being cast by an antique figure on our fireplace mantle. We’re repainting the walls in our living room and so I wanted to indulge this fortuitous moment. This guy only lasted long enough to photograph, but it was fun. Enjoy.


Day 262. Play-Doh Bird

20 Sep

When work is play, it’s not work any more. Yesterday at the agency, we had a fun creative branding exercise with a new client. As part of our process, we encouraged a room full of attorney’s to tap into their inner child and play with some Play-Doh. They liked it. One of them asked to take two cans of Play-Doh back to their office. And ironically, I wound up making today’s Bird-A-Day art with my bright pink Play-Doh. That distinctive smell of Play-Doh triggered fond memories from childhood. Enjoy.

Day 261. Windy Bird

19 Sep

The weather is really changing here in Fort Worth, Texas. We are enjoying some cool and breezy days of late. It has felt a bit more like California the past week or so. Sans the ocean breeze. Some showers and recent winds have just finished off the last of the dry blooms from our Ornamental trees. The trusty driveway keeps collecting birds for me. Enjoy.

Day 257. Pencil Sharpener Bird

15 Sep

Friday, I was actually doodling at work for a job. Imagine how fun that is for me. I love doodling. After a while I needed to sharpen my pencil and not having a pencil sharpener at my desk, I went on a search for one. Then finding a glorious, electric-powered pencil sharpener at the front desk, today’s Bird-A-Day art was born. One peek into the sharpener’s tray – filled with shavings and it was obvious this was one popular office tool. Enjoy.

Day 256. Polished Concrete Bird

14 Sep

Walking down the long hall of a building with polished concrete floors, a small break in the floor caught my eye. Turning around and looking back I realized that I had just found today’s Bird-A-Day art. Isn’t life funny. What would have been funny, or awkward, would have been someone finding me, down on my knees with my iPhone, taking this photo of this small polished concrete bird. Enjoy.

Day 254. Screws Bird

12 Sep

Such an easy joke is waiting for this one. But I am going to be strong and leave it alone. Today I just wanted to react to whatever I found. And what I found was a jar of screws and a plastic lid sitting loose in the art studio. Nobody was injured during the making of today’s Bird-A-Day art. Which is rare for me. Enjoy.

Day 251. Sweat Shirt Bird

9 Sep

After a long three-mile run, I had to take a picture of my sweaty shirt to prove I did it. There is no way I was letting this bird get away. I was really flying – Not.

Day 249. Easel Bird

7 Sep

My wood easel, has bands of paint marking the history of all the different paintings attempted. And for whatever reason, as I looked at the easel, the bands of paint reminded me of landscapes. And so I felt inspired to introduce a bird into this dark horizon of old paint.

Day 247. Spilt Bird

5 Sep

Doh! Am I the only artist who is less than organized and that “occasionally,” accidents happen? Well, for any other artists who can also get caught up in the moment and let’s just say, dip their paint brush into coffee instead of water, or whatever. Not saying that happens – that would be crazy. I am just – saying. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is for you. Us. Enjoy.

Day 246. Steel Marker Bird

4 Sep

Drawing on the steel surface as my inspiration, I took my China Marker to draw today’s Bird-A-Day art. The surface of the metal is remarkable as a sketch pad. The China Marker just glides across it. And the reflective surface adds all the ambient depth that I find so intriguing about steel.  Enjoy.

Day 245. Table Saw Bird

3 Sep


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by a table saw. This hard-working saw has left a lot of saw dust in its’ wake. Proof that it has been busy getting things done. How cool would it be if we all had as much evidence of our hard work. Well since today happens to be Labor day, I dedicate today’s bird art to every one working hard, with or without any evidence of it. Enjoy your day off. You earned it.


Day 238. Class Table Bird

27 Aug


Today’s inspiration was found in the classroom outside my sweetie’s art studio at TCU. There is a large table that art students place all sorts of materials. And over the course of many years, these tables have gained a lot of collegiate character. I rather like these art tables a lot. Today’s Bird-A-Day art took just a couple of dashes of white chalk to let him stand up on a students’ ruler. As you can see, this bird is less than two inches in size. So I have a hunch he will go unnoticed all semester long. Enjoy.

Day 238. Match Book Smoke Bird

23 Aug


Do not try this at home. I had a hot idea that I couldn’t wait to explore. What would happen if I lit a match and blew the flame to create a bird. What happened – was a few minor flesh wounds, some singed eyebrows and a smoking hot Bird-A-Day art. Could there be a bigger smoke bird in the future? Enjoy.

Day 237. Rust Bird

22 Aug



After finding a bird inside a wood knot, I started looking around other random objects in my garage. I found some rusty metal and took my china marker to give this spot of rust some wings. I believe this is the Australian Southern Steel Cassowary. But I could be mistaken. If any of our friends from Australia could confirm this rare species, it would be much appreciated. Enjoy.


Day 235. Foil Bird

20 Aug


Our local art supply store sells this product called Speedball Metal Leaf. It is essentially a thin metallic foil that can be applied to almost any surface with a little adhesive. I decided to make a bird with it. What a surprise. After masking off my bird on this wood board, I sprayed an adhesive and then rubbed down the Metal Leaf. Once the masking tape was removed, I had today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 230. Eraser Stamp Bird

15 Aug

One pencil eraser. One Giant Ink Pad with permanent dye. And a little bit of time – tapping and dapping with the inked-up tip of my pencil eraser. That is pretty much how today’s Bird-A-Day art was created. I had this idea of ink stamping a bird, using some ordinary objects for the stamp. I soon discovered using pennies got more ink on me than the coins. By trial and error, I decided an object that kept my fingers away from the ink pad was a smart direction. It’s rather ironic, using an eraser, to create art with permanent ink. And trust me, this stuff is permanent. It does not want to come off your fingers. Yipes.

Day 213. Domolition Bird

29 Jul


Today I had revenge on our dangerous kitchen counter top. After we talked with a local handy man about the project, it became obvious to me that this was a DIY project. So I visited my Home Depot and found this awesome DESTRUCTO-TOOL like nothing I had ever seen before. Part sledge-hammer, part crowbar and part get-it-done now! You can see this incredible tool as part of today’s Bird-a-Day art. With my new Stanley tool buddy, I tore into our kitchen demo project and had the entire demolition completed right under three hours. Setting a new Olympic record in kitchen demolition. And today’s Bird represents a savings of $700 dollars. We love DIY. Enjoy.

Day 207. Palette 2 Bird

23 Jul


My sister Jane and her husband visited us over the weekend. She follows my blog and told me that one of her very favorite Bird-A-Day art pieces was one created out of a painting palette from my wife. Well, it just happens that my wife has finished her latest painting (an amazing work) and she just gave me her latest palette. I just love the colors on her palette. So Jane, this one is for you. Today’s Bird-A-Day art, inspired by my sister. Enjoy.

Day 201. Caterpillar Leaf Bird

17 Jul


While taking out the trash, I noticed some of our plants along the driveway have been added to the menu of some uninvited guests. But as I looked closer at the damaged leaves, it seems that my blog has been picked up by the insect blogging community. Right in front of me as clear as day, is today’s Bird-A-Day art, submitted by the local – caterpillar. Enjoy.

Day 199. Bad Ideas Bird

15 Jul


The Napkin Bird from yesterday is an example of an idea that worked out just fine. But there are a lot more ideas of mine, that end up being tossed away. For whatever reason, I just don’t love them enough to turn the ideas into art. As a matter of fact, when I went through my old sketch pads, I found enough bad ideas to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. Why do I have a sudden urge to drink a glass of fresh lemonade. Enjoy.

Day 198. Napkin Bird

14 Jul


Quite often, an idea for a bird hits me during the most ordinary moment of the day. And before I ever invest the time to create any Bird-A-Day art, I first make a quick doodle. A small, thumbnail sketch of my idea/inspiration to see if I can visualize it working. Well today, after I sketched my idea of the Napkin Bird, I thought it would be fun to show it – as the idea hits me. And just before I spill salsa on myself. Enjoy.

Day 195. Meditation Bird

11 Jul


Over the weekend, I stopped at a garage sale around the corner from our home. Strange enough, I found some inspiration. For just a dollar, I found this cool little wood frame of sand for meditation. I just got the chance to take out my garage sale treasure and decided it would be perfect for today’s Bird-A-Day art. Adding two stones from our backyard bird bath, I drew this sandy white crane. This meditation box bird now sits next to our studio sofa. And it really is relaxing. Enjoy.

Day 186. Novel Bird

2 Jul

Reading a book this weekend, I was suddenly caught up in the twist to the mystery when inspiration struck. So after turning the chapter, I took a minute to stop and create today’s Bird-A-Day Art. This sea-side mystery is really coming to life in more than one way. Enjoy.

Day 131. Coaster Bird

9 May


This is one thirsty bird. While sitting at a local burger joint having my diet coke, the impulse struck me to make a bird. So while sitting there, watching some basketball playoffs on the flat screens, I slowly peeled away today’s Bird-A-Day art. You’ll never guess what sports grill that was. Cheers.

Day 129. Bubble Wrap Bird

7 May


Monday’s bird is bubbling over. My wife and I were cleaning out the house on Sunday and along the way, I found a few odds and ends that inspired new bird ideas. One of those odd finds being the bubble wrap from the time we had shipped some of her paintings to New York for an art show. So this humble little stuff that kept her art safe there and back, has found a new life as today’s Bird-A-Day art. Please don’t pop the art. Enjoy.

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