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Day 165. Crayon Drip Bird

11 Jun


Coloring outside the lines doesn’t even begin to describe – melted crayons. Created with my hair dryer, switched to hot, today’s Bird-A-Day art is my excuse to make a mess. After coming across a melted crayon painting by a fellow blogger, I was inspired to put some of my boxes of crayons under the blow dryer. It was as much fun as I thought it would be. Enjoy.

Day 98. Melted Crayon Bird

6 Apr


Crayons are not exactly the first art medium that comes to mind for most contemporary artist. But luckily, I’m not a contemporary artist. I’m just a guy having fun being creative. And my only rule is no rules. After coloring outside the lines for a while, today’s warm weather gave me an idea. So I did something that would have – without a doubt – got me sent home early from school, when I was a kid. I melted my crayons! Oh the humanity. Oh the smell. Oh the fun.

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