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Day 215. Street Curb Bird

31 Jul


While out walking our dog Maddie, I stumbled upon this freshly wind-swept pile of Crepe Myrtle blooms. I do love these found birds. It was ironic that the bird of blossoms was resting on this red street line. Enjoy.

Day 204. Crepe Myrtle Bird

20 Jul



Today’s Bird-A-Day art started off as just a big splatter of watercolor paints. Then after some layering and experimenting a bird shape started coming together. I decided this splatter of paints would work better if I did a little pen and ink drawing for the head and some feathers. And lastly, a twig from our yards Crepe Myrtle tree gives this little fella a resting spot. I really enjoy mixing media along with real objects. Enjoy.


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