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Day 320. Chalk Print Bird

15 Nov

This was unexpected. Back on Day 302, my granite bird was a chalk drawing on the back of a big slab of granite. Well, yesterday, I laid that granite bird down on the black sofa in our garage “upside down”, by mistake. Then realizing what I had done, I quickly picked it up off the sofa, only to discover the chalk had imprinted the sofa. And I actually liked it more than the granite bird. As I like to say, a little bit of chaos – encourages creativity. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Day 228. Broom Brush Bird

13 Aug


This big bird looks the way it does, because I didn’t have a paint brushes large enough for this size wood. This great piece of scrap board is roughly 5 feet high, and I wanted to paint a large bird on it. I really didn’t have any paint brushes in my art supplies to achieve the large brush strokes that I envisioned. That’s when I found a really old trash broom that I had once used to clean out the trunk of my car. This broom turned out to be the perfect tool for creating the loose, gestural, abstract line quality of today’s Bird-A-Day art.

Day 183. Galvanized Bird

29 Jun

Recently while removing storm debris from the roof of our home, I came across this random piece of galvanized metal. Where it blew in from I don’t have a clue. But it did inspire me to pick up my chalk and give it wings to fly again, with today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 133. Mixed Media Bird

11 May


Here is a bird that I have worked at for a while actually. Under the painted surface are many layers of unusual mixed media, like joint compound from the hardware store. Layer upon layer, I kept experimenting with different types of paints, tools and products to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 131. Coaster Bird

9 May


This is one thirsty bird. While sitting at a local burger joint having my diet coke, the impulse struck me to make a bird. So while sitting there, watching some basketball playoffs on the flat screens, I slowly peeled away today’s Bird-A-Day art. You’ll never guess what sports grill that was. Cheers.

Day 125. Chalk Bird

3 May


This is a big bird. It’s about 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It is a large black illustration board that my wife had used as a backdrop when she would gesso her canvases. I just love the worn surface and it seemed to beg for a large crow drawing. I could have sworn it was telling me to draw on it. So I grabbed some chalk and pastel and created today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 111. Wood Stain Bird

19 Apr

Always experimenting with new art media and surfaces, today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by a cool new find. I found something called a Wood Stain Pen. And it’s basically a marker, filled with wood stains, in all the basic wood colors, used to touch-up of scratches in furniture. I like the way the pen bleeds into the grain of this Balsa wood. Afterwards, I placed this little guy on top of the water fountain in my backyard. The fountain attracts birds. The kind of birds with feathers. I thought my new bird needed company. Enjoy.

Day 102. Spilt Milk Bird

10 Apr


Don’t cry. That’s what I’ve always been told. About spilling milk. But then why would I cry about that, it seems silly. So when I was enjoying a hot fresh cookie with cold milk and knocked over my cup, I realized why someone might cry – over spilt milk. You can’t dip cookies in spilt milk. Enjoy.

Day 97. Pillow Bird

5 Apr


Yes I did. I took the old pillow case from day 96 for today’s Bird-A-Day art. I’ve wanted to experiment with image transfers. And I used this organic natural cleaner called Citrasolv from my local Sprouts store as a chemical transfer agent and played with a photocopy of a monoprint. Talk about an odd couple. Mixing these different art mediums together  with an old pillow case is worth trying out sometime. If you are so inclined. You might want to sleep on it. Enjoy.

Day 76, Aluminum Light Wire Bird

16 Mar


Today’s bird art was a happy accident. I was testing out a fun idea of block printing on aluminum instead of paper and just stumbled into today’s Bird-A-Day art. My first surprise was how much I liked the look of printing on a sheet of aluminum. But then when I laid the plate down on the floor in my studio, the lights hit the metal surface and created these beautiful wires of light. I know a gift horse when he walks up and offers me a ride. So I immediately photographed my accidental art to capture my block printed birds, sitting on a wire of light. I only hope that I can keep stumbling into more fun like this. Enjoy.

Day 56. Fingerprint Bird

25 Feb


Play time!!! I remember fondly how much fun finger painting was back in grade school. The memory of that made me wonder – would it also be fun painting with my “fingerprint”.  Yes! Fingerprint painting is good, simple, easy to clean fun. For bird 56, I simply used some acrylic paint and one of my digits. Would that make this “digital” art? Enjoy.

Day 55. Dog Hair Bird

24 Feb


We have a three year old black lab mix, named Maddie. She is a sweet dog. Maddie is also a hairy dog. Yes I realize all dogs are hairy, but she is more so than most. And with Texas’ bizarre 80 degree, sunny weather in February, her hairy winter coat is very conflicted. And that is how we come to have today’s Bird-A-Day art. Maddie was generous enough to donate a sufficient amount of her winter coat to our art project. And she looks and feels better for getting involved in the arts. I once wondered if Maddie was aware of how much prettier she looked when she came home from the dog groomers. Well – she knows. Yes, she does.

Day 46. Monoprint Bird

15 Feb


This is my first venture into monoprinting. I have always loved the unique look of monoprints and my art blog has given me the motivation to try it out. This is essentially a painting, created through a printing process. How cool is that. This print only came after many, many bird prints that never left the nest. Each time I would pull my paper away from the painted plexiglass it was a moment of discovery. Ahhha or Ugh. This one of a kind print was one of just 2 ahhha birds. Enjoy.

Day 31. Hardware Bird

31 Jan


Today I was just screwing around with a fun art idea. What if I took some screws out of my handymans’ bag and made a bird? Ok, I tossed that title “handyman” around pretty loosely just now. I have to come clean and say there is a reason these screw are so new looking. I am not very handy. Creative, yes! Handy – not so much. But hey look how shiny these upside down screws are in today’s Bird-A-Day Art.

AND NOW for some YouTube fun.

Please take a peek at my new YouTube video. I just uploaded it last night to celebrate the first 30 days of my year long art project. My YouTube channel is 365BirdArtProject or use this link:

5. Chip off the old block bird

5 Jan


Today is day 5 of my 365 day art project. That’s 360 more days ahead for my fellow artist who also find themselves math challenged like myself. I created today’s art using trimmings off a small tree in my backyard. So now my tree is looking better and I have this fun bird art to show for my yard work. This was a lot of fun and sort of like working a puzzle.

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