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Opening Bell Bird

15 Dec


On any given Sunday, you will find a group of locals getting their Latte’s at the Opening Bell cafe at South Side on Lamar, in Dallas. On this chilli Sunday morning, a Latte was the perfect start to the day. One of the nice things about the Opening Bell, besides the nightly live music from local bands and artists, and besides the fun, eclectic interior, is this chalkboard table. So while waiting on my Soy Vanilla Latte, I was inspired to doodle. Now for some odd reason, I found myself doodling a bird. Imagine that.

Day 252. Vernon Fisher Bird

10 Sep

After visiting some wonderful art galleries this past weekend, for Gallery Night in Dallas, I felt inspired to create something big. We saw some inspiring new work at many of the galleries along Dragon Street, near downtown Dallas. Including the Holly Johnson Gallery, Conduit, Red Arrow and Craighead Green art Galleries. If you have not walked along this terrific street full of art, I recommend you put it on your must-do list. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by a Texas artist, named Vernon Fisher who likes to work with large chalk drawings on painted canvas. So on Sunday I reclaimed a very large, (6′ x 3′ 6″) old canvas with a least five previous paintings layered below the canvas surface and added my white pastel drawing. Enjoy.

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