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Day 227. Back Splash Bird

12 Aug


Today is the day we are putting in our new kitchen back splash. After the demo of a couple weeks ago, the installation is finally underway. We have decided to take the DIY approach on this back splash. You might expect to see a grout bird soon. Enjoy.

Day 213. Domolition Bird

29 Jul


Today I had revenge on our dangerous kitchen counter top. After we talked with a local handy man about the project, it became obvious to me that this was a DIY project. So I visited my Home Depot and found this awesome DESTRUCTO-TOOL like nothing I had ever seen before. Part sledge-hammer, part crowbar and part get-it-done now! You can see this incredible tool as part of today’s Bird-a-Day art. With my new Stanley tool buddy, I tore into our kitchen demo project and had the entire demolition completed right under three hours. Setting a new Olympic record in kitchen demolition. And today’s Bird represents a savings of $700 dollars. We love DIY. Enjoy.

Day 174. Drawer Lining Bird

20 Jun


More cool stuff from the home improvement store and a DIY state of mind. This time, I was strolling down the cabinet aisle when I find something fun. This grid material is used to line and protect kitchen drawers. However, I like the way it turns my simple bird drawing into a mosaic. Enjoy.

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