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Day 58. Bird Dog Bird

27 Feb


Someone seeing day 55, Dog Hair Bird, asked if I would show my pet, Maddie who so generously donated to that day’s Bird art. Since that day, I have trained Maddie for today’s Bird-A-Day art. After several days of regular treats and practice, I am proud to say she learned a third new trick. Maddie now does sit, lay down and “fly”. Enjoy.


Let me know which bird art of this past week was your personal favorite Bird-A-Day art . Thanks!

Day 55. Dog Hair Bird

24 Feb


We have a three year old black lab mix, named Maddie. She is a sweet dog. Maddie is also a hairy dog. Yes I realize all dogs are hairy, but she is more so than most. And with Texas’ bizarre 80 degree, sunny weather in February, her hairy winter coat is very conflicted. And that is how we come to have today’s Bird-A-Day art. Maddie was generous enough to donate a sufficient amount of her winter coat to our art project. And she looks and feels better for getting involved in the arts. I once wondered if Maddie was aware of how much prettier she looked when she came home from the dog groomers. Well – she knows. Yes, she does.

Day 21. Dog Food Bird

21 Jan


Today is Saturday and I enjoy sleeping in past the alarm clock. It’s a treat. And its one of the reasons my weekend birds are always posted later than the work day birds. It’s the truth. But, one fact remains every day of the week, which always makes me get up earlier than I care to on Saturday and Sunday, and that’s our two dogs. They haven’t learned how to get breakfast for themselves, or let themselves outside for business. So this morning I decided to make the most of having to drag myself out of bed early on a Saturday and be more creative with their breakfast. And luckily today, Rascal volunteered to let me make his breakfast into our bird-a-day art. That’s Rascal racing in from the top of the photograph to devour today’s bird art. He has a great appreciation for the arts this dog. A real canine art connoisseur.

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