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Day 362. Doodle Blue Bird

27 Dec


I could say the year has flown by, but it really has felt like a year-long project. And yet, here with only a few days remaining in my New Years’ resolution, I am just as excited about this Bird-A-Day art project, as when I started on January 1st. I still wake up without a clue what I will create. I still look around for inspiration and think about experimenting with something new. Today I started with a canvas that I had previously painted black but then put aside. A dead-end. So many of my bird ideas never made it to life. The idea of using a canvas for my canvas is pretty rare, if you have followed my art blog. But, instead of paint I decided to go with pastel, and just have fun doodling. Enjoy.


Day 198. Napkin Bird

14 Jul


Quite often, an idea for a bird hits me during the most ordinary moment of the day. And before I ever invest the time to create any Bird-A-Day art, I first make a quick doodle. A small, thumbnail sketch of my idea/inspiration to see if I can visualize it working. Well today, after I sketched my idea of the Napkin Bird, I thought it would be fun to show it – as the idea hits me. And just before I spill salsa on myself. Enjoy.

Day 166. Doodling Bird

12 Jun


I love to doodle. You could say that I am an habitual doodler. I doodle while talking on the phone, while sitting in meetings (pretending to listen) and when I am trying to relax. So after doodling today, from one of the above, I was inspired to use it – to make today’s Bird-A-Day art. Keep on doodling on my friends. Enjoy.

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