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Rock Sketch Bird

13 Feb


It has been several weeks since I have posted anything. Too long.  And I have been feeling the need to sketch. But not on paper. And not with pen or pencil.

Last night while taking out the trash, I stumbled upon this white rock on our driveway. A decorative rock that apparently ran away from home. Well, it inspired me to try something that I used to do when I was just a kid. Use a rock as chalk. Rock chalk. And now this is when you might expect a sob story about growing up poor. Something like – We were so poor – that when I was growing up, we couldn’t even afford chalk to graffiti the streets like other kids. We were so poor we had to use rocks. That would be a funny story, but not at all true. While we were poorish, my mom always made sure that I had plenty of paper and something to draw with. Drawing was a trick my mother used to keep me quite and out of trouble. I guess that I am lucky there weren’t iPads or video games when I was a growing up.

Day 362. Doodle Blue Bird

27 Dec


I could say the year has flown by, but it really has felt like a year-long project. And yet, here with only a few days remaining in my New Years’ resolution, I am just as excited about this Bird-A-Day art project, as when I started on January 1st. I still wake up without a clue what I will create. I still look around for inspiration and think about experimenting with something new. Today I started with a canvas that I had previously painted black but then put aside. A dead-end. So many of my bird ideas never made it to life. The idea of using a canvas for my canvas is pretty rare, if you have followed my art blog. But, instead of paint I decided to go with pastel, and just have fun doodling. Enjoy.


Day 341. Foamcore Bird

6 Dec


A scrap of black foamcore inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. I had used this foamcore as a backdrop for some of my bird art photographs. After one of my birds, from a while back, put holes in the board, it was headed for the trash. But then for whatever reason,this scrap didn’t get tossed. Maybe because it would spark an idea today. Enjoy.

Day 334. Sketch Bird

29 Nov

The inspiration was to sketch a bird with the fewest number of lines and marks. I wanted to create a sense of mass, volume and shape without any shading. Which is a rather sketchy idea, to be honest. Enjoy.

Day 331. Bucket Bird

26 Nov

This is not a bucket list bird. This is not a kick the bucket bird. This guy was inspired by a bucket – turned upside down on the floor. My odd sensibilities, liked the way the bottom of this plastic bucket was colored and scuffed up. Perhaps it has been kicked around some. Or may be just a very hard-working bucket. Either way, I like it. And when I like something, I usually paint or draw a bird on it. Enjoy.

Day 319. Wood Pastel Bird

14 Nov

Here is a piece of scrap wood from the art studio that had been used as a tool or support for a number of random art projects. As a result it ended up having what I like to describe as textural character. And that inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. So I took out my box of pastels and quickly dashed away here and there until I had a bird. Enjoy.

Day 316. Rock Chalk Bird

11 Nov

Sometimes you have to improvise. You never know when inspiration will strike. It might happen when you find yourself with no art materials to express yourself. When I came across this handsome, rugged rock, it inspired me to draw, but I didn’t have any chalk or paints on me. So I went MacGyver and used a soft white rock laying on the ground as my medium to draw today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 314. Pencil Scratch Bird

9 Nov

This was a complete accident. I dumped out shavings from a pencil sharpener and a bit of broken lead landed here and there. When I used my hand to clear away the shavings, bits of lead started making scratch like marks on the paper. Those slight scratches inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.


Day 300. Putter Bird

26 Oct

Today marks a milestone for my blog. This is now day 300 of my 365 day art blog project. It feels like I have finally made it onto the green of my personal challenge. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired after a meeting yesterday in the room we call “Under Pressure.” There were two golf putters leaning against the wall, just begging to become the legs of some exotic, rare white board bird. Enjoy.

Day 278. Backboard Bird

4 Oct

Using left over things for art is a favorite habit of mine. Today, when I was about to trash a scratch board that was used as an experiment, the backside of it looked appealing to me. Funny, but the backside of the scratch board was a wonderful drawing surface. Enjoy.

Day 275. Studio Cabinet Bird

3 Oct

Years of paint drips off the side of this metal cabinet in the art studio, inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. The background for my chalk drawing created the look of a freeze-frame out of a video. And the soft edge of the chalk drawing after rubbing it with my fingers, added even more motion to this very still image. Enjoy.

Day 228. Broom Brush Bird

13 Aug


This big bird looks the way it does, because I didn’t have a paint brushes large enough for this size wood. This great piece of scrap board is roughly 5 feet high, and I wanted to paint a large bird on it. I really didn’t have any paint brushes in my art supplies to achieve the large brush strokes that I envisioned. That’s when I found a really old trash broom that I had once used to clean out the trunk of my car. This broom turned out to be the perfect tool for creating the loose, gestural, abstract line quality of today’s Bird-A-Day art.

Day 221. Shopping Bag Bird

6 Aug


We did some shopping this weekend and came home with a couple of shopping bags of birthday gifts. These days, before I throw anything into the trash, I first ask myself, could this be used for something creative? Well, I really liked the Kraft color of one particular shopping bag. It reminded me of the color of a certain water fowl. And so I cut the bag open, and used my Peel-off China Marker to sketch today’s Bird-A-Day art on the inside of the bag. The handy thing about the shopping bag as canvas – is it comes ready to hang. Enjoy.

Day 202. Road Tree Bird

18 Jul


As I was taking our dog Maddie for a walk, I couldn’t help but notice some interesting cracks in the road. These cracks caught my eye because they reminded me of tree branches. Which made me think of birds of course. So I revisited the road cracks with a stick of chalk to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. Maddie watched and gave me one of those looks as if to say “really?” Yes, Maddie. Really.

Day 111. Wood Stain Bird

19 Apr

Always experimenting with new art media and surfaces, today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by a cool new find. I found something called a Wood Stain Pen. And it’s basically a marker, filled with wood stains, in all the basic wood colors, used to touch-up of scratches in furniture. I like the way the pen bleeds into the grain of this Balsa wood. Afterwards, I placed this little guy on top of the water fountain in my backyard. The fountain attracts birds. The kind of birds with feathers. I thought my new bird needed company. Enjoy.

Day 47. Wallpaper Bird

16 Feb


Some days I just feel the need to draw. Today was one of them. I grabbed my favorite Uniball pen, a dash of watercolor and pulled out this cool old piece of wallpaper. This sheet of wallpaper  made me feel – nostalgic. And that feeling took me back to a fond memory from childhood. I recalled this elderly gentlemen in our neighborhood who kept a pet owl. I remember getting to touch it and look into its gigantic eyes. Standing just inches away from it. I was a little fella at the time and it seemed like the owls head was bigger than my own. It was wild and more incredible than anything I had ever seen on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. (A favorite animal show from my childhood.) It’s one of those vivid memories that will always stay with me. If only rarely revisited when stumbling upon a nostalgic trigger. Enjoy.

Day 25. Shadow Wire Bird

25 Jan


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by the shadows being cast across the side of my garage. The beautiful cable wire was just begging for birds. So, I went and defaced the side of my garage for art. Defaced is a bit harsh. Really all I’ve done here – is add a kind of “SUNDIAL” to my garage. I believe “value-added” is the phrase I’m searching for. Desperately. So now every day for about a half hour, these hand-drawn little birds have a wire to sit on. As I see it, this will serve as a reminder to me – everyday –  to finish the remodel of the front of the garage. Yes sir, that’s what I’m going with. Enjoy.

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