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Day 231. Shoe Box Chalk Bird

16 Aug


I tend to keep things instead of throwing them away of late. (Not always a good idea.) Mostly hoping that inspiration will strike later when I need to make my demanding Bird-A-Day art schedule. This is an example of what can happen when I hang on to an empty shoe box, after buying some new shoes, a couple of weeks back. This black box was just screaming for some white chalk. And today’s Bird-A-Day art found a home in a fashionable shadow box. Size 11.5. Enjoy.

Day 137. Recycled Art Bird

14 May


This is a case of recycling art, not recycled art. What I mean by that is, today’s Bird-A-Day art was formerly a lovely landscape painting. However, this old landscape never found a home and so it ended up in the “to-be-tossed” stack. These things happen. However, this old landscape painting has found a new life as part of my art blog project. As a bird. These things happen as well. And I have decided to make it my job to make these things happen – more often. Enjoy.

Day 70. Pastel Bird

10 Mar


Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by one of my favorite living contemporary artists, Harry Ally. His charcoal drawings of people are rich with many levels of depth and movement on flat surfaces. I can just sit and stare into the space inside his drawings all day long. His masterful line quality and edges mesmerize me. And so stumbling upon some of his recent work online, I got out my pastels to create today’s art. In the spirit of the great one, Harry Ally. Enjoy.

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