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Day 187. Well-Read Bird

3 Jul


Yesterday’s Novel Bird, got me thinking about all the books in our home library. Most of them, read by my sweetheart. She is an avid reader. I am more of the non-fiction reader. My books usually cover two subjects, graphic design or investing in the stock market. The exception being a great mystery novel, like the “Pelican” Brief. And so our hallway library inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Which in today’s e-book world, places this fella clearly on the endangered species list.

Day 51. Wood and Steel Bird

20 Feb


Its Monday. My little blog project past the big 50 mark over the weekend. And today, our inspiration for our 51st Bird-A-Day art is one on the endangered Species list. This guy is one of the largest species of Woodpecker. And I discovered they are known to mate for life. The Ivory Billed Woodpecker, is not only on that list but many scientist believe may already be extinct – due to loss of habitat.

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