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Day 162. Storms Bird

8 Jun


Storms have blown through the past couple days and left some inspiration. The winds left their mark. One of our trees in the backyard was shaken pretty hard and what blew down, helped create today’s Bird-A-Day art. Right time, right place and just a little wet. Enjoy.

Day 75. Bradford Pear Tree Bird

15 Mar


This is a magical time of year for me. One of my favorite ornamental trees is in full bloom now. Last night as my wife and I walked our dog Maddie, we stopped and picked off a handful of blooms from a row of Ornamental Bradford Pear Trees, lining the street. I just love how these small white flowers transform a tree into an enormous bouquet. But just like girl scout cookies, as soon as they make their annual appearance, they quickly vanish. This year, I determined these Pear Tree blooms will last longer. If only on my blog. Enjoy.

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