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Day 333. Litter Bird

28 Nov

Day 333. A perfect day for controversy. My jog along a major street here in Fort Worth, inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Along my jog I couldn’t help but notice – butts scattered along the street for nearly a mile. How these butts ended up, lining the street sidewalks is a big mystery. Now I’ve given this some thought. Maybe, its wild foxes. Stay with me. Fact is, I have seen several wild foxes, crossing this road after dark. Foxes are smart, which means they would know the chicken had crossed the road. And perhaps, they wanted to have a smoked chicken. It’s a mystery alright.

Day 243. Road Tar Bird

1 Sep


While taking our dog Maddie for a walk, I came across some road patches. They had put down some black tar to fill the gaps and cracks from this hot Texas summer. Perhaps one of the Fort Worth road workers is following my blog. Hey, it could happen. And if so I appreciate the gift of today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.


Day 234. Rain Puddle Bird

19 Aug


A sudden Saturday afternoon thunderstorm has turned into a very wet weekend, here in Fort Worth, Texas. Along the side of our house, the ground is covered with several inches of rainwater. And just off the side of the back porch, under our big Pecan tree, I found today’s Bird-A-Day art. All this rain makes me want to take a nice weekend nap. Enjoy.

Day 57. Table Carved Bird

26 Feb


Last night became this morning before I knew it. Last night we, my wife, my two brothers and several friends went to see and hear the legendary blues man, B. B. King at Billy Bob’s Texas. B. B. started loosing his thrill sometime after midnight. I didn’t realize he is 86 years young. What an inspiration. Sometime after, our group ended up at the White Elephant in the Fort Worth Stockyards. As we sat listening to a local band, I noticed how every inch of surface on the tables was carved out with names and pictures. And so today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired right then and there. Enjoy.

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