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Day 18. Rodeo Night Bird

18 Jan


After class last night, first night being a short one, my wife and I had tickets to BULLS NIGHT OUT at our Live Stock and Rodeo show. We had great seats and everything. And outside of my all-beef hotdog, the two of us cracked shells and ate more peanuts than two people should legally be allowed in public. Sweet! Almost as much fun as the half-time intermission where we watched little boys and girls compete to see who could hang on the longest to the back of a sheep – as it ran across the arena. The bull riders had nothing on those brave little kids. So today’s bird is inspired by the livestock and rodeo show. Day 18 is the perfect livestock bird to give us all a wake up call.


28 Dec

Have you ever just came across a word in an article and thought, that’s a funny sounding word? Well, I was reading an article today and read a word that just sounds fun to say aloud. So, I thought it might be fun to collect words that I just like to say. Make a list of sorts. Perhaps they will find their way into one of my story’s. The first word in my new word collection is SNOOTINESS.

Not that my fun word list itself will be filled with snootiness.

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