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Day 305. Halloween Bird

31 Oct

Let the trick or treating begin! One of the first traditions my sweetie and I made together as a couple, was handing out candy to kids on Halloween. Every year, we sit on our front porch and greet throngs of kids, dressed in the most adorable and creative costumes. I remember one very young super hero, with padded muscles around his chest and arms. I told him he looked really strong. He turned around, looked sadly at me and said, “there not my muscles. It’s just a costume”. Kids. They are so wonderful. Enjoy.

Day 301. Pirate Bird

27 Oct

Arrrrrrrrg. We had a fun time last night at our first Halloween Costume Party of the year. Our friend Jennifer Henderson (J.O.) knows how to throw a party. They transformed their offices into a hall of tricks and treats. My sweetie would have turned Captain Jack Sparrow, (hmmm Sparrow) into a fan with her pirates costume. Afterwards, I was inspired to use her Pirate bandanna for today’s Bird-A-Day Arrrrrrrrrrt. Enjoy.

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