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Day 233. Tile Stamp Bird

18 Aug



Alright, this giant ink stamp pad is just too much fun. We just added tile in our kitchen, and I had bought some tile spacers for the project. However, it turned out we didn’t need them after all. Doh! But of course I kept them anyway. And I rather like how these little tile spacers look like plus signs. So I grabbed my sketch pad and started stamping away. And yes, I did get quite a bit of ink on my fingers again. But it’s just so much fun stamping that I don’t care. Enjoy.


Day 227. Back Splash Bird

12 Aug


Today is the day we are putting in our new kitchen back splash. After the demo of a couple weeks ago, the installation is finally underway. We have decided to take the DIY approach on this back splash. You might expect to see a grout bird soon. Enjoy.

Day 212. Counter Demo Bird

28 Jul

It’s time to put on the DEMO hat. We want to change out the counter top in our kitchen with something more modern. So my sweetheart grabbed a hammer and a screwdriver and attacked the corner of the counter top to “test” how difficult this project might be. I got home just in time to drive her to an emergency medical center for a few stitches in her non-drawing hand. Now we’re trying to find a handy man. Meanwhile, I thought marking the start of the project with a bird was a good idea. Enjoy.

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