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Day 153. Stray Sock Bird

30 May


Everyone who has ever washed clothes, knows first hand, the mystery of one sock vanishing into thin air. Almost like some Bermuda Triangle exist between the washing machine and the dryer. Maybe I can shed some light on this long-held mystery. Apparently – socks grow wings and fly away. That’s my story. My evidence speaks for itself. Enjoy.

7. Dirty Laundry Bird

7 Jan


While I am certainly not one to air his dirty laundry in public, today I will make an exception. Because it’s Saturday and that means laundry day here at the Dickerson household, my bird-a-day art is also my dirty laundry. But I seem to be forgetting something. Should I separate complimentary colors from Tertiary colors before washing? Something like that. Let me know your thoughts. Enjoy.

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