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Day 167. Tree Trash Bird

13 Jun


Last week I cleared off a lot of broken tree branches from the roof of our home. Today, I was inspired to get creative with the large pile of tree branches, waiting for the monthly brush pickup. There was just something about the way the dried-up leaves and branches looked, that reminded me of feathers. It could just be – birds on the brain again. Either way, today’s Bird-A-Day art made me smile. Enjoy.

Day 62. Oil Spot Bird

2 Mar


When you have birds on the brain you tend to see birds where you might never have noticed them before. Such as when I was out jogging and saw today’s bird. Looking down at the road, I was aware of how the cracks and stains seemed to make shapes in my imagination. But then, this big bird shows up out of nowhere. My guess is someone’s car is running low on oil. The way that this oil dripped, splattered and then trailed slowly down the curb, made me stop in my tracks. Afraid the leaky car would return soon. I ran home a little faster than usual, grabbed my camera and took this picture of what I call a “Found Bird”. It has a beauty all its own, – in a strange, gooey, dirty, grungy sort of way. Enjoy.

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