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Day 259. Scratchy Bird

17 Sep


Yesterday’s bird inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. After finding the rusty owl, I was inspired to create a scratch board illustration of an owl. As you can see in this photograph, it’s a very small bird. I rather enjoy working very large or very small. After 259 days of making a bird every single day, I am starting to get a good feel for what I like to do. Imagine that. Enjoy,


Day 258. Rust Found Bird

16 Sep

I am calling today’s Bird-A-Day art, Rust Found bird, because of how it came about. Moving through some scraps pieces of metal, I came across this one with a touch of rust along the bottom. What struck me was the rust seemed to make the shape of an owl. So I just added a couple marks with my China Marker and there was this very tiny, owl. Watching the entire time. Enjoy.

Day 47. Wallpaper Bird

16 Feb


Some days I just feel the need to draw. Today was one of them. I grabbed my favorite Uniball pen, a dash of watercolor and pulled out this cool old piece of wallpaper. This sheet of wallpaper  made me feel – nostalgic. And that feeling took me back to a fond memory from childhood. I recalled this elderly gentlemen in our neighborhood who kept a pet owl. I remember getting to touch it and look into its gigantic eyes. Standing just inches away from it. I was a little fella at the time and it seemed like the owls head was bigger than my own. It was wild and more incredible than anything I had ever seen on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. (A favorite animal show from my childhood.) It’s one of those vivid memories that will always stay with me. If only rarely revisited when stumbling upon a nostalgic trigger. Enjoy.

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