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Day 149. Polished Steel Bird

26 May

Still in love with steel. I found this nice sheet of polished steel and after the initial shock of seeing my own reflection, I was inspired to paint today’s Bird-A-Day art. The idea of seeing yourself in another’s reflection made me think about my niece, Meghan Dickerson who will be getting married later this evening. I want to wish Meghan and Joey Smith a strong and bright future together. Joey – welcome to the family.

Day 70. Pastel Bird

10 Mar


Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by one of my favorite living contemporary artists, Harry Ally. His charcoal drawings of people are rich with many levels of depth and movement on flat surfaces. I can just sit and stare into the space inside his drawings all day long. His masterful line quality and edges mesmerize me. And so stumbling upon some of his recent work online, I got out my pastels to create today’s art. In the spirit of the great one, Harry Ally. Enjoy.

Day 36. Super Bowl Birds

5 Feb


The big game is finally here. And this day is just too big for one bird. It is after all Super Bowl Sunday! I have gone the extra yard and posted three NFL ready birds. First, I used a football as an art canvas, it’s called Game Ball Bird. Then I deconstructed a football and rearranged the parts for a second bird, named Football Pieces Bird. The third bird used one of the sliced football pieces. I painted acrylic everywhere except the area that revealed my bird, named Football Slice Bird. And yes it was a lot of fun. Now – we are ready for some footballllll. Let’s play ball – before I deconstruct it into art.

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