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Day 302. Granite Bird

28 Oct

Always looking for unusual drawing surfaces, this might be the most expensive. On the back side of this large piece of granite, I discovered a toothy, rough canvas like surface. The downside to using granite for canvas, if you happen to let it slip out of your hands, like me, you will walk like injured Cowboy Linebacker Sean Lee. Ouch. Enjoy.

Day 296. Inner Tube Bird

22 Oct

Closing in on the big 300 this week. Today is day 296 of my year-long art project. I made a new years resolution in January of 2012 to create a new piece of art every single day this year. A one-of-a-kind personal challenge, every artist should try once. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by an inner tube we had bought as an art prop for my sweetheart. It has been in the art studio for a while now and it just hit me, what if I create birds circling the inner tube. And what would happen if I were to spin that tire? Would it look like my bird was flying? Check out my new video on my YouTube channel to find out.

DOh! Appears it was user error. I have changed the video settings to public.




Day 278. Backboard Bird

4 Oct

Using left over things for art is a favorite habit of mine. Today, when I was about to trash a scratch board that was used as an experiment, the backside of it looked appealing to me. Funny, but the backside of the scratch board was a wonderful drawing surface. Enjoy.

Day 275. Studio Cabinet Bird

3 Oct

Years of paint drips off the side of this metal cabinet in the art studio, inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. The background for my chalk drawing created the look of a freeze-frame out of a video. And the soft edge of the chalk drawing after rubbing it with my fingers, added even more motion to this very still image. Enjoy.

Day 271. Aspen Bird

29 Sep


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by a gorgeous Aspen tree. Looking at the dark markings on the bright white bark, it appeared to have a bird’s eye looking back at me. I took out my pastel stick and gave it some legs to stand on. I think it’s much happier now. Enjoy.


Day 270. Leaf Print Bird

28 Sep

Whenever I walk anywhere, I am always searching the ground for birds. Which is ironic since birds tend to live high above the ground. But today’s Bird-A-Day art is a perfect example. I saw how a leaf had fallen and left its imprint on this driveway. Right away, it reminded me of an exotic bird. It just needed wings to get up off that ground. Enjoy.

On My Own Time Art Show

15 Sep


Today, I attended the opening of a Dallas art show at the NorthPark Center, (the coolest mall in Dallas) located off Central Expressway and NorthWest Highway. I was excited to have a favorite bird from my blog be accepted into this annual art competition. This is a really terrific art show. There are a lot of great pieces of artwork from all mediums. If you have a chance, check out the art show before the end of this month, near the entrance to Macy’s on level one.

Here is a little more information about the show.

“On My Own Time” Exhibition presented by Business Council for the Arts

September 15-30, 2012

“On My Own Time” is an annual, regional art competition featuring the artistic talents of business professionals throughout North Texas.  Each year, area companies hold an in-house exhibit featuring artwork that was created outside of working hours by their employees.  This program, now in its 20th year, successfully recognizes and encourages creativity, stimulates dialogue, and builds team spirit among employees of participating companies.  The winners from each company’s competition are displayed at NorthPark Center on Level One between Macy’s and Dillard’s.


Day 239. Sketch Board Bird

28 Aug


A large, well-used, artist sketch board, inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. You might guess where I found this goody, based on the last couple days. I just loved the years of remnant sketches and paintings on this Masonite board, forming an abstract environment for today’s bird. Enjoy.

Day 231. Shoe Box Chalk Bird

16 Aug


I tend to keep things instead of throwing them away of late. (Not always a good idea.) Mostly hoping that inspiration will strike later when I need to make my demanding Bird-A-Day art schedule. This is an example of what can happen when I hang on to an empty shoe box, after buying some new shoes, a couple of weeks back. This black box was just screaming for some white chalk. And today’s Bird-A-Day art found a home in a fashionable shadow box. Size 11.5. Enjoy.

Day 216. Wire Hanger Bird

1 Aug


My closet has been invaded and nearly over-taken with wire hangers from trips to the dry cleaners. But just as I was about to toss em, the wrinkled, torn paper surface caught my bird brain eye. Why not! It seems like a perfectly ironic use of a rather mundane object. And so today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by that closet-clogging gift from the dry cleaners. Enjoy.

Day 214. Wallpaper Pastel Bird

30 Jul


Here is another fun piece of wallpaper that inspired me to create today’s Bird-A-Day art. With the Olympics taking place across the pond, it seemed like a good idea to work on some water birds. My favorite games at the summer Olympics are the swimming events. So far, the London Summer Olympics is proving to be very entertaining and exciting to watch. Enjoy.


Day 109. Brick Bird

17 Apr


I was clearing away some old bricks from my back yard – when suddenly, I was struck with a bird idea. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was admiring the rough surface and subtle tones of this old brick. So, rather than toss it away, I grabbed my pastels and turned this brick into my canvas for today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

9. Sidewalk Bird

8 Jan


It’s funny how much I think of birds since beginning this blog. You might even say that I have turned into a bird brain. I see birds in everything around me. Even when I am out on my jog, looking down at the road I have birds on my brain. The cracks in the road and sidewalk inspired today’s bird(‘s). I grabbed my pastels and had some fun, taking my blog to the streets. What is that old saying, “birds of a feather flock on sidewalk cracks together.” Thanks for viewing my blog. Since week one is in the bag, I would love to hear which of the birds from week one was your favorite. Just click on comment and post your vote.

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