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Day 297. Crushed Pecan Bird

23 Oct

The crunching sound was a familiar one. The winds have blown so many pecans down onto our yard and driveway of late that it’s almost impossible to not step on one. But this time, I actually looked down and was glad that I did. Today’s Bird-A-Day art will never make its way into a pecan pie, but it’s still pretty sweet. Enjoy.

Day 288. Pecans Bird

14 Oct

Inspiration for today’s Bird-A-Day art came right out of the blue. More specifically, it hit me on top of my head in our backyard. Pecans were raining down on me, thanks to strong winds shaking our Pecan tree like a rag doll. Until today, I had not noticed that our backyard was literally blanketed with pecans. Our dog Maddie had given me little hints but I had failed to notice. The last couple weeks, she had turned into a Nutcracker, leaving pecan shells scattered on the back porch. It’s only now, I realize she has been living it up, walking around in her own All-You-Can-Eat pecan buffet. Enjoy.

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