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Day 284. Rust Enamel Bird

10 Oct

Revisiting rusting steel but with a new twist. This time around I just left the steel out in the rain and weather long enough to get a good coating of mother nature. Then, taking very shiny, enamel paint I brushed over the steel allowing only my Bird-A-Day art – to hum. Enjoy.

Day 267. Rust Painting Bird

25 Sep

Finding birds hidden within the patterns of nature, whether it be wood, concrete or steel, is a favorite game of mine. A few days ago with Bird 258, I took a china marker to convert a small bit of rust into an owl. Well, today’s Bird-A-Day art was not completed in just a day. While I started the process in just one day, this one-of-a-kind bird required some time to mature. So I let the elements take over to finish it for me. My idea was to use nature to create today’s bird. After all, I could never paint anything as rich, subtle and beautiful as the elements of nature. The “how” – will have to be my secret for now. Enjoy.

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