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Day 247. Spilt Bird

5 Sep

Doh! Am I the only artist who is less than organized and that “occasionally,” accidents happen? Well, for any other artists who can also get caught up in the moment and let’s just say, dip their paint brush into coffee instead of water, or whatever. Not saying that happens – that would be crazy. I am just – saying. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is for you. Us. Enjoy.

Day 63. Coffee Bird

3 Mar

Saturday morning is all about coffee. An extra-large cup for my sweetheart. I don’t drink coffee myself but I love making coffee for my wife every morning. Especially on the weekend. Today we are going with fresh ground Starbucks Pikes Place Roast. My perfect cup includes Starbucks vanilla syrup, a half packet of sweet-n-low and fat-free milk. I have this little ritual that I go through each day, trying to recreate the perfect cup of her favorite skinny, vanilla latte from Starbucks – right here at home. And to do that, I first warm the milk (30 seconds in the microwave) then add the vanilla syrup (just shy of a cap full) and the sweet-n-low. Whisk the warm milk to a thick froth with my battery-powered latte tool. Then pour in the fresh brewed hot coffee, but carefully so the cloud of milk floats to the top. The smile on my sweethearts’ face – makes my day. Especially on Saturday. Enjoy.

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