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Day 284. Rust Enamel Bird

10 Oct

Revisiting rusting steel but with a new twist. This time around I just left the steel out in the rain and weather long enough to get a good coating of mother nature. Then, taking very shiny, enamel paint I brushed over the steel allowing only my Bird-A-Day art – to hum. Enjoy.

Day 267. Rust Painting Bird

25 Sep

Finding birds hidden within the patterns of nature, whether it be wood, concrete or steel, is a favorite game of mine. A few days ago with Bird 258, I took a china marker to convert a small bit of rust into an owl. Well, today’s Bird-A-Day art was not completed in just a day. While I started the process in just one day, this one-of-a-kind bird required some time to mature. So I let the elements take over to finish it for me. My idea was to use nature to create today’s bird. After all, I could never paint anything as rich, subtle and beautiful as the elements of nature. The “how” – will have to be my secret for now. Enjoy.

Day 246. Steel Marker Bird

4 Sep

Drawing on the steel surface as my inspiration, I took my China Marker to draw today’s Bird-A-Day art. The surface of the metal is remarkable as a sketch pad. The China Marker just glides across it. And the reflective surface adds all the ambient depth that I find so intriguing about steel.  Enjoy.

Day 149. Polished Steel Bird

26 May

Still in love with steel. I found this nice sheet of polished steel and after the initial shock of seeing my own reflection, I was inspired to paint today’s Bird-A-Day art. The idea of seeing yourself in another’s reflection made me think about my niece, Meghan Dickerson who will be getting married later this evening. I want to wish Meghan and Joey Smith a strong and bright future together. Joey – welcome to the family.

Day 107. Steel Swarm Bird

15 Apr


Today’s Bird-A-Day is inspired by a beautiful piece of steel found at my local Home Depot. I was picking up some things for the house, when I saw a display of random steel cuts at the end of an aisle. This particular piece caught my eye. I loved rough surface and little touch of rust. So inspired, I drew and cut new block print birds to create this moment of taking flight. Enjoy.

Day 51. Wood and Steel Bird

20 Feb


Its Monday. My little blog project past the big 50 mark over the weekend. And today, our inspiration for our 51st Bird-A-Day art is one on the endangered Species list. This guy is one of the largest species of Woodpecker. And I discovered they are known to mate for life. The Ivory Billed Woodpecker, is not only on that list but many scientist believe may already be extinct – due to loss of habitat.

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