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Day 99. Paper Pop-Up Bird

7 Apr


Gliding across a silvery lake of pulp, today’s little pop-up swan was inspired by my wife. She had suggested the idea of a pop-up bird. And so after a little experimentation with different bird shapes and papers, I was pretty happy with today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 44. Valentine Chocolates Bird

13 Feb


Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by one of my favorite holidays. Valentines. And one of the greatest gift ideas ever – chocolates! It seems that at some point man discovered that most women love chocolates. And by rule of association if a guy gives chocolates to the gal he loves, it only makes sense she would be that much sweeter – on him. Today’s Valentine bird 2 was created from a box of Whitman’s Sampler. I will admit, it was a big box and there were actually many more chocolates that some how – ummm, just never made it on the canvas. Hey, these things happen. Happy Valentines.

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