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Day 250. Paint Drips Bird

8 Sep

Inside the TCU art studio of my sweetie, is a large wood cabinet that she can sit materials on. This old cabinet has supported artist at TCU far longer than most professors there. As I was standing in her studio admiring her latest work, I looked down at the top of this wood cabinet and saw some interesting marks and paint drips. Taking an empty photo slide that I found in the room, I decided to call attention to one particular drip of paint that was just starting to hum. Enjoy.

Day 237. Wall Splatter Bird

26 Aug



This weekend, my wife Allie, started moving back into her art studio at TCU for her MFA program for the fall semester. I do love that art building. So while helping her to get situated, I couldn’t help but stumble upon inspiration. Today’s Bird-A-Day art was found on the back wall. Paint splatter has created an opportunity that I could not pass up. Enjoy.


Day 32. Leaf Bird

1 Feb


Have you ever stepped on Art? Last night as I was walking to my car after class, I stepped on this gorgeous, large leaf. It was so large and beautiful that it stopped me in my tracks. If I’ve never mentioned this before, let me just say, leaves are one of my favorite things in the world. I love the unique beauty of a leaf. And so I stood there a moment just staring. At the leaf. And then I thought, this handsome leaf deserves an after-life. A second life as a work of art. With just a snip here and a snip there, todays’ Bird-A-Day art is fresh off the grounds of the TCU campus. Enjoy.

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